1. this was my weak ass in tenth grade when i tried to bench 55lbs

  2. me and my crush, she's half a foot taller than me and ✨bisexual✨ so walks very fast

  3. yeah I'm aware of the shipping term, it just makes zero sense in that context to me so i was wondering if there was another meaning to OTPl

  4. i believe they're saying "imagine the fictional characters that you ship in this situation"

  5. oh gosh yeah same,,,too bad i dont have a girlfriend haha *cries*

  6. that's super nasty and you should have marked it NSFW. I have marked it for you this time but don't do this again, please.

  7. Me as a teenager though. I would just say no upfront and then they started making my mom leave after 16, I still said no. They told me that everything was confidential and they needed to know for health reasons, I still said no. Idk why they wouldn't accept that no I wasn't having sex.

  8. i just told my doctor i am asexual and my mom doesn't know and she was like cool ok

  9. or folks like my friend who's bigender and uses he/she pronouns but likes girls so he identifies as a lesbian !

  10. it's true one of my crush's friends is a trans boy and she is often like he's so cute i want to pick him up and take him home with me and like I mean she does that to put mutual friend (enby, almost as tall as her) and also me so idk maybe it's just a her thing

  11. i should clarify, she's 5'8-9ish hes probably about 5'3 5'4 ish , they're ≈ 5'7 and im 5'2 . so uh. yeah

  12. The ones in my area are most likely to be silicone and white people skin colored, unfortunately.

  13. yeah I've thankfully only seen a couple (when passing through or visiting LA) but they've been . white people skin colored .

  14. i want an undercut bc it's cool and gay and I have really thick messy hair

  15. maybe try just wearing a rash guard ? they tend to be a bit tighter than regular tshirts and are made for swimming, probably less expensive and more options than swim binders

  16. i think I have the purple one, mine is very nice but gets chipped on the edges which I'm ok with but might be something to consider. Very pretty still and I've gotten compliments from my classmates and friends

  17. Were they? I figured they just pled the belly because why wouldn't you?

  18. oh hmm well i do not know for sure because alas i am not an expert but weren't they both disguised as men ? so like pan, maybe? in a mulan type scenario ?

  19. I’m confused. Are they changing their mind what was said at the beginning?

  20. they're quoting someone who was claiming demi isn't a real identity and then being sarcastic to prove their point (which is that demi is a real thing)

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