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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s literal indentured servitude. Not quite chattel slavery but obviously still very wrong.

  2. For the FIFA officials that approved this, stage one was "get Qatari money." No secondary thinking was done by FIFA after that.

  3. The writing got really bad, like horrible. Can't remember which season we gave up on but it was awhile ago.... Sometime shortly after Carl got killed. For us that was the WTF moment, the shows story arc should have been about Carl becoming a bad ass post apocalyptic leader. Instead they just killed him. Stupid

  4. It was when they killed Glenn and then brought him back in the very next episode. It has been shit since then or that was at least when I started to notice it was shit.

  5. It was when they killed Glenn and then brought him back in the very next episode. It has been shit since then or that was at least when I started to notice it was shit.

  6. It’s some tax payers but if you aren’t buying a house, you aren’t one of the tax payers paying it.

  7. Oh you are - the levy doesn't cover all the cost of the scheme

  8. Yes but at a fraction of the cost per person. An extra couple of thousand on a new build is going to be paid by 1 or 2 people at €1,000 each. Other taxes are spread out over millions of people. It would have to cost a lot more to be equal.

  9. And you’re one of the few of us, that is really paying attention. That says a lot.

  10. Or wait for all the facts to be presented and don’t speculate on an ongoing case.

  11. Won't somebody think about the poor multi-billion euro companies. How would they ever afford it?

  12. You don’t understand. If the CEO can’t get a new car this year, they will work somewhere else. That’s bad.

  13. In his defense, that was before the internet really kicked off, so there wasn’t really any marketing outside of TV, newspapers and the yellow pages. Seeing a young mother would be a potential customer with other contacts.

  14. He could be a working childrens entertainer, trying to get a booking to make ends meet and a murderous sex offender, trying to find his next victim.

  15. I don’t take my socks off for sex. I need the extra grip to pull off my sweet sweet moves. Also, feet are gross..

  16. Nice try corporate sex industry. I’m not giving away my secrets that easily.

  17. Because it's as though we are getting a bit of our cultural and natural heritage back. It means that re-wetting bogs and wetlands does work in encouraging decimated bird populations to come back again. It's a big deal because this is an iconic bird species that was once the chosen pet of Irish chieftains before it went extinct here. We live off scraps of positive environmental news in Ireland and that's why it is a big deal.

  18. Let me rephrase my question because I think we’re misunderstanding eachother. Why is it positive for the environment?

  19. I never thought I’d say this but he has some good points.

  20. A guy came up to us outside a bar and said “I’m not going to give a sob story about needing a hostel or anything. I have my accommodation sorted. Im trying to put €50 together to go to a brazzer and get the ride. Could you help me out?”

  21. Oh cope on, will you. I’m clearly criticising him. 19 is still a kid in many ways. There was a clear power imbalance. Obviously you don’t see any issue with a grown ass adult having sex with a girl barely out of her teens, but personally I find that problematic.

  22. He drives a taxi now. Unless he stopped because of all the time wasters who wanted selfies but weren't spending on a taxi, which is all I ever saw people do.

  23. We already do it for our employees. Some have taken the option. Some didn’t. It’s working grand.

  24. Fun fact: The highest wall a dog has scaled, on record, is over 3.5m. Nearly 12ft.

  25. Neither are attached to eachother, each realm has their own set of rules for their own set of forces.

  26. The cosmic chart says otherwise. Forces are opposite ends of eachother. Light and void. Life and death. Order and fel. The forces are linked, with some being older than others. Death being the newest and I think that’s because the void created life, with the curse of flesh and order created death to balance things. That’s why the shadowlands is so orderly.

  27. Order did not create Death, but it DOES exist in the Shadowlands in some form. It exists with the Cosmos entire, it's one of the Cosmic Influences, and it's not bound by 1 realm. The Titans are just the Lords of Order and embody that force of the Cosmos. They have their own laws, realm, etc.

  28. This should be top comment. Op is asking why and the why is…assholeishness, exists in the most surprising corners of the cosmos

  29. I don’t think it’s surprising that a dogmatic faction is evil. The light demands obedience.

  30. So I’m I. No we don’t. Or some of us do and some of us don’t because we aren’t a uniform group.

  31. Nothing gay about hitting on another man. No one is hurting from a flirting.

  32. It's pre-covid, but generally pretty accurate for the places I've been (Europe and central/south america)

  33. I’ve travelled all around Europe. It isn’t as simple as x country tips and y country doesn’t. Some places in Spain absolutely expect you to tip and some places don’t.

  34. Fargo isn't based on anything, though. The Coens put the "based on a true story" thing in their movie as a joke and the tv series pays homage to that.

  35. It’s a completely contextless story? You seem to think that I’m saying that the whole thing is based on true events and that’s not what I’m saying.

  36. If we went down your train of thought you would not be able to make any realistic fiction because it happened somewhere to somebody probably.

  37. Yeah when looking at the bigger picture and the actual role itself it makes more sense

  38. The tax payer was always going to pick up the bill for the mica issue, and rightfully so.

  39. The tax payer isn’t paying for it. People that already can’t get houses are. Homeowners won’t be affected by this, unless they are doing renovations.

  40. Are you comparing a €3,000 cost on someone’s first home and directly paid by one or two people, to the cost of infrastructure, which is spread out over millions of people?

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