1. TLDR: Friend of arrested footy player says police overreacted in arresting his mate..

  2. You are extremely triggered there mate. Especially for a case where the facts are so scarce at this point.

  3. 99% of the time when people are slinging about “the cops were too heavy handed” when their mate was arrested it’s bullshit. There are too many smooth brained dickheads in the league nowadays and to be honest I don’t even blame them really, I blame their parents, their clubs for not preparing them enough and the league for not pushing the clubs to prepare their players better. But at the end of the day people need to take responsibility for their actions, if that statement triggers you in some way I’m sorry but it’s just a cold hard fact. There are far too many people out there these days blaming everyone but themselves for their actions. Now if the cops in this circumstance were in the wrong then I’ll eat crow, but as a law abiding citizen I’m more inclined to believe them than a likely still drunk meathead NRL player who’s mate was just arrested.

  4. Broncos haters in shambles cause the narrative of Bronx having the worst offseason is now dead.

  5. Broncos haters in shambles cause the narrative of Bronx having the worst offseason is now dead.

  6. Broncos haters in shambles cause the narrative of Bronx having the worst offseason is now dead.

  7. Forgive me for the potential ignorance on this topic but what exactly is the point of this exercise? I mean it kind of just strikes me as a talking point, like you want so much to be interesting but you just aren’t so now you have to do some crazy shit like this to then talk to people about it?

  8. If anyone says trading for or signing a single player would’ve ended their eagles fandom, they aren’t a true supporter. Easiest way to weed out the bandwagon supporters from the real ones is to ask this question and get those answers.

  9. Yeah, this place clearly doesn't have people that remember the Tose/Bramen era. Let alone the shitshow that was the the 60s to Dick Vermeil. I go back to Marion Campbell, myself.

  10. Let’s hope the wheels don’t ever fall off! Otherwise preach!

  11. The elite/professional athletes have everything dialled in.. Nutrition, recovery, sleep, training, supplements.. It’s literally their job and they’re paid pretty well to do it, the average person is not hitting 1/10th of the same markers so the real question is what do you really expect? I’m not trying to be rude with that question either.. It’s kind of like asking why you’re not as good a mechanic as they guy/girl that gets paid to do it and has all the training and support on tap.

  12. Your right. I have lived with soreness and I don't expect it to magically stop. I do have a competitive streak in me and I go into the gym to get better everyday. I will push to failure on most everything. To dial in everything after the wod is the hard part. That is where I need to focus.

  13. The main thing the average Joe needs to focus on with any form of training is nutrition and recovery (which incorporates sleep), if you can figure those two out you’re gonna be better than most.

  14. Life is too short to ask for random strangers advice on the internet (and Reddit of all places), all you’ll be getting is their life experience wrapped up into (probably) shitty advice. Just shoot your shot and if it doesn’t work out then so be it, but don’t be pushy.

  15. They can all be stupid just like a whole nfl team admiited thier diet is trash in documentary. Litterally them .why cant you use your head to till that you colding somthing with water is bad for you . This is not an ice bag

  16. I’m all for taking risks on these kids so I hope it works out for you Bulldogs fans. The kid does seem to be nothing but trouble though.

  17. Person asks question on thread 9hrs ago, gets asked several follow up questions and doesn’t answer a single one.. Is this a clickbait post? 🤣🤣

  18. I’m 99.9 percent sure he’s talking about a mate of mine ( I was just with) so it’s a good chance it’s legit or he’s just heard the story

  19. But where are the answers to the questions? We need answers!!

  20. This can’t be a serious question right..? They’re not even that old!

  21. That’s not that long ago! I’m 33 and I am absolutely not old! I really feel like we deem things old now way too quickly..

  22. If they’re going to change it, and I’m assuming they want to remove the Union Jack, I’d like to see it replaced with the coat of arms. But I’m in the don’t change it camp. We don’t need revisionist history now, we need to just all get along.

  23. why is it that any CBR event can never get enough food vans, toilets etc for the crowd so U dont have to stand in a queue for ages for everything. ??? Its been just about every event since 1980! does no one learn from past events?

  24. Add to that rant the idiot traffic controllers weren’t allowing cars (even ride share or taxis) to drop people off at the allocated pick up/drop off area. I had to roll down the window of the Uber I was in and yell to the moron traffic controller that it was an Uber and I was just getting dropped off, to which she allowed us into the parking area to be dropped off? Why have the pick up/drop off zone if nobody can use it? Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life!

  25. Add to this, is he even trustworthy? Why would we believe a kid who hasn’t played a game of first grade over one of the premier clubs in the comp with a history of doing the right thing by their players?

  26. I don’t know, but let’s all ask Andrew Gee about how honest the Broncos have been shall we?

  27. I never said honest, I said they have a history of doing the right thing by their players.

  28. The name on this bothers me. Just because he’s burning a Koran doesn’t make him a white nationalist. I’ve seen people of every race and ideology burn every type of religious text. I don’t get why people are so quick to throw labels on other people nowadays.

  29. “They shall not be integrated, they shall not be assimilated, They shall leave”

  30. I mean, I’ve seen very similar signs from Chinese people.. I’ve seen Saudi Arabians violently attacking immigrants.. I’ve seen Indonesians, Timorese, Russian and Spanish people all doing the same thing. Racism doesn’t always have to be white supremacy. The dude might not be a white supremacist at all, he might be anti Muslim (a religion, not a race I might add), or even an atheist.

  31. I dunno.. A kebab, a meat pie and a jam & cream long John. You must have a big appetite.

  32. Fucking good! Scumbag Dolphins trying to do the under the table deal to get a teenager out of a legally binding contract he signed! If he didn’t like it he shouldn’t have signed! This is a good life lesson for him and quite frankly a lesson for the rest of the teams in the league to be very wary of this kid and to not trust him.

  33. Agree but no benefit in being in the right but having run over a kid. I think OP was more referring to driving to the conditions. Ie 70kph an hour road but next to a sports field that has an event on, cars parked everywhere lots of pedestrians/kids about you may drive a bit slower/more cautiously.

  34. 100% agree with that sentiment at the end about driving to the conditions, problem is people rarely do that and those that are driving slow drive slow in all conditions even on highways on a perfect sunny day. Just my 2 cents.

  35. I didn’t say it wasn’t safe, traffic speed was about 40km, I had my indicator on for about 10 seconds prior to taking the merge and I committed to it once the car in front of the amarok pulled away slightly, it was a safe merge, driver was just annoyed because he obviously thought I didn’t deserve to be in his lane

  36. I didn’t say it wasn’t safe either. My point is just that if the guy ain’t letting you in and you can see that wouldn’t the path of least resistance be to just merge in behind them?

  37. That’s fair enough! Because I took it for a walk or because I didn’t show enough control?

  38. Control. Taking the bar for a walk is ok as long as there is control shown afterwards.

  39. If it was a comp I def would have waited for some sort of down signal. Maybe I could do with taking a leaf out of your book and train like I compete :)

  40. Wanting to change the date is just common sense these days, it doesn’t mean you have to be as stupid as this person.

  41. Disagree with your opinion on changing the date but that’s ok, you’re entitled to it.

  42. Probably over your head, but known pedestrian behaviour is a road hazard- a category which includes many other things, some of which I cited.

  43. Guarantee this person takes the bus everywhere and sees racism in everything, has never been to the NT let alone lived there, and protests Australia Day every year.

  44. I’m up to nearly 200 hours in it. It’s good, but a lack of feedback is a bit of a downfall (though I’m not sure how they would achieve it).. I have improved my mobility pretty dramatically especially in my hamstrings. Would definitely recommend for people who aren’t willing to research on other programs which they can get for free or even build themselves. Another downfall is to do the post WOD sessions you have to have a theragun (or some version of one) you can’t get away from that. Overall though it’s a good app and I would recommend.

  45. You know the old kids commercial about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop? It’s only 3 because everyone gives up and bites into it after that.

  46. I wouldn’t say everyone, I’m nearly up to 200 hours on it, used it every day last year and so far only missed two days this year due to moving house..

  47. I don’t care what frequency I’m paid, as long as magically my pay doubles.. Preferably tomorrow.

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