1. There's no reason to assume they're made by aliens (aside from occasional hoaxes such as this). We also have no idea what an "alien" even really is.

  2. Sgt. Clifford Stone - "The US government has over 50 Species of Aliens cataloged!" - The Disclosure Project 2001

  3. I have decided to no longer speak at UFO conferences or give interviews on podcasts as I have done for over twenty years. I will remain engaged on Twitter and FB. I would, of course, testify on my incident if invited to do so by a government agency.

  4. Japanese gov't says nothing to announce after images released by UFO research institute

  5. Oh shit. Does that mean what it seems to mean? that there's a bill being proposed where anyone who comes forward with ET info that they said they hid for some time will NOT be punished?

  6. After the first UFO/UAP public hearing in Brazil I can guarantee you that the topic will advance in terms of legislation discussions and it's possible that soon we will have our own Gillibrand-Rubio-Gallego amendment.

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