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  1. Sorry, my friend. I had chicken pox in kindergarten and shingles in college. That virus sucks.

  2. A couple friends of mine popped positive this week. I was maskless around them when they weren’t symptomatic for hours.

  3. My husband and I tested positive on Tuesday after he had a close contact at work. It sucks but we are both vaxxed and have mild cases.

  4. I haven't been here in a while... Just wondered if everyone is getting the 5th shot. I've heard mixed reviews on it. I haven't asked my doctor about it yet. I kinda wanted to hear what others have to say first.

  5. I got the bivalent booster on the 11th (my fourth shot). Happy I did as I tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. Exhausted but doing fine treating at home.

  6. That's a moment when a cranky elderly relative becomes useful. Hahaha.

  7. Husband and I tested positive with at-home tests on Tuesday. Reported cases are down, for sure.

  8. Everybody testing positive at home. If they’re testing at all. Pretty sure PCR isn’t free anymore. No one will test unless seriously ill

  9. I feel this. My brain knows it is coming but my body is like....but I feel so good.

  10. If you need an inhaler, get a spacer! Humidity and illness are my asthma triggers. The spacer makes it so much easier to get the medicine into my lungs.

  11. They came out pretty good! My sense of taste is pretty wack right now but they are teen approved. I used a packet of dried Instant yeast (quick 45 minute cinnamon rolls recipe).

  12. I snooped on your profile and found it. My goodness 😂 How oddly specific! You did a fantastic job. But the idea is a bit… different. 😆

  13. When my husband and I got the invite for his sister's wedding, it just listed our names. Cool. I sent her a message that I was checking with my parents about watching our kids. She said she hoped they could attend!

  14. Plug back into love when so many are still without power. :/

  15. TIL learned that I could have reported the display I saw at a gift shop. Good to know.

  16. Anytime I have more of a vegetable than I can use or when I do bulk harvests like potatoes carrots and parsnips I blanch and freeze the surplus in reusable baggies. Then at the end of the season I gather all the frozen stuff and plan out some dinners. This season I got 3 8-serving vegetable soup/stew packs(two with beef added), 3 6-serving stirfry veggies, a potato hash, and a few side dishes ready for a quick lazy day dinner. Everything included, aside from the beef and the mushrooms, was grown in my garden.

  17. Awesome. I love freezing extra fruits and vegetables so they don't go to waste. Soups and stews are my go to things when I need to use up veggies.

  18. I gave blood for the first time during the pandemic. It was super cool to get updates. Plus, I found out my blood type.

  19. Watching my kids (16 & 19) become closer. They got a lot of bonding time in before my oldest left for college.

  20. I've made multiple quilts as gifts for family and friends. I love them and take pictures of them, but once I hand them over I let it go. It's theirs to do what they like with it. I'd rather see it dirty and torn from being used than sitting in the back of a closet. Just try to let it go. Make the extra special quilts for yourself to appreciate.

  21. Not COVID related, but really? I know this very conservative person who lives in Florida. He just posted that they lost power again and he is complaining that "someone" needs to take care of it. He has owned the house 18 years and says they lose power everytime there is a storm. BUY A DAMN GENERATOR! I know he can afford it and lives in a single family house in the country. What happened to personal responsibility, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, etc.? They always want their problems taken care of but don't want people to get food stamps, or student loans forgiven.

  22. I'm in Virginia and bought a generator after Isabel. I know my neighborhood is not a priority area. After a freaking hurricane, nothing is getting fixed until it can be fixed safely.

  23. I'm in Virginia too. I think that was when we bought ours too. Our power was only out 24 hours for Isabel. We didn't lose it at all for the Derecho in 2012 but we did lose it last winter for a couple of days with that big snowstorm in early January.

  24. Ours was out for over a week. I gave birth a week after Isabel and it was back on by the time I went home. Thank goodness for camping supplies and good neighbors. People love to feed a pregnant lady. Lol

  25. Second kid reminds me of my daughter. She's in college studying to be an archaeologist. First kid reminds me of my son. Different ways of learning. Curiosity is a wonderful thing!

  26. I do that when I buy eggs. And get the looks as I pick up each egg.

  27. I gently move every egg in place. Give them a little rock to see if they are stuck.

  28. Just now realizing I can use my powdered milk in my cereal as a backup to my hurricane supplies. I use powdered milk in my bread machine recipes.

  29. Does anyone actually go to bass pro to buy stuff? I just go sometimes for the cool scenery. The one near me has an indoor waterfall and live fish in the pond inside, window shopping there is cheaper than the aquarium.

  30. Absolutely love my fishing shirt with vents. I mostly use it gardening and at the beach but also use it while fishing. I typically only go when I need something specific.

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