1. Dupleix and Leipzig, what the hell happened to these T6 premium ships? It felt like they were gonna be Premium Battle Pass rewards ships (like Tokachi), but then WG discovered that they could stuff Early Access garbage into the Premium BP as a final reward instead.

  2. Might be a dockyard reward? Here’s to hoping for it at least.

  3. Sometimes when i play the kv-2, the arty literally goes even closer. I don’t know what are they thinking lol

  4. I don't know enough about subs or their stats - is the Gato going to actually be any good? Does it do anything better or differently from the current subs? I'd imagine it would either need to be slightly better or at least have a gimmick to justify spending steel on it.

  5. It has huge alpha damage with 6x bow and 4x stern torpedoes that deal 18,100 damage and 16.5km range with unguided torpedoes. Slow underwater but fast at periscope depth and surfaced. If they give her unguided torpedoes no spread like on the I-56 she might be half decent.

  6. I’ve seen a couple in games, mostly ranked. No clue why tf anyone would buy that

  7. I got called “selfish prick” because I didn’t provide smoke for that one player. I was playing the Halland. Some people get to tier X without knowing jacksh*t about the game.

  8. Had someone tell our Neptune to shoot HE at an enemy battleship.

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  10. The subreddit knows where it is because it knows where it isn't.

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  12. Make them submersible with homing torps too!

  13. Nautis Home would be what you’re looking for. It’s about the only modern maritime sim. There is Extreme Ship Simulator but the graphics are a bit dated.

  14. Ship Simulator Extremes is so old that it may not even run on modern systems, there's a guide on steam on how to get it working but even then it may not work, it's a finicky old game. I have a very, very good computer and it runs like garbage because it is not optimized for modern hardware at all. Runs like a slideshow and ruins the immersion.

  15. I’ve gotten SS:E to run fairly well on my desktop, which isn’t the best by any means, and with little tweaking.

  16. I should’ve mentioned that I’m using an AMD system, they seem to have problems sometimes running Ship Simulator Extremes.

  17. Thats nothing, just saw 6 CA + 1 DD vs 6 BB + 1 DD, and before that it was 4 SuperBB + 3 DD vs 2 BB + 2 CA + 3 DDs.

  18. You complain about subs and CVs on this subreddit. You make posts emphasising how bad they are and how they're being forced on the community. Yet here you are again, crying about someone else being negative about them.

  19. I put Lutjens on my Bismarck and it's just silly. Tons of fun, especially in Ops. :)

  20. They said they'd give us all 12 retraining orders, which is a joke. Tons of news (and broken) possibilities with their stupid crew rework, but you can only retrain 12 crew members. That's only ~3 tank !?

  21. They should just give free resets for crew members for at least one patch.

  22. Imagine BZ-176 with crew perks 2.0 and bond equipment...holy cow

  23. BZ is already cancer, now it's going to be ebola infused cancer. Can't wait to get snapshotted, set on fire/ammoracked and killed in a single shot in my tier 6 and 7 tanks even more now.

  24. For RB I would recommend Paolo, Siegfried, or Illinois.

  25. Pobeda or Chkalov. Soviet CVs are completely busted.

  26. Iowa hulls do not do well with kiting in general. That aft hull be thicc.

  27. Just tried it on my friends account and my EU alt. Apparently, if you have Spanish commander the “duck” nation won’t appear as the nation slot is occupied by it. Also, you can’t have any duck battles beforehand :p

  28. I have a Spanish captain for Canarias and I dismissed the ducks.

  29. but then you need time to learn scripting and 99,9% of wows players won't do that.

  30. I hope that they give the original ships in the game new models. They are looking quite dated.

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