1. Whenever I’m in Berlin I go to Imren which is down the road from the Lidemanns hotel. If you’ve tried it, let me know how it compares!

  2. I was there a few days ago too! Just posted it, write me a comment if you find it. :)

  3. The Spinning coaster looks so neat! Lovely project!

  4. This is awesome! Thank you!

  5. Screw Germany - the trip! 😂

  6. Die Flucht von Novgorod, Hansapark

  7. It looks so organic! I love it! Good job!

  8. Incredible job Redfield! This is the coolest ride mod I've seen in a long time! ♥️ You're iconic.

  9. Looks way better than my first parks! You have experience with the RCT games, don't you? 😄 I'd suggest building your rides further apart

  10. Nice! I hope to see a major, dinosaur themed attraction. Maybe a dark ride?? 😍

  11. That cannon looks amazing!

  12. No way! That is so adorable! 😍 Very accurate recreation. I love it

  13. That's such a pretty ride!! Amazing job, I really really love it!

  14. It’s mind-blowing how intricate your vehicle builds are. I checked one out today and every tiny little detail was its own piece. Thanks for the awesome blueprints!

  15. I love these shuttle coasters! Good job! Keep building them.

  16. Did you make the trains that short on purpose? 😄

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