1. Don't presume, then you make a press out of u and me!

  2. Personally i prefer Bitcoin. It's like money, only BETTER

  3. This is one of the few episodes I actually dislike... 🤢

  4. But before you jump, be sure to shoot me a text like "there's nothing you could do" or something...

  5. I wish Streeter was here with us at this fine arts museum...

  6. I just did, I said "what's your name?"

  7. What's Amir's favourite fried fish at the Headgum offices craft services table?

  8. No you won't. It's not a subscription, but a pay pr. use service where we buy credits as we need them.

  9. Who's Ben Schwartz? I've never heard that name in my entire life.

  10. Surely your best friend would appreciate such an offer

  11. Instead he's being a little bitchling, how's that fair?

  12. Why the barbecue sauce? Weren't you trying to weigh yourself?

  13. Instead of generating these AI scripts, why don't you find a real hobby?

  14. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, I did correct you. They said it at least twice.

  15. Yes, that’s what the whole post was about. I’m still confused as to what you’re getting at.

  16. I'm agreeing with you. They probably saw that intro in one of their videos and straight up ganked it!

  17. You know chicken nuggets aren't vegan, right?

  18. I had a group of friends that went on a road trip to a college. They did one of these challenges along the way. The pictures were hilarious because they weren't even remotely close. It was basically just that burger with a couple of chunks taken out of it.

  19. Lmao if i were him i wouldn’t want to spray on my food 🤣

  20. I like the six-button gamepad that the first image has

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