1. Did you write that yourself or did you use an AI bot?

  2. I used Bard (the google ai) I put your Reddit question in as the Prompt. I have no idea how accurate the answer was.

  3. I realize that you needed examples to illustrate your question.

  4. You shouldn't ask about a relative.

  5. OK now I’m scared. My Ozempic just arrived today and I’ve never taken AOMs before. I also have Hashimoto’s and I am on Synthroid but not Cytomel. What if it doesn’t work for me?

  6. How much alone time do the two of you spend with each other per week?

  7. If I use a chatGPT to write something, how do I cite the author?

  8. What's actually wild about them is they keep a constant reddit surveillance for trash talk. Almost every time they're brought up their cultists find the topic and try and defend their cult and mostly mass downvote the hate so it doesn't get seen.

  9. Maybe we should start a private chat with very few people then come up with a codename for them so we can post about them without the mass down voting.

  10. For anyone questioning why, Leah Remini did a great series on TV. I think it’s on Netflix now. Watch a few episodes and you’ll become enlightened. I always knew they were a cult of nut cases, but seeing how they operate was eye-opening.

  11. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Especially if it’s done outside. The fresh air & sunshine improves your mood. You build leg and back muscles and improve your circulation.

  12. Woke BS applies perfectly here. It's getting to the point that things are so ridiculous that people are trying to be so modern and woke and forward moving that people are just going straight Looney Tunes. I get it, be yourself. I had Mohawks in my life, I've got some tattoos, I dress how I want. But people are going out of their way to basically become freaks these days just to see if anyone questions their right to do so. And by all means, if you want to be a weird little depressed girl with an ugly mustache in a Freddie Mercury jacket go ahead and do it, but I guarantee 90% of the world will think it's disgusting and you're not going to be moonwalking around your classroom you're going to be crying in your bedroom 10 times worse than you would have if you just waxed the damn thing. Sad but true and if you can't handle the reality of the situation take your woke ass back to sleep.

  13. I don’t think a hormonal teenager trying to accept her body the way God made it and dressing and dancing and being happy instead of being depressed and insecure quite equates to “going out of her way to become a freak.”

  14. They can do whatever their nasty ass wants to do. They just better not start bitching and moaning about not being able to attract the people they want to attract.

  15. I don’t think you’re the kind of person they want to attract and I don’t think you’re the kind of person they would complain to, so you’re safe there.

  16. This doesn't make a lot of sense honestly. It's a long-term medication that has a long titration schedule that they can't think they can maintain while doing this...

  17. If the nurse starts taking the sample and it works she can use that to try to convince her insurance company to cover it.

  18. Not making an excuse for the nurses. What they did was wrong, however,

  19. Samuel L Jackson, Jules Pulp Fiction Tom Hanks Forrest Gump

  20. I wish people would just be honest and admit that looks matter

  21. If they didn’t matter Botox wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar a year industry.

  22. Get an app to keep track of every single time you spend money. Apps make the task very easy and when you SEE where your money goes it’s easier to cut back and you don’t feel deprived because you see the history of what you bought already all at once right in front of your face when you use the search tool of the app.

  23. The dollar store. You can get a six pack of breakfast bars for 1 to 2 dollars. Same with chocolate or candy. The only difference is their expiration dates can be shorter. Use them to make gift bags during the holidays.

  24. You mean "I'm not as fat as Desmond so I'm fine"? People use all sorts of mental tricks to remain in denial.

  25. Right “I’m not as fat as Desmond so I’m fine.” Is that a common rationale for a person who is not healthy to pretend that they are healthy? If so how often do you think it happens and have you seen it happen with patients of yours?

  26. How come I can’t watch HBOMax in the HBOMax app if I subscribe through Xfinity? I always have to watch on my desktop.

  27. It's not the ice cream.. however only way to know for sure is don't eat it for a few months AND don't change anything else about your diet to see if it was the ice cream or something else.

  28. Hi you’re way ahead of me lol. Want to hear other peoples experiences first though. Thanks 🙏

  29. Nicks. All the non-vegan flavors. I’ve had them all. Lots of them.

  30. Either I’m too busy or I would like to think first before I answer.

  31. Maybe you should look further into why your 14-year-old daughter is so heavily into gaming.

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