1. You should use the points variable to decide the outcome.

  2. You make a lot of sense on that <75 I might not have caught that also.... Thanks alot

  3. I'm studying myself to be a developer, and I really don't know an answer to your question, but came to say your website's breakout game looks cool, and I will have to study it at some point. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Glad to hear from you back mate. It's perfectly fine. I am happy you are doing great in life and i wish you all the best for your future work

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words, I wish you the best as well. ๐Ÿ˜

  6. You can await a setTimeout Promise inside your loop.

  7. yes, her much older boyfriend who hired her should definitely be a good source of reliable information. this girl is all over

  8. I'm actually starting to like her way of thinking when it comes to programming. If you know about programming, and you were fair, you would like her too.

  9. I don't dislike her. I dislike her boyfriend and the fact that she's going around this forum telling people she landed a job with a great boss. in reality, she's 17

  10. It sounds like something "smartUp Gestures" has, and does it very well.

  11. Great, that works as intended. Thank you very much!

  12. You didn't actually explain what that Opera's extension or whatever does, but I would recommend you try

  13. It seems that Supatabs will do the trick! Thank you so much for sharing FlowerForWar :)

  14. I think it is related to your IP address. It wouldn't help either if your browser version is not English.

  15. Great, will bookmark this and wait when I learn more.

  16. Nice! If you have questions just DM me

  17. I'm interested, do you plan on making a discord channel or what platform do you intend to use?

  18. English is not my first language, but I'm good at, mostly at typing. And I would say the same about my knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js.

  19. Find a good reason to like watching that tutorial. That will motivate you to focus on it, otherwise zoning away is normal and you will keep doing it no matter what. Assuming that you are in good health and well rested.

  20. The best thing about this method, is that the script you are injecting can support modules.

  21. I just started using Ubuntu for TOP course, and this helps in making it usable. Thank you very much!

  22. I wish I could join a group but I can't even make fixed learning hours. Working 5 10s for one last week and my nearly two year old doesn't let Daddy have quiet learning time most evenings... I never should have stopped coding after college.

  23. I'll send you my discord, it wouldn't hurt to be around, maybe it'll motivate you in your free time.

  24. I'm a senior JS dev but if you are making a group or something like this, count me in. I'm always eager to discuss and learn new things.

  25. I hope we don't bore you then, will be glad to have you with us. I'll message you my discord.

  26. We can wait til he sees this. Letโ€™s put something together!

  27. Yesterday I have installed Discord, does it seem like a good place for a group to chat? or is there anything better?

  28. Perfect. Whatโ€™s your discord so I can look for you when I get home?

  29. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/redirector/ocgpenflpmgnfapjedencafcfakcekcd?hl=en

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