1. This is a year old. Not sure why it's posted now. Cunha did go on to prove her supplements were tainted and as such her ban was reduced from 4 years to 2. Despite almost everyone claiming it when they are popped she is only the 2nd athlete to ever be able to prove it.

  2. There's a whole lot of repost bots going on right now. Usually they get caught by automod, but some of them squeeze through

  3. Removing, we talked about participation standards on your last post and you've done nothing to change

  4. If you're going to want to post here you're going to need some work on contributing to others posts

  5. Our social stuff is back to going pretty strong now. Maybe even a few more events happening now with some newer coaches taking some initiative in that respect

  6. Just adding the name of the sub into the title doesn't make it a relevant video bub

  7. I could, but I'm the only mod who does much of anything here, and this type of post tends to lead to some absolute asshats coming in and spouting slurs and denigrating entire groups of people

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