1. Gary Oldman in nothing, ever, man could play anything or anyone and make it look easy.

  2. Buying switches from the US to ship into Europe is a very risky proposition that I would never even consider.

  3. Can you confirm that all ports are 802.3 af/at. We need a mixture of POE and POE+ ports.

  4. Thank you, I weighed even less the year before. It's a rocky road to being alright but I gotta keep my mind positive, I mean, I've made the first step haha

  5. Pilots without all the other required logistics to keep fighting falcons in the air is pointless.

  6. Throughout the history of any war, indeed of any organisation I can think of, people ALWAYS say "....we need more of this, we need more of that....", whilst there's always a grain of underlying truth to these statements it's also true that you have to work as best you can with what you have. If you have needs you feed it up your line of command, you don't go crying outside to public sources that then gives succour to your enemies.

  7. Bucha massacre is totally different and you know it, if you're going to use a totally different basis to justify your argument there's no point engaging with you any further.

  8. This is great news, but they'll have to be de-NATOised before the handover (iff systems changed and possibly some other stuff as well).

  9. I doubt this, they want those capabilities since they're using NATO training and ammunition what're you on about?

  10. You can't have NATO transponders on Ukrainian pilot'd aircraft, if you can't see why you need to think it through a bit longer.

  11. Not right now while you're getting pummelled in Ukraine, but who knows what mood you'll be in in a week.

  12. What was with this episode? A Psycho reference and a heavy borrowing from Misery? Was this done tongue in cheek?

  13. True, you can already easily see this with small arms ammo. A 9mm 380 APC bullet is nothing against a 7,62mm NATO bullet in terms of penetration.

  14. Reparations would come from the money West has already confiscated from them, so it’s no additional loss for Russia. Exchange of prisoners is pretty standard thing when peace is made. Point is that both countries could keep on living out their lives. Current war is only existential threat to Russia if they make it in to one.

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