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  1. Perfect, I was thinking about it. The reason I am asking for these is that some of them are getting rust fungus from being in the high humidity. I think I am just going to reduce how wet I get the container and how long I keep it closed. (Also ordering some sulfur)

  2. I can’t even get one to make it that far. Whats your soil mix?

  3. From another post of mine where I posted these a couple months ago: They are on a heatmat and when I first watered in the seeds I used a little seaweed/fish emulsion. The soil comp is super chunky mix on the bottom maybe 20% organic matter from wood chips, theres some leca, lava rock, perlite and the top dressing is mixed in. Then I did a little vermiculite to help with some moisture on the surface, after adding that they really started to take off so I spent like 3 hours putting the most recent covering of Bonsai Jack mix/some lava rock.

  4. I have had this plant for about a year. Water it when the moss pole gets dry so ~weekly if not every other.

  5. Everyone is comparing Act 1 of D4 (lol) to Diablo 3 after 10 years of post-launch development. But D3 at launch at almost no legendaries, the ones they did have were worse than the iLvl 63 rares, and there was no systems or endgame content. D4 in its current state already has multiple systems during the early game, with a lot of different legendary items. Ofcourse the legendary aspects are generally unexciting, but they are mostly the best items you can get right now.

  6. Oh god I forgot about the auction house and limited drops of original D3. Definitely puts D4 in a better light…

  7. just curious, why the showerhead filter for your plants' water?

  8. I got tired of balancing waterbottles on moss poles, so I thought this would be an easier option. The

  9. I have had this queen for a year since 3/11. She gets light for 4 hours until noon then the lights turns back on at 2 for another 4 hours.

  10. I have found that sometimes leaves when maturing will completely change shapes when the dimensions change dramatically, like when it decides I am going to be wider, it gets really squat and then the next leaf will be as wide but like twice as long. If you have it on a moss pole then just give it time and it will size up. Are you fertilizing?

  11. I destroyed an inflating Luxurians leaf yesterday, it was traumatic to say the least.

  12. I have grown thousands of aroids. My basic potting mix is 3/8ths size pumice, orchid bark fines (orchiata is a great brand), fir bark (half inch), coco peat, and horticultural charcoal. 1:2:1:1:1 ratio.

  13. Do you have any thoughts on coco coir chips in place of the fir bark?

  14. We fucking know… this is not a surprise to anyone who has paid attention.

  15. My favorite way of using DE is to put it into a sprayer bottle and spray it all over the plants/pots/soil. It’s safer* to use wet (still wear a mask/eye protection if possible), but it works perfectly once it dries out because it is in a super fine layer everywhere. Then just wipe it up with a wet rag/spray the plants once you don’t see any more pests.

  16. Lol, literally said out loud “What is this nazi doing now”and this is top comment. I can’t comprehend the cognitive dissonance to call others nazis (Ukraine for example) while not seeing what right wing fucks like Desantis are doing…

  17. It’s gonna take time to recover but it should be fine. Looks like cold damage from the freezing rain. But idk for sure.

  18. Yea outside they just dissolve, but they’ve been good inside.

  19. “Are you surprised at my tears, sir?” “Fuckin A” “Strong men also cry. Strong men also cry.”

  20. I’ve seen a lot of spinals Dude, and this guy’s a fake. A fucking gold-bricker. This guy fucking walks. I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.

  21. No worries, happy to answer. So I try to use like 1/4 to 1/2 the prescribed amounts, but honestly I just estimate it. I use a little dropper from a 1oz tincture bottle, and pour 1 of those into empty sriracha bottles to water the poles, and 2 of those droppers into a small watering can that is about 2x the size of the bottles. I add seaweed and fish emulsion like a tsp at a time but I just eyeball it. And the slow release fertilizer I just sprinkle a pinch on top of the soil.

  22. Ah yea the lights, so there are actually 4 different lights in the tent. Right above the picture at the front of the tent 2 led shop light strips, right side is a proper led grow light, and left side is a single strip light.

  23. Perfect first aroid. Keep chopping and propagating it when it gets too long and soon you will have infinite amounts of micans.

  24. I see the moss poles but what do you have your aroids potted in? I planted a mini monstera in soil and she clearly wasn’t happy. I have her back in water while I figure out what she needs to thrive.

  25. So the soil mix is a mixture of perlite, vermiculite, orchid bark chunks, some leca, coco coir, and some lava rock. I am getting coco chips and pumice for my next batch. The key is that the water drains pretty much instantly through the soil, but also that it holds moisture. So you want something chunky with LOTS of space for the roots to find air, but also that can hold moisture. I also like to add moss to the top of the pot, but I’m not sure what ai think about it, some of my anthuriums (not pictured) are getting weird little spots and I think its from me over watering/the mode keeping just not drying out fast enough.

  26. I'm particularly drawn to the pallidiflorum. Never seen one before. Gorgeous collection.

  27. Thank you! The pallidiflorums are amazing. I have 2 and the leaves are obviously the same, but the growth habit is different. The one in the front the petioles are really tight and max about 6 inches, but the one in the back the petioles are super long like 12-18 inches. I have swapped where they are, but they are just totally different growth. Just super interesting.

  28. P Luxurians from ecuagenera is also a crawler, the leaves are gorgeous.

  29. Nymag clearly shitposting to drive outrage engagement.

  30. Idk, I didn’t see many of these kinds of comments on the instagram post, and I tried not to engage and bring it here.

  31. My question to this comment thread is if you think business owners are mistreating their workers for their own greed and profits, why are you still paying into their profits by being their customers?

  32. It’s very hard to combat the system from within the system, I don’t know how we get around your point. Besides only ordering food from places that don’t accept tips/pay their workers properly, but that is an impossible ask for a large portion of people. There is rarely a perfect solution to dealing an imperfect system.

  33. Since the late 80s Japan has been experiencing deflation, so that is prices dropping year over year, never rising. So it has not made sense to purchase housing because they depreciate every year, because prices just do NOT go up in Japan. (They have started to a little bit, but it was not easy)

  34. Literally log all the small stuff. Everything that passes your lips. It's the 'just a bite here' 'just a sip' 'oh, I'll have a bit of yours' that can break it for a lot of people.

  35. Condiments have fucked me in the past so I 100% agree with count all the small stuff.

  36. Look into jury nullification and have your wife talk about it loudly.

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