1. When I took REG was the only time. The first exam was laughably easy and the second one I sat there like what the fuck. Got a 97

  2. I love the deltas. Mine are beat and now my lawnmowing shoes

  3. According to recent sastisics you won’t get the job.

  4. Shouldn’t work in public accounting if you can’t take criticism. Real life isn’t a field of daisys

  5. As someone who will be a dad this summer. are Kirkland diapers much cheaper than others? I hate spending money. Costco is an hour away but it may be worth it for the baby supplies. Need to do cost benefit analysis on time spent, money saved, etc.

  6. Yah the PTE-T is a great way to minimize taxes and stay with in the law. Not fraud just what a quality CPA should be doing. Saving clients around $27,000 per year if they have $1M of pas through income just by paying state tax at entity level.

  7. Im crossing my fingers this is the case. I called and just kept getting tossed around to diff departments. None of the rental agencies have local #’s.

  8. A cheap accountant isn’t good and a good accountant isn’t cheap.

  9. I mean, I probably would too. I couldn't imagine being as drunk as I would be and this happening.

  10. Looking at broadcast the stadium is basically empty. Few drunk people trying to figure out what to do. Tweet is regarded

  11. If you work offshore as an American you not only owe them your full taxes, but you could be liable to owe any other country you are a citizen of. If anything it's a risk of more tax, not less.

  12. That’s not how it works. There’s foreign tax credit among other tax laws that I won’t get into. The whole point is to prevent double taxation.

  13. And that's what my father in law said.

  14. Yah make them come pick them up from you. With hookers and blow

  15. Audits the worse . Just review some more and take it again!

  16. If anyone can purchase them and can’t go. I live in Georgia now alumni from Ohio state class of 2012. I would like your tickets

  17. I hope we can get you and your friends some face value tickets to show up. We need buckeye nation in the south to go hard. I’m tired of the SEC “it just means more” mantra.

  18. Got someone DM me telling me $400 for a single ticket is a fair price lmaoooo

  19. I skipped it and ended up with a 91 on the actual exam. I don’t recall any questions about it, either.

  20. Took Reg this month and did not see a single question on foreign taxation.

  21. My fiance put me into a secret Santa with her family and the person I got is 21 years old and asked for Pokémon card packs. I haven’t bought Pokémon cards since the original tcg and I think fossil was the new set.

  22. Elite Trainer boxes are great gifts, there's normally 8 packs on them plus other goodies :)

  23. I work in tax and am taking REG for my final exam.

  24. Will these only mail to your registered voter address? I moved recently and didn’t get a chance to update my address before the election

  25. Mississippi because everyone’s a dumbass and they need CPAs

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