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  1. It's no longer full of troops and the old housing is mostly empty, thus no threats to them.

  2. At one time, I thought they were going to allow private ownership of those homes. They look like the housing that was used for officers and their families

  3. You can rent them. I loved renting there. So fun to live in the park with all the animal friends :)

  4. Are they mostly empty? I lived in the Presidio for a while until last year. I was in one of those townhome style ones from the 60s but the next street over was all beautiful old brick homes from the 30s. Our neighborhood was pretty full. (Neighborhood near Letterman drive on the East side of the park by the Marina.)

  5. An Indian guy in our IT Dept at work said he would buy lunch for their entire department if Trump won in 2016. They said he did it.

  6. That’s… not true at all. People do get stuck in jail for absurd amounts of time (years even!) due to inability to pay bail before their trial date.

  7. The law/justice system needs to protect you heros if you decide to give justice of your own kind outside of the useless ass current justice system we have. Giving a couple black eyes, broken nose and split lip to thugs that commit violent anti Asian crime won't hurt any body except the thugs that deserved those things that happen to them. No cop should be in trouble for giving them a little bit of deserved justice of that kind.

  8. wow. move to a military dictatorship then. that’s disgusting

  9. idk, I like living in a country where you’re *mostly free of being summarily executed without a trial

  10. Would be cool if a verification process existed to confirm SF residents. That would help.

  11. I’d prefer not to dox myself to a mod just for the ability post here. hard pass.

  12. The woke mob is sort of twisting itself in to a pretzel trying to force a world view where certain minorities are perfect members of society. Any deviation from that rhetoric is vile, racist and evil. The Asian hate crimes are very inconvenient because they show the cracks in the woke world view and that it is simply not sustainable. The fact that thought crime is a thing in the bay area is a really wild concept to me.

  13. what are you talking abt? this sub isn’t some “woke” echo chamber at all. mods let nearly every anti-Chesa thread remain even when the poster admitted they weren’t from the area and were clearly posting for political reasons.

  14. It sounds like you bought her from a breeder, which is unfortunate. If you didn’t know, Scottish folds and cats that have their DNA suffer from weak cartilage in every part of their body, which causes the folded ears. This also affects their joints and they always suffer from chronic arthritis, even from as young as 7 weeks. Please keep her a healthy weight, feed her a high quality diet and ask your vet how you can help reduce her risk of chronic pain.

  15. She’s 6 years old and very healthy in all ways. But appreciate the thought. As you can tell, her Scottish fold genes aren’t too dominant.

  16. She still presents the folded ears which means the cartilage in her body/joints are weakened.

  17. her vet says she’s fine. feel free to worry about something else today <3

  18. Yeah because the motorcycle owner only puts himself in danger if we are being real I don’t know what people would even be mad about. The pit owner puts everyone else at risk because they think they’re built different and know how to raise one correctly

  19. Unless the motorcycle crashes in an empty parking lot, this is just wrong. People can and do get injured from being involved in motorcycle crashes even if they are not the one on the motorcycle.

  20. What about when you factor in safe haven laws? What about basic 90+% effectiveness birth control methods? Do those matter

  21. safe haven laws don’t protect you from getting pregnant and giving birth—and the myriad of possible life-altering/ending complications that can come with those events.

  22. Reality is if youre friends with someone you probably wont stop being friends with them over a DV charge. Just how it is. Everyone online is a lot more virtuous than they are in real life. If your best friend texted you that he just hit his girl and was charged you wouldnt just delete his number and ghost him forever. Especially not before his day in court.

  23. Reddit had also surely told you to stop posting yet here we are

  24. you didnt read my links or the text from them, week 25 they can recognize sounds

  25. some random blogs? I’ll pass. But, for the record, so can a cow.

  26. Is recognizing sound a sign of human consciousness? Or is it an involuntary physical reaction to stimuli?

  27. I think it’s important to point out that there is a downside to using this talking point. Not all abortions are these fraught, hard choices. And that’s ok! It doesn’t serve us to stigmatize abortion. The GOP is doing that already.

  28. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Complete single party rule, zero excuses, yet they still make the excuses unironically.

  29. Someone who was conspiracy minded might say that this was all a ploy by police union. Just slack off for 2 years and you'll get more political support and resources after you get the leadership changed.

  30. don’t have to be a conspiracy theorists; it’s just facts

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