1. Can't beat logitech for plug n play, good FFB, good game and customer support. FFB is great and TF adds a load of immersion without the hassle of bass shakers.

  2. Direct Drive will knock your socks off!

  3. I forgot about that. Do you think that Logitech would be better than those?

  4. Depends on the target usage. Logitech FFB is very good. Haptic included so no need for bass shakers. Easy to use. 11nm enough for most. Wheel included as standard and is good for almost everything except maybe drifting due to D shape.

  5. Logitech. Best ffb and awesome immersion. Pedals are very good so don't listen to reviewers that are used to high end sets. Comparable to V3's but include performance kit and can be adjusted laterally or inverted on a custom setup.

  6. Seems like most of the criticism surrounding the pedals is the plastic foot plate/base, so I wasn't too worried about them. There seems to be a lot of hate/rejection of the Logitech stuff and I don't really understand fully where it comes from- like yes it's their first DD, but the people reviewing it have extensive experience with other bases too and it is generally very well received.

  7. Pedals have plastic case but they mount to metal internal plate so structure is solid.

  8. This. Curved are harder to setup and not supported by a lot of titles. Go flat and 32 if you have the space.

  9. Yes. Reduce the overlap a bit and use some black tape over the back to hide the join

  10. He never gave 20 out of 20 points to the Logitech..

  11. A German reviewer gave a German company a better review than a non German company? I'm shocked 😲

  12. What is true force? Does that mean it’s only running at 4.4nm torque?

  13. No it means the trueforce effects are running at 40 "volume". You can turn TF up or down independently of wheel torque.

  14. Oh and by the way it's in Greek?

  15. With Logitech's G-Hub disasters. I don't care if the Thrustmaster was 1,000 and wouldn't be released for 3 more years AND I only had a mat catz wheel. I'd wait.

  16. With the controls in the wheelbase you don't really need ghub for most games. I haven't used or looked at ghub since last fw update.

  17. Just for fun I built some setups for comparison costs. Including tax and shipping.

  18. European Engineering vs Asian Engineering. Who do suspect is using better quality components and has better support?

  19. Careful you don't over tighten with this method. If you don't have a stack of washers between the rig and the wheelbase you are very likely to bend the wheelbase plate permanently and deform parts that probably don't want to be bent.

  20. Do the rear bolts fit? If yes, can't you just use the rear bolts and the table clamp on the front? The pattern should be the same as a g923 which I'm guessing would fit the TR8 but I have NLR so not sure.

  21. Logitech rep has said on reddit that they will be releasing a solution early next year if you can wait that long but my guess is that it's probably only supporting Logitech peripherals so you could upgrade to the pro pedals if you can afford them.

  22. Bundle for bundle, the Logitech is coming out to be $42 more than the Moza Bundle.

  23. Logitech DD is a much higher quality motor and ffb. Numerous yourube reviews saying its comparable to the high end Leo Bodnar DD.

  24. Logitech pedals are good. Plug and play plus performance kit out the box. Can make them as stiff as a fanatec V3 but also have lateral spacing and you can even remove the base to make your own setup or invert them.

  25. Very nice. How would you compare logitech pro to TGT?

  26. You are missing which bases include wheel rims in the box. Can blow prices out for some systems like simucube

  27. A week is not that long for something that's probably coming from overseas. I'm sure it will turn up. It's worth the wait

  28. I'd be surprised if anyone has both. Most who have podium will say podium, those with Logitech will say Logitech.

  29. You can just add "trueforce" to any wheel by adding a Buttkicker or other tactile transducer.

  30. Yes you can get some similar effects from a buttkicker but TF is also processing audio and physics signals at the same time at higher speeds than other systems so it's more detailed and responds quicker than any other wheel on the market currently.

  31. Would you add a butt kicker to the setup? Or is trueforce enough?

  32. It's enough for me right now. If I get a full rig some day I may look at buttkicker again but I certainly don't feel like I need it. I'm currently on a wheel stand due to space limits.

  33. Try playing with each whhel setting individually. The R5 can be tuned to be quite good but takes time. To ensure no clipping set the wheel to max force and turn the game ffb level to 70-80%.

  34. Plug and play doesn't belong in the same sentence as Simracing, but for ease of setup, use and cost the Logitech DD wins.

  35. Oh wow, I had no idea that the Logitech Pro series was a thing until your comment - thank you. It looks like an interesting option! I've been using a G29 set for a loooong time, and have really appreciated not ever having to worry about setting them up - the worst I've had to do is plug them in to a different USB port if there were issues.

  36. It's also in stock and depending where you live shipping/taxes are included. I'm very happy with mine

  37. Or buy a logitech pro set and just remove 2 screws and you're done.

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