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  1. I'm just gonna say it now, marill and mimikyu aren't pika clones.

  2. You put chicorita above mudkip, your opinion is invalid, but at least you didn’t hate on tepig

  3. Mudkip is overrated, its cute i guess, but if the “i heard you like mudkip” meme didn’t exist it probably wouldn’t be popular at all

  4. actually i made the first one, you can ask Ang

  5. When did you make your image on the exact day and time?

  6. Wait Tsareena is pure grass and not fighting/grass?!

  7. Dream looks like a younger version of Kurtis

  8. Oh boy, 26 comments and one comment thread

  9. He looks like a younger version of Kurtis Conner

  10. Yes, there is also lopunny etc etc but the main point is why do people do this? What do they get from doing this to a kids game?

  11. Lopunny is literally based on the playboy bunny

  12. The name i’ve come up with is Tapeflameidae, Tapejaridae with flame in the middle

  13. Its body is completely under its wings so it could blend in with the sky perfectly while upside down

  14. Tell me you don’t understand a joke without telling me you dont understand a joke

  15. Must kill every baby Pokémon. Can go with either school shooting rule or pro life rule, your call.

  16. Yes i made a Pokémon based off a type and a random V

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