1. I dont know if it was 100% load but i tried some games and it never went above 75°C. The case has four fans and there is a be quiet! Dark Rock 4 fan on the CPU. While surfing on websites, Youtube etc, it stays around 25-40°C

  2. The Dark Rock 4 is more than enough, though it kind of makes me wonder - what are you using this PC for?

  3. I still had my old PC (i7 2600K + Win 7) until January 2023. But now that even Chrome stopped updating the browser on 7 and there arent any more updates from Microsoft, i was kinda forced to buy something new. I had my old PC from 2011 until 2023, so i simply looked for something thats gonna be decent enough for the next 5-10 years. I'm a music producer, so i basically only need a lot of RAM and a modern CPU. I still have my old 980 TI card.

  4. On PS5 I had those freezes when starting a new game three times already. Could not even leave the beach yet.

  5. I think i found a fix for the freezes. Please try to delete the auto save file in the load game or save game option menue (in game) and make sure to immediately delete it every time when the game creates a new one. Let me know if it fixed the problem

  6. I think i found a fix for the freezes. Please try to delete the auto save file in the load game or save game option menue (in game) and make sure to immediately delete it every time when the game creates a new one. Let me know if it fixed the problem

  7. I think i found a fix. Please try to delete the auto save file in the load game or save game option menue (in game) and make sure to immediately delete it every time when the game creates a new one. Let me know if it fixed the problem

  8. I think i found a fix. Please try to delete the auto save file in the load game or save game option menue (in game) and make sure to immediately delete it every time when the game creates a new one. Let me know if it fixed the problem

  9. I’m not convinced Corey is dead. They didn’t show his body and he’s not mentioned after Michael snaps his neck. Maybe Michael’s legacy lives on after all?

  10. I dont think that we will see any new Corey stuff ever again in the future, simply because if we keep in mind that Malek Akkad is the IP owner of the Halloween franchise and how he now has to think about the next project, i think it would be way too much of a hassle to write a sequel with Corey as the new main Michael where you then have to explain what happened to him in the Ends finale, why isnt he dead, why Jamie Lee Curtis isnt there anymore (pretty sure she is 100% done with the role), whats Coreys mission now, whats with Allyson and what do you do if the actress is not interested in coming back ... just think about how restricting this is gonna be for a script writer and how they would need to explain Ends questions that they simply can not explain. I think the next Halloween sequel is gonna be something completely different.

  11. On October 18. Its available as audio book, kindle, ereader version and as a physical book, just google Halloween Ends novelization

  12. Thats because in the original text it just says game / main story. Its a part of different interview bits and at that point instead of saying Ishin, they only used "game" or "story" etc. But i didnt want to use that as the picture because then people would comment that it doesnt have the name of the game anywhere, and how do i know that they are even talking about Ishin. So to make it easier for everyone i put Ishin in there

  13. I mean I’m not surprised. If we ever wanted a remake of Kenzan they’d have to change quite a bit too. Odds are they’ve cut less than either of the Kiwami games, this was to be expected

  14. They said in the same TGS 2022 interview bits that a Kenzan Remake is not gonna happen because they would have to redo absolutely everything from scratch which means the final product would be a completely different and new game and they wont Remaster the PS3 version.

  15. Are you german? If so you cant download it for free on a german PS account because the demo is not rated by the USK which means you can only download it with a PS+ subscription because you have to enter your ID details to buy PS+. A german PS account without a subscription can not download the demo. You need PS+ or simply change to something like a US account - download the demo from there and then change back to the german account to play it.

  16. You're aware they just added 3 menu books? And like 8 endurance missions not too long ago. People forget GT Sport didn't even have an offline mode when it came out. I'm not defending Polyphony for releasing a product then constantly changing it on us (I'm salty about the 1.13 physics update that ruined some of my favourite cars), just saying Career mode will be better by 2023. You can always work on Circuit Experiences and Sport mode etc. in the meantime.

  17. Well, yeah okay, they might add more menu books but then i still dont understand this random structure after menu book 39. The added stuff doesnt fit into the structure of the menu book missions before. Its just random stuff. Also this mode was clearly designed to end with mission 39 because thats when the credits roll. Its not like 'Hey, keep your eyes open for future updates', the game clearly says that this was the last grand prix mission. And that just makes this whole mode really weird if you ask me. Its like they thought about making a full career mode with all the classes and all the licenses but then somewhere in the middle they suddenly stopped it and thought that this should be enough. This is just some kind of career trial mode.

  18. Hmm do you have the same issue outside of gaming mode ?

  19. I honestly cant tell you because i only bought this whole thing as a upgrade for gaming and this tv had one of the best overall screen / image quality review scores. I'm not using it for anything else and i cant compare it to anything else because my old 'gaming setup' was just a 10 year old 24" PC monitor which is like 50% darker in general and only full hd and no HDR. I tried one Blu Ray in movie mode when the tv arrived and it looked very very good but i didnt watch the whole thing and i didnt look for red items. So hard to tell. I only started to notice this red stuff then because literally in 9 out of 10 games i was like 'this red vending machine looks weird', 'these red street cones look weird', 'this red carpet looks weird'. I have only one single game where red looks normal in every situation and thats Gran Turismo 7. For whatever reason, red cars in dark tunnels or in the shadow dont have any kind of saturation boost, instead the color tone changes into a less intense tone. I would be completely happy if every game would be like that but sadly its not the case.

  20. Oh you mean just a different tv mode? I can try that, sure. I dont think its gonna change anything because as far as i know the gaming mode doesnt deactivate anything other than limiting local dimming to medium. But cinema mode or whatever doesnt have more tv features (besides smoothness optimization). Its not one of those tv's where the gaming preset deactivates all the tv features.

  21. I have a 55" Sony XH95 and it has DSE too. Its fine 80% of the time in normal content but when i start a PS4 / PS5 game and then move the ingame camera on the horizontal axis while there is a gray / white cloudy sky or a gray / light brown / beige corridor wall, i can see that the screen is full of fingerprint sized slightly darker stains and spots. There are no vertical or horizontal lines or whole blocks, just these shadowy stains. I guess thats just how it is. You can find user posts about DSE, banding, color tint, whatever, for every single tv model on this planet. Doesnt matter if the tv costs 1500 or 7000 USD / €.

  22. Preorders are live on BBTS ($350), but I think it'll start opening up more on May 1st. Saw something on their twitter about preorders opening then.

  23. I think the unlicensed inofficial William 1/6 is this one

  24. man the unlicensed stuff is hard to keep track or find out about :/

  25. True, especially because they cant use the IP names.

  26. That actually looks pretty good, I'm suprised you notice it in standard content? I'd give it a week or so two to stop bugging you but if it continues to, the panel lottery is mostly kind with Sony sets. For reference here is the rtings (random bought set) DSE for your tv:

  27. Yeah the thing is, i'm pretty sure the Rtings gray uniformity test picture looks worse than mine but they still rated it 7.6 and wrote that its pretty good. So that means that this is a normal / good set and there are way worse examples, correct? So if my set looks already better than the Rtings test one, that means i'm just sensitive i guess? And dont get me wrong, there arent like big black clouds and dots all over the screen. Its just if you look on the sides of the screen (instead of focusing on the actual content in the center) while moving the camera, you can see these small grayish shadows here and there. Its not a broken picture or failing backlights or something super obvious, just cloudy smudged fingerprints.

  28. It's also possible you have actual finger prints on the inside, and those are more noticable than dse? Mine is worse than yours and it bothered me for a week, but now I only notice on the grey/white flash screen before the final boss in Hades. Unfortunately there won't be a "right" answer in this decision, but Sony's QC is pretty dang good so I doubt you'll get something terrible.

  29. Actual fingerprints on the outside would be good because i could just clean them but sadly no. I have microfiber cloth and tried to clean it or massage it and you can see how the grayish shadow goes away if you slightly press against the screen with the cloth but it always goes back. I dont know, i guess the screen layers in bottom right side are pressed a bit too tight against each other in the frame? Yeah its hard to describe. You can not see it when there is no camera movement, you can not see it in scenes that take place at night, you can not see it in none moving fullscreen colors, you can not see it in a normal city, street, nature environment, you can not see it on a full white screen, you can not see it in the Youtube icehockey test video. You can only see it on grayish, bright brownish, beige things like a horizontal camera movement along a stone wall, horizontal camera movement along a sky with huge rain clouds, a very bright parquet floor. You know, colors that arent really intense and more on the flat / dull side, thats where you can see it.

  30. Each version on the store asks me for payment. I have not had these problems with metro exodus and terminator resistence. A response from Sony would be welcome, thank you. (solved, see my messages below)

  31. Its the same for me. I have the PS4 disc version, playing on PS5 but none of my user accounts on my PS5 have any PS5 upgrade options for this game. The only thing i can do, is open the PSN store for the game or search for the game in the store and then i can see both game versions and they want me to pay for it. Theres no free upgrade anywhere and also it doesnt say PS5 version anywhere. In the game apps menue it also shows me three weapon skin DLCs and thats it.

  32. Usually you have to have the disc inserted for a ps5 upgrade to even appear as an option for free. Try that.

  33. I tried that, i did this upgrade stuff a couple of times with FF7R and Nioh 2 PS4 disc version. It was never a problem. But with Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, nothing happens or changes with the PS4 disc. It just lets me play the PS4 version and thats it. Nothing pops up about a PS5 upgrade, there is no PS5 upgrade in any of my user account stores and theres no game patch / update. I simply cant see anything about a next gen upgrade at all.

  34. We played the native PS5 version (had to download like 93 GB?) for a couple of hours, japanese voices and literally the first mission we started in the native PS5 version, was the last side mission with the trader guy Kenji and his lip sync was terrible. Like lips not synced to the words at all and also his mouth animation was too slow to keep up with the japanese words ... so is this the added new japanese lip sync?

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