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  1. Realistically who's actually going to Clarksons shop to shop, they're going because it's Clarksons shop and they might see a celebrity or be on tv, or simply because it's cool.

  2. To clarify: I'm not from the UK. All shops I found so far don't ship outside of the UK. Trying to buy some during my short stay in London.

  3. Order it to wherever you're staying? hotel staff will accept parcels in guests names.

  4. ...huh? Blanching is just boiling for a very short amount of time. It literally makes no sense to say "blanch your broccoli instead of boiling it".

  5. Searing is just frying for a very short amount of time, it literally makes no sense to say "sear your steak instead of frying it"

  6. I can't pay innocent, hard working, beneficial and needed landlords in my/your mothers orgasms and happiness

  7. Isn't that just marriage when one person already owns a house

  8. I secretly hope science at some point clones him, teaches him the ways of heavy metal and then lets him do his thing (with some sort of substance restraint)…

  9. Why? Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the law of the wild doesn't exist. My cat did a great service doing what he was born to do hunt. No need to use poison or rat traps he would just come and go as he pleased eating anything that didn't belong on my property.

  10. How is it the law of the wild when there's a ton more of an un-native species then the eco system is used to.

  11. It isn't snarky, why would you use that word? He literally explained something in a normal matter and you put a negative connotation on it

  12. Worst case the bank cashes it then you don't notice for a few days and your auto pays bounce and you start wracking up overdraft fees in the hundreds then your about gets locked and you have to go into the bank and argue with multiple people until it gets escalated to someone who actually cares about fixing your problem.

  13. Goop is worth 250 millions. That's a lot of yoni eggs. Also, she recommended kombucha and kimchi for covid.

  14. Tbf they are both "super foods" which would improve the overall health of the average person if they started putting them in their diet

  15. Super foods aren't an actual thing; they're trendy buzzwords to get people to buy into diet culture and/or MLMs.

  16. Have you heard of O chromosomes? If not you should not speak any further on the matter

  17. Well, I'll speak on it regardless of what you say. And O chromosomes are irrelevant since I'm speaking about humans.

  18. If you say so bud, there's a whole world of science you're completely unknowledgeable about so why would you choose to oppresse people with something you don't understand?

  19. Or. Crazy idea here. You just have a normal alarm sound? Why would it need to be music.

  20. I think the idea is your brain will start to filter out a sound you're getting used to

  21. Right-wing men have small, deformed, and malfunctioning genitals and they hate people who know how to show their partners a good time in bed.

  22. "body shaming is okay if it's against someone I don't like"

  23. Because he was unrelated to the group of people in the store

  24. Hey mate, that’s not near anybody’s children, surely looks like an alley, not correct but not illegal, fuck man

  25. Listen with audio, he says there's children around here and I think you could even hear them

  26. 10k (if it even ends up costing that much) is absolutely nothing compared to how much you'll have to spend if you have rabies, before you die

  27. Yeah, that pro athlete stat has always been interesting. Weird how such subtle effects can create huge impacts.

  28. I wonder if it's the fact that developmentally further along kids will perform better in sports against younger kids, so their confidence will increase meaning they'd be more likely to take it further

  29. At that point winston is still participating in the 2 minutes of hate (he says so himself), it’s just that he’s imagining himself going against the party instead of with it.

  30. Their comment reads like a high schooler who won't read an ancient book because it's racist

  31. No idea why there's an ad here tbh. Nothing to do with me!

  32. It was a joke about you shilling for sky lol (you probably weren't but the only way cancelling in 15 minutes would be believable is if it was an ad)

  33. What company advertises how quick it is to cancel their service 😂

  34. Plenty of companies advertise how easy it is to stop, makes someone more likely to start

  35. I used to hate on big bang theory but now I'm converted and have watched it through twice already

  36. Yeah literally, is it a show that's worth investing hours into watching etc? probably not to most people, is it good enough to have on in the background and still have a clue what's happening when I only watch 10% of it? Yeah

  37. Giving an upvote for using the division sign. Not easy to find. How did you actually find it?

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