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  1. To scare him, right? That’s what you said. Guns scare people so you point it at him. Which is, again, a monstrously stupid idea.

  2. No it’s not. Stop being a dumbass lib cuck. You have the right to defend yourself. They teach you that in CCW class. This is a stupid argument. So let the guy touch you? Get the fuck outta here

  3. Lmao you’re literally advocating for trying to scare people by pointing guns at them and then calling me a cuck jfc

  4. Listen this isn’t fairy tale land. People have bad intentions, they teach you not to trust strangers. Good glad we agree on that. How many rapes have been stopped because a woman has a gun. I’ll wait. Supreme Court is on my side, you have the right to defend yourself outside the home. Also you sound really dumb, if a person has the training with their CCW they know when to shoot. He wouldn’t go away, he followed her, went to a empty parking lot, jeez sounds like a area where to do bad intentions. She has the right to defend herself once he puts hands on her

  5. He’s a dumbass. He’s a baby tyrant who is trying to punish good gun owners and only give gun rights to cops

  6. He’s part of Mount Westmore currently, on tour with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Too Short.

  7. He’s good. I just said used to since I think he retired from making music

  8. How am I supposed to know bruh I haven’t heard his stuff recently since I follow a bunch of rap channels. Last I checked Eminem still making music and each album sells 1 million units

  9. Sure grandpa. Hey I lost respect for the dude that day. He has a chance to take posey job in 2020 COVID year. Failed . 2021 had an ok year and failed to get called up. He’s 25 about to turn 26 and still not even at a rising star level.

  10. This is one of the dumbest takes I’ve ever read on here and that’s saying something

  11. I want both of them in if they keep pitching good. It would be the first time since 2011 that the giants had 2 starting pitchers in the all star game

  12. He was just ok that year. 9-9 with a 3.90 era in his contract year. Had gone 4-9 and 6-7 the previous two years. If you look at his stats pre and post 2017 he’s two different pitchers.

  13. He kept getting hurt. This year I believe is the first full healthy year since 2019. It doesn’t help that the 2019 was ass as well. Bochy managed the team bad from 2017-2019

  14. In all honesty if people are harassing viv that’s stupid. Every show goes through ruff patches with employees, even video games

  15. 82-80 won’t make the 3rd wildcard

  16. I just looked it up they won 83 games in 2006, won the division and World Series that year

  17. We may have to tax gun ownership and bullets to make it onerous to own one, including any and all CC permits. Maybe $25,000 per year for a permit and get granular as to what constitutes "good moral character."

  18. A lot of those people support banning Semi auto rifles so yeah. I don’t trust them

  19. Well Joc wouldn’t be batting in games against LHP, unlike Judge; but how many wins do you think giants would have at the end of this season if they had judge on the team

  20. We talking about this season? I think they can finish 94-96 wins. Right now I think the giants will hit 88-91 wins. Next year I see them winning 97 with judge

  21. If giants got Judge today, how many wins would u project this team to get

  22. He would be a good batting mate with Joc. If he started the season with us I’d say we’d be 1.5 games or 2 games back right now today from the dodgers/padres

  23. Good job burn down these dumb gun laws in California. Burn all those laws

  24. Would have definitely loved that when I was playing yu gi oh like 6 years ago

  25. DAK basically is DAO, with the caveat that trigger pull goes to 8 lbs on a short reset. I’m assuming this was to help prevent accidental discharges since it has no external decocking mechanism, given LEO’s continued problems with negligent discharges.

  26. I second this. Get a MK 25, P226 Legion with a decocker, and I believe they made a version where it is DA/SA with a safety now.

  27. Rogers needs to go and so does Alvarez. I believe they can still compete but they need to finish at least 3 games back by the time the all star break starts to regroup

  28. This is great news. Now do the magazine ban case to get rid of those stupid laws and then do the Assualt weapon ban case and finish off with the dumbass handgun roster case in Cali and Maryland

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