1. Be prepared for the drive to be more than 11 hours the GPS assumes you’ll take the two lane portions through the redwoods at 50+ when it’s only safe to do 30-or less if it’s raining or low visibility. From Arcata to LA took around 14 hours when I did it last year. Also rent your cabin sooner rather than later many rental opportunities have already been booked through the end of year. Otherwise enjoy your trip and watch for deer!

  2. FYI, the locals can and do drive the speed limit, pull over for them if you're not comfortable going that fast. One of the biggest downsides to living in this area is having to go 30 miles an hour behind some tourist who's scared of the trees.

  3. "Talk to your doctor" is a catch-all disclaimer to prevent him from being legally responsible in case someone is harmed by following his advice

  4. Quality of life includes healthcare. If CA is successful with expanding their state Medicare to all citizens in 2024, then that would be the place to start.

  5. California is massive, so infrastructure quality varies from place to place. But, it can't be beat for social support. Public benefits are accessible and well funded. Community college is free for all residents. State universities are also free for families who make under 80k, as well as other groups such as Foster youth and natives.

  6. It's LA Nina. This year has had more rain and shorter dry periods, which produces more mosquitoes! It's the same up here in del norte.

  7. A loving relationship cannot exist without trust, and there is clearly no trust here. I would divorce over this too. I can't imagine my husband saying anything more hurtful to me. I am so, so sorry you are going through this. NTA

  8. Hi! Ok so idk about other races’ families but, asian parents don’t like being opposed. There’s a subreddit for it but I forgot the name. Dissenting opinions could result in fights or at the least, getting gaslighted 😅

  9. See, that's the problem. She thinks being in the US would be good for you financially. You need to show her real numbers on current expenses to break her out of her fantasy.

  10. I called a foundation company to come out to our cabin. I was like “I’m not even sure if this place is safe.” He shows up, does his thing, and says “Actually it’s in pretty great shape. Floors are sagging because of undersized joists, but not unsafe. We could do a bunch of work but it’s not worth it.”

  11. Go talk to your neighbor. Let him know your concerns. No matter what ultimately happens, that is absolutely the 1st thing you should do.

  12. Thank you for that insight! The last thing I want to do is move into another conservative hotspot.

  13. And yet my 45 lb dog ate a nickel and never passed it. It ended up causing lorgan failure.

  14. CC is amazing for all Non Cali fireworks during 4th of July. Have fun, lots of sights & hiking to do. Its a small town, yes Hill people, but a great town overall!

  15. Oh yes! Every year our city government and the folks who buy the illegal fireworks try to one up each other. It's quite a show.

  16. Watch this netflix movie about Humbolt County, about 2 hours south of Crescent City. Should give you and idea of the culture of the area

  17. Humboldt and Del Norte have distinct cultures. Crescent City and Eureka are 2 hours away from each other.

  18. It's a very good question. I'm a small business owner and charitable deductions are an incredibly important thing at tax time. They reduce your taxable income which reduces the amount you owe in taxes and makes you eligible for credits. Those donations are supposed to come from your profits though, not your employees tip wages smdh. They are likely double dipping on deductions by doing this.

  19. CA considers patios and decks and such to be separate from the house unless it's structurally tied to the house (think balcony). They have been cracking down on unpermitted decks and patios and such given collapses in the news the last year.

  20. Yep. I bought a house in California with a large, unpermitted, and obviously unsafe deck. In order to pass inspection, all we had to do was uncouple it from the house.

  21. I realise that I will probably get shot down here, but I am fairly new to this so would love some opinions…why is NC so detested by people who practice FAM?

  22. There are many reasons, but the worst thing they've been caught doing to users is retroactively changing red days to green days so that they can claim they're not responsible for algorithm failures. Multiple women, including myself, have come forward and claimed that they got pregnant after having sex on a green day, but when they went to look at their records, surprise surprise that day had magically become a red day, and NC then blames the pregnancy on user error, claiming it was always a red day. Their "success rate" is complete bogus based on their heavily doctored data.

  23. Damn I had no idea it was a paid app! How much is it?

  24. During my first year gardening in zone 9B I learned: Pepper plants can grow 7 feet tall. Okra can grow 9 feet tall. The itty bitty bare root mulberry tree 🌳 bought this year will turn into a 12 foot tall monstrosity next year. Pick your blackberries every day. Only plant one parsley seed, not the entire pack. The rambutan tree is not dead; it is sleeping. Don't toss the date-plums when they lose all their leaves--they are deciduous. The grape vines are not dead, they are sleeping. There is such a thing as growing too much eggplant 🍆 and chili peppers 🌶 😢. Tent all the juvenile plants together during a hard freeze, and they will keep each other warm. Buy a bigger bag of perlite, because you always need more. Feed all the plants their favorite food every 2 weeks. Don't throw out banana peels or egg shells. Dragonfruit cactus will not die; it will take over your house if you keep giving it water! Volunteers are awesome!

  25. I'm also in 9b and my peppers never get bigger than 2'. What are your secrets?

  26. Sex is great but have you ever had automatic drip systems kick on & water your beds?

  27. This is my next big garden project. Any recommendations for brands or specific systems? I get overwhelmed when I start searching.

  28. If you're reading taking charge of your fertility check out the special rules for a fallback rise and slow rise

  29. Thank you for explaining! ☺️ I figured the whole state would be that way. It's too hard to survive there.

  30. The social supports and infrastructure in California actually make it easier to survive here than many other places. Higher cost of living areas also offer higher wages.

  31. I was born there and raised there. My family could barely survive. We moved to Texas 16 years ago. I went back home a few months ago and freaked out. It's too hard there.

  32. What part of California? Big differences based on region. My area is affordable

  33. He told me it's his house too now so he should be able to have a say in it. I find this illogical because he's only paid a 2 months worth of mortgage unlike me who put all my savings and sold important items tk be able to get this house.

  34. Even if you agree that the house is both of yours, a healthy relationship involves communication and compromise. Both parties have to be willing to yield to each other, both parties have to be content to sometimes not get their way.

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