1. You can't make 2 dks on the same server. You can't make 2 dks at all unless you have w 2 level 55 toons on 2 different servers.

  2. Heroic presence becomes raid-wide in Wrath, with a range of course. You really only need 2-3 to cover the raid. It's usually an enhance in melee and a resto in healers/ranged. If ranged splits off healer you need 3.

  3. It's not a mushroom, did you perhaps mean to post it somewhere else?

  4. Or, we know that Beerus is super lazy. He sleeps for centuries, values comfortable pillows and food, etc. He was just too lazy to do his job and know where/who the most powerful fighters are.

  5. Google search "Dallas city hall insides" or "Dallas city hall offices"

  6. Omg omg omg. I had ALL my red-orange aventurine necklaces removed like a year ago and no explanation given, just a link to a warning about selling banned items getting your shop removed. But no info about amber being banned.

  7. Yes they look like Armillaria tabescens, but it's crazy early for them in TX

  8. Can you please fuck off with your prejudiced insinuating bukake salad?

  9. I know what kabuki means (though I don't understand the context here) but what is bukake?

  10. I think stolen they jumped out fast initially i thought they just abandoned it

  11. Doesn't feel like that to me. Feels like dumb kids being dumb. They get out and seem incredulous about hitting the box. Almost as if they thought they could pick it up and fix it. I did dumb shit too as a kid

  12. I always headcannoned that 18 used the dragonballs to wish to be fully human for a year to have a child.

  13. Interesting way of looking at it but I think that would of been confirmed by krillin in the buu saga if that happened

  14. Yeah, I know. That's why it's a headcannon. I know it's not real, but i like it as a personal theory

  15. I like the cantu products. They are affordable and work really well for me. I think the coconut cream in the tub is the lightest weight and might be best for you

  16. I found some coral that I couldn't identify. Can you possibly help?

  17. Prob no. I'm better with edible mushrooms. Most coral are not edible. This one here is, that's why I know it.

  18. Most people who really like GT like it for some nostalgic reasons, like they were at the right age when it came out.

  19. She had been saying forever that she was going to burn King's Landing. In season 1 she looked orgasmic when Drogo said he was going to kill and rape and destroy Westeros. In Season 2 she said she would "take what is hers with fire and blood." In a later season (5 or 6 I think) she said that "If it came to that" she would burn cities and call it freedom. In Season 7 she kept repeating she wanted to go straight to KL and burn it to the ground and the only thing that held her back was that Tyrion and Varys and Jon all told her "no! This would be bad and you're not bad! You're different from Cersei." In Season 8 too during the War Council she wanted to go straight to KL. Before the negotiation with Cersei Daenerys said that she was willing to go and talk to Cersei ONLY because she wanted people to "know who to blame" (Cersei) when the sky would fall down on them (i.e. Cersei would be to blame for Dany going all scorched earth on them). She also said she was choosing fear over love. She said it time and again and it's just like people didn't listen, or refused to see what it meant.

  20. She's small and pretty, graceful, charming, kind to those she loves. People have historically wanted to believe the best of beautiful people.

  21. LOL Jon Snow are you serious? Old mate couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, was there ever a battle he won on his own? Hardhome, ran away, Battle of the Bastards, saved by Sansa but happy to take credit, then he stood around pointlessly swinging at wights leading to Viserion's downfall. Better ruler, I think not!

  22. Here's the thing about Jon. He's naive, trusting, and inexperienced. All bad things in a ruler. But he happened to be in the best place he could have been to succeed. He was surrounded by very competent and/or loyal advisors: varys (had he not been executed), davos and tyrion were all competent and proved they would be fiercely loyal once convinced they had a good ruler to follow. Bran and sam had a wealth of historical knowledge to draw on as advisors. Sansa as queen in the north would have been a crafty and powerful ally. His "cousin" robyn could also be manipulated into being an ally. Yara/Asha could also be brought around by reason. He had an undisciplined but grateful personal army in the free folk. And you could bet Arya would make anyone with questionable loyalty disappear before she went off adventuring.

  23. Omg I love this, and I'm upset that I never thought of it!

  24. A Shuri (T'challa's sister) film as a protagonist would be so cool✨

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