1. I'm very new to flipping and still learning the ropes of Ebay. Would it be better to update or change the price of a listing at the time of renewal or does it even mater? What about canceling/deleting listings? I haven't even used all my free listings yet so I may be overthinking this.......

  2. I am constantly adjusting my prices and get consistent sales , although I'm not sure how it works for the next person . Someone who has been doing it longer may have more detailed input

  3. I don't think this is a very viable business model unless you can get it directly from the source and sell the undeliverable packages yourself

  4. If you're listing via the app, then I don't know. There are various options not available / hidden in the app and that may be one. I avoid listing via app.

  5. I've actually never listed with a browser, does that seem to be more beneficial?

  6. Just do the math: calculate how much you are currently paying in fees and compare it with the fees you would have if you had the store.

  7. I looked up the fee structure with the store but still don't really understand it somehow

  8. I agree with this. A few months ago i asked the same question but in different words, asking about raising my limits. I believe someone said if you are over $1500 in sales a month it pays for itself.

  9. I started in March and I'm on the teeter of $1500 a month . I only have about 120 listings currently so I'm not sure a store would be worth it at this point . Thanks guys

  10. Doesn't seem like it would be that profitable. Especially given how long it could take to sort through.

  11. Guys he messaged me today and said $250, he just wants it gone. I may bite

  12. That's wild. If you don't mind holding it, going through it, and all the work...

  13. I tried to get some valuable information in there. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to grow along with a relatable business

  14. I always have buyer pay calculated shipping. Seems not to be an issue to me or my buyers and insulates you against buyer returns.

  15. Yeah I sell a lot of different types of things so I mainly use calculated as well, sometimes I will use free shipping on first class items

  16. Most stuff moves quickly enough if you're not dawdling getting your items out. One day turnaround times to ship are fairly commonplace unless it's not your main gig, which is understandable since not everyone can ship every day.

  17. I thought I saw another poster mention it but where is the option to give my customers the discounted shipping as well?

  18. If it's in good condition I would sell as a complete unit. I only part out when it has something missing out broken. Better to have a inventory that is moving then sitting on something for a year to make an extra 10 dollars.

  19. That's true. I ran the numbers and at this point I'm in a period in my business where I really need things to move quick as I'm gaining more knowledge, although I do work a day job and I don't mind maximizing to an extent, although Nuwave oven probably isn't where I want to start "maximizing" so selling it as a whole unit may be the move

  20. There’s way more into it than you think. It’s not hard to make a few bucks here or there but takes a lot of work to be anything consistent.

  21. I'm up to about 160+ orders since I started in March and let me tell you , it becomes A LOT OF WORK. I couldn't imagine the people who have scaled scaled

  22. Hoping to help out anyone just getting started and to also add any new information and research to the scene. I do this part time but hope one day I can grow in the e commerce space and I want to document my journey along the way which include a lot of learning experiences and educational material. Here in the intro video

  23. A risk is that you are only switching addictions by becoming a reseller. If you have deep knowledge of a particular category of items, you may be able to do well, but the key to flipping is keeping a rough balance between what you buy and what you sell, at least in terms of number or volume of items. You need to be turning over your items and not letting them build up too much. There is a cost to keeping items, both in terms of cost of storage space and time to organize it.

  24. 100 % but doing all of those things has kept me busy and I've had no urges to gamble. I guess the "addiction" I'm swapping it with is work but it doesn't feel like work to me

  25. Just want to be as transparent as possible, especially coming from someone who has dealt with these issues . I just felt like posting this would encourage others and just show that there is hope . I'm glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate that a ton , thank you

  26. Just do research and start trying something. No one here is gonna hand you a golden ticket to success!

  27. This. A reseller never reveals his tricks

  28. Osborn2Thift to learn hard goods. You might have to skip through some of the “over talking / explaining” he does. But the info is there.

  29. Man I love Froggy , but why does every garage sale he go to look like the best of all time? Unless that's the point

  30. Is it worth signing up for eBay GSP? Just had someone message me asking for a shipping price to the UK. It's an item I'm sure will sell domestically so I said I don't ship internationally. I assumed international sales were only worth the hassle if you needed to broaden your customer base to get sales.

  31. White dot is there somewhere, I'd say it's legit or whatever couldn't concentrate due to the oddly shaped hanger

  32. To be honest I don't even really sell clothes unless it's sports related so I have no idea what a white dot means lol

  33. Literally just had the best score of my career today. Paid $15 for about 97 VHS tapes. 64 are unsealed (counted the box sets as 1 unit) and 33 are sealed tapes, that's around 15 cents per tape. The sealed tapes consist of titles such as Rambo 2, Rambo 3, Animal House, Jurassic Park, BaseKetball, and a ton others that are just as good if not better , just forgot them all off hand. Could potentially get upwards of $1000-1500 for everything.

  34. I will never sell a PlayStation ever again! Worst experience of my life. The amount of time wasters…

  35. I've sold at least 3 PS2s since I started in March and not a single complaint or return. Sold 1 PS4 as well, all on ebay

  36. That's it. Turn that on and normally the first option is one about Ebay International for the service. It's all handled by eBay and goes through one of their forwarding houses

  37. So that's the one where I won't have to pay out the ass in shipping?

  38. Ehhh...somebody is paying out the ass but not me lolol. I put shipping on the buyer especially when it's overseas. Most US based shippers do I notice. They may offer free domestic but charge for international orders

  39. So if I tick that option and have buyer pay shipping it's their problem? Lol

  40. Paid $100 for about 10 items and these came with it . Probably about a $10-15 avg buy cost . Best pickup/flip to date

  41. I'm thinking 85 ego based on the math and research of another poster

  42. Might have to run a poll. Trying to gauge the competitive scene . See what seems like the best fit

  43. So you guys are going to tell me it's gone the way you thought it would so far?

  44. *Remind me in a week, idk the bot command, but just watch

  45. Best swerve of all time. I promise you every single person that plays this game has the primary goal to pull this off at one point in their SMB career

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