1. No offense but is finding her hot and her sex scenes the only thing y'all care when it comes to Carla? I don't mean it in a bad way I just don't see anyone talking about anything else about her lmao

  2. Ginny dating both Marcus and Hunter in 6 months is possible but Georgia/Paul engagement timeline is crazy, he proposed in like 2/3 months lmao

  3. Did they say she actually got to keep the 100k? She could go to cash it and when the bank alerts the police she could make something up about Gil giving her that money because they have a kid

  4. I agree. This character had a lot of screen time in that episode, too much screen time to never be seen again. I get that Maddy was going through it with Nate and Cassie, but they could’ve followed up with him trying to call her or text her or something and she just decides to ghost him instead.

  5. They even mentioned him being a musician and how older he was than Maddy. Maybe he couldn't be on set after the first episode but I do believe he was supposed to appear more lmao

  6. People don't get him like I do and that's fine. ❤️ I'd rather he's not talked about anymore than his other 3 fans being annoying about him like other people trying to defend their favs. He was a dog in season 4 but that's not a season to look at for character development, Omander were having weird threesomes, Ari and Patrick were being sluts, Rebeka and Mencia were meh, Cayetana was better in season 5, etc. He was very good before that but Guzman/Nadia were the chill ship and because of that the expectations for them were higher so when the Ari thing happened people were more critic to him than to other Elite characters that cheat or do something bad to their partner. But looking at it now after years it was actually not that bad TO ME

  7. 4 seasons of high school with the season 1 and season 2 people and the last few episodes showing them in college or whatever would've been ideal. For me 3 seasons are fine if we talk about Marina's murder but more episodes are needed for every character to be developed properly

  8. For real if there's a season that needed short stories it's season 6. The fifth and sixth had a big time jump and weren't very well connected

  9. We need an investigation about season 3 omg. New couples except the threesome were all boring the couples people cared about were separated or cheating on each other. Killer reveal and how they covered the murder is dumb. 2 random men that we never heard of again barged in for no reason and acaparated half of the storylines. It wasn't anything groundbreaking as a final season for many of the characters

  10. I can take Omar sleeping with Patrick's ex man because that's funny or with the new guy but all 3 of them together??? Too much LMAO

  11. They always make those rude ass girls have another girl they treated badly as a lapdog so the plot can move forward. Realistically Nadia wouldn't give Lu the time of the day

  12. There seems to be a trend in this show where all the nice likeable girls in this show get treated badly by another woman just to be their doormat/lapdog/'friend' in the future as you mentioned. i.e. Nadia with Lu, Rocio&Sonia with Ari, and Rebe with Caye. I will note that Caye was hardly a bully or as cruel as Lu and even Ari. She was maybe bitchy to Rebe a few times, but not at all a bully when you have Lu right there.

  13. I always thought that the mean girls in this show could only be written by a gay man that watched too much Gossip Girl and Glee and has no idea about how real women act. Although they are not the same character archetype you can tell Nadia, Carla and Marina are made by dudes too

  14. This is my personal opinion and I have absolutely no base or real reason for thinking this, so don't take me seriously, but there is something that makes me think Rina Kent is a pen name and the author is a man, not a woman.

  15. This is so funny. There's something odd about her but I can't just put my finger on it

  16. Someone in this sub once said that they think L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington are the same person. I'm kinda intrigued by it lol, does anyone know anything about this? Their styles are kinda similar, it's like Parker is a much improved L.J. Also that thing about Cora Reilly having a ghostwriter is hilarious

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