2022 Free Agency

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  1. This is much better than anything the suns have to offer. I have no idea why suns fans think Ayton on a max contract is good as the centerpiece of a trade for Durant.

  2. Agree. It’s better to just do a full rebuild around Ben, Ant, Sharpe, and Cam Thomas than be a solid team with Ayton Milkal and Ben.That won’t even get you close to a chip.

  3. True but many people here (including me) want Thybulle. Imagine Thybulle level defense guarding 1-4 + one of the best passers in the league + actually being able to drive and dribble. I know spacing is and issue but I still think we should do it.

  4. Thybulle and Simmons on the same team? Dame would need to put up 40 a game just to have the team break 100 points lmao

  5. I know lol I don’t want them both. I mean I do but individually, not together. Maybe Thybulle off the bench.

  6. when does free agency officially start?

  7. Lmao he’s been literally called that since he was a kid. Are you gonna change his nickname? It’s not made by the fans.

  8. The league already has an Ant, take that nonsense elsewhere.

  9. Lmaoooo I love Anthony Edwards but Simons has been in the league longer and called Ant longer. You just don’t know him. If one of them had to change it it’s Edwards. But they don’t have to. Can’t they both be Ant? Don’t see the same shit with LaMelo and Carmelo.

  10. In my opinion KPJ is not a point guard and should be a 6th man they need a real facilitator at the 1 to help the young guys

  11. With him, as it should with any player, it looks like he’s actually shooting from halfcourt. Dame makes it looks so effortless.

  12. I thought he wasn't eligible to play until Sept because he came in mid season

  13. 😂 😂 😂 😂 There is at least 1 better 3pt shooter on Steph's team than Bane. 🤡

  14. He (and bane) need to shut up, it’s starting to get ridiculous

  15. I like that. Probably means he's willing and able to go directly at the hoop ala Anthony Edwards. We haven't had a guy like that on this team outside of Dame for...10 years.

  16. What did we get from DEN for the 46 pick? I can’t find the info.


  18. lol why were you cruising the sub during the draft if you didn’t want a spoiler?

  19. I don’t know I wasn’t thinking lmao I was nervous. I wasn’t mad at Shams, just at myself for seeing it.

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