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some junk mail i got today

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Praying for...? Skip this post if you don’t believe in God. It won’t be worth your time and isn’t written for you.

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I needed this today

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

  1. Spending time with Jesus :) He has genuinely changed my life and brought me so much joy and peace.

  2. Temptation is something that comes against everyone, but God is faithful and gives us a way out of temptation so we can remain pure before him! It’s normal to experience highs and lows in your faith walk. I would highly suggest spending time with Godly men and women who can speak into your life and encourage you as you learn to follow Jesus! This has been key for me and my walk.

  3. Like I said, it condemns homosexual sex, not marriage. None of the verses you provided mention marriage, only sex.

  4. If someone were to read the Bible for the first time and then you were to ask them what marriage was, they would say marriage is a covenant between a man and woman and is a reflection of Christ and the church, because that is what the Bible DOES say a marriage is… just because it doesn’t directly say “marriage can’t be same sex” doesn’t mean that it is ok for a same sex marriage; if anything same-sex “marriage” isn’t even marriage because it’s not between a man and a woman like it’s defined in the word. To say that “because the Bible doesn’t say it couldn’t be that, therefore it’s alright” is a fallacy.

  5. No he says his body is a slave to the law of sin but his mind is a slave to God’s law. He then goes on in Romans 8 to say we are set free from the law of sin and death through the spirit who gives life. Then he says: “Therefore, brothers and sisters, we have an obligation—but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it. For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.””

  6. I am carnal sold unto sin means if you're sold to someone he/she is your master so you/re her / his slave.

  7. Which verse are you talking about? Because there are no verses that say we are slaves to sin after being saved

  8. The Bible doesn't say that Paul killed someone himself. It doesn't say he didn't, either. So in fact we don't know.

  9. I do go to church but no one really talks to me. I have a hard time making friends. Whenever I meet someone new I'm always very nice which is why the gay kids at school are always hanging out with me when the truth is I don't wanna hang out with them. No one else really talks to me at school. That's why I wanna try joining a club at school or something so I can try to meet other people

  10. Perhaps you could try to meet other Christians at your school or find a church youth group in your city to meet other people in!

  11. I have studied this topic extensively and probably have a unique take, at least within this sub.

  12. This is a completely false statement. The church is Christs bride and is to be blameless and Holy. God’s commands are to follow Jesus and live like Christ did, and Christ did not tolerate sin. He loved others but was very firm in telling them to sin no more. He sat at the table of sinners all day long but still did not compromise in his beliefs of the truth or ever say that sin was ok because he wanted to still be able to reach a group of sinners. As believers we are called to continually reach out to and love the lost but we do not deny Jesus or his commands for the sake of no offending someone living in darkness. “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” When the light of Jesus shines on people, it leads them to follow his ways even if they are in darkness.

  13. Satan actually doesn’t want you to “know” Jesus because if you knew Jesus then he would be powerless in his pursuit of condemnation. By knowing Jesus through scripture and the Holy Spirit inside of you, you won’t need to worry about praying to a false God because you will know who you are praying to!

  14. Indeed. We can reconstruct all but 11 verses of the New Testament without any manuscripts, just by lectionaries and early writings of church fathers. OP is simply misinformed.

  15. You seem very knowledgeable on this topic; what got you interested in learning about this and how did you research/learn what you know about it all?

  16. Abortion, I’m a med student and I’m telling you it’s just a waste of life, time and energy to stay pregnant with an anencephalic child who will die minutes after delivery. Also they have a very high risk of malpresentation which could lead to obstructed labor if you don’t follow up appropriately with the doctor and will expose you to unnecessary Caesarian section, if you have a CS, you have a maximum of 5 more pregnancies and the risk of uterine rupture increases with each one so you would have wasted one of your pregnancies and who knows what the other pregnancies would look like. There is a very high chance of spontaneous abortion as well or intrauterine fetal death anyway and you will have to abort in that case as well so the best course of action would be to abort electively.

  17. If the child were dead in the womb because no skull developed and the doctors induced a labor, I would not consider that abortion because the child is already dead. If the child has any chance of life, or a miraculous recovery, then carrying to term or potentially inducing birth early if there could be serious health effects to the mother would be a worthy option as well. If we believe life truly begins at conception, then why would we kill the child in the womb without giving it a chance for life; even if the odds of survival were low. If we truly believe that God’s eternal breath and life is in every unborn child, then they are worth fighting for even if their lives are cut very short.

  18. Actually that’s where your wrong. For the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek still stands.

  19. Are you Mormon? Because I pretty sure only Mormons believe the priesthood of Melchizedek continues to this day.

  20. Please specify the verses in Timothy that contain the qualifications of priesthood. And also please elaborate on early church priests; I genuinely want to know what you mean.

  21. The Catholic teaching of Mary is not that she never needed a Savior. The teaching is that she was saved in a different way then everyone else. Instead of saving Mary from sin after the fact, God saved her before the fact. Mary knew that, which is why she said her heart rejoices in “God my Savior”.

  22. So the Bible never mentions this or even remotely hints at this, so why jump to such a conclusion instead of believing what it does say:

  23. Can someone miss a point in time where they had a closer relationship with God, and it started dying? But then found a new one?

  24. Do you mean miss like it’s gone and you wish it was back? Or miss like you could have had it but you lost your chance?

  25. Ok gotcha, I mean yes, it’s definitely possible for you to look back at your life and see that there was a time that you were close to the Lord but then you began to walk away from him and now you look back at that and wish you were still close with him. That’s happened to me before. But when that happens what you should do is start seeking God again and repent for being distant and know that he will forgive you and welcome you back to his arms with mercy and grace. Then you can start pursuing a genuine closeness with him!

  26. This is a really great question, thanks for asking. I went and saw this movie last week with some of my friends and half our group walked out early because of how demonic this movie was and honestly I wish I hadn’t seen it. I am a huge marvel fan and it was honestly so disappointing to see how demonic and evil they truly make this movie… I do believe the Lord asks us to guard our hearts and minds and this movie is a way for the enemy to mess with you. I would not recommend seeing it, especially if you are very sensitive in your spirit to demonic influence.

  27. I’m so sorry he treated you this way :( no one deserves to have their father abandon them. Please don’t let his actions or manipulation rob you of the freedom Jesus has for you, God cares about you so much, you are unconditionally loved.

  28. Same on both counts. It’s really sad. I remember when it all seemed to turn (Ronald Reagan as president in the 80’s). “Reaganomics” wrecked this country for the working class. It’s just gotten worse since then.

  29. Would you mind elaborating on why Reaganomics was a bad thing? I’ve never head this before and would love to learn

  30. Here is a verse I use when I am going through the same kind of spiritual attack:

  31. As a believer that Jesus died on the cross for my sins I believe that the best is to come once I leave this frail body of mine and that there is a purpose for everyones life in this planet. Whether the moass happens in my lifetime or not is irreverent. But if it does come I will prey more for His guidance to do the right thing with the wealth and to become a better human doing instead of being.

  32. Amen, it’s so amazing to have a Hope so much greater than any amount of money! Even if we gain monetary wealth, it will be just a wisp in the wind compared to the eternal glory waiting for us in Christ Jesus! My prayer is that we would steward this money well and be so humble before the Lord with it.

  33. I understand wanting to get rid of some thing that The Lord doesn’t want you to have in your life. I think it’s important in these circumstances to ask the question if this is the conviction of the Lord or if it is shame/condemnation of the enemy. The conviction of the Lord is gentle and kind and leads to repentance and joy. The condemnation of the enemy leads to us feeling like we’re not worthy and that we have to freak out and do things rashly in order to please God. Spend some good time with him and get your mind right before making any decisions.

  34. Based on the verse that you shared, voting would only be unbiblical if we worshiped Satan through our vote. I use my vote to worship the Lord and vote for things that I think honor him so that our leaders and laws honor God.

  35. Jesus said his kingdom is NO part of this world. So how are you honoring him

  36. Actually, Jesus said that his kingdom is not part of this world. And that we don’t live according to this world but according to the realities of heaven. I don’t put my hope or my faith in the government. I put my hope and faith in Christ. I feel that it is honoring to the Lord to fight for godliness in my community. Just because I vote doesn’t mean I’m being of the world. You could literally ask your question about anyone doing anything “in this world” and asking how it honors God. Do you think it’s godly two work for a living and receive money from the government that’s not God? Do you think it’s godly to have a conversation about anything other than the kingdom of heaven? Or would that also be participating in this world…

  37. Yea, I discussed a bit of my concerns with him and he keeps brushing it off that we are two educated people and should not allow the expression of our faith to tear us apart. He is fine with us going to separate church service and visiting mine once in a while. When I asked about the kids, he didn’t have much to say. I told him they couldn’t be baptized in the Catholic Church. His only comment was, we will figure it out when we get there. That makes me nervous! I really like him and not sure how to proceed. Thanks for sharing.

  38. I grew up Catholic and now am a non denominational Christian, so I know a lot about the Catholic faith, and I would highly encourage you to sit down and talk theology with him and make sure you’re willing to compromise on the aspects of faith that will absolutely be different between you two. I will tell you now that there will most likely be things that will be very different when it comes to yours and his faith and how you live/walk that out.

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