1. I’ve recently gotten back into reading regularly and decided to do a reread of Twilight in between all the other books I want to read lol. Im making my reading lists each season, and since I read Twilight this summer, I’m gonna be reading New Moon this fall, then Eclipse in Winter, and Breaking Dawn in Spring. Your post just made me so excited to reread New Moon! I was so surprised by how much more was in Twilight than I remembered, and reading it made me realize these books really shaped my idea of love and relationships lol.

  2. As much as I would love for one of my favourite musicians to have been in one of my favourite films, he's totally right, it would've been so distracting!

  3. I’m honestly loving it. Could it have been better planned? Sure. But I watch this show for the social experiment, and I have loved the more psychological drama that having two bachelorettes has naturally created this season. The juxtaposition of them being two incredible women who genuinely care about each other, but also are human and not only have their own insecurities, but now new ones from having a direct comparison to themselves… it’s made even the boring episodes fascinating for me. The last few seasons have had the stupidest manufactured drama, so having the natural built in competition aspect of this season has been refreshing for me.

  4. I don't think anyone thought he HATES Rachel, he's just really shown that he can only do ONE thing for ONE body type. It doesn't matter if it's a high end designer or TJ Maxx, if it doesn't fit and you don't feel good in it, it'll look weird.

  5. Exactly, him being like “all you plebs just don’t understand ~high fashion~” is so funny 😭😭 like yeah we do, the high fashion you choose just looks bad

  6. Seriously! Maybe high fashion isn't my jam, but I sure as hell know what it looks like when a woman has walked out of the house in something they bought because the sales girl or their friend or someone said "That looks great on you!" but deep doesn't. We've all been there Rachel, we've all been there.

  7. Exactlyyyyy. And it’s even worse when that person telling you that is a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. Like how are they not supposed to believe his judgement over their own??

  8. I’m in my Ruby Dixon binge rn. Idk how i’ll handle it when i’m done with IceHome LOL

  9. Not to make this worse for you, but I finished Ice Home at the end of last year and it’s been a nightmare waiting for new books to come out in real time 😭😅 She’s so good!!

  10. Me! I've been binging Lisa Kleypas novels a lot this year and I've still got plenty left to go. I think Devil in Winter was my first, and then I started working my way through the Ravenels. My breaks are dictated by when the books become available through my library via OverDrive, lol. I also went through a smaller binge with Sarah MacLean after I read Brazen and the Beast but that kind of fizzled when a few books in a row didn't hit for me (thinking good thoughts for Heartbreaker!).

  11. I’ve just begun my Lisa Kleypas binge lol! Just finished the Wallflowers and now chomping at the bit waiting for either the first book of the Ravenals or the first book of the Hathaways. I loveeeee her writing so much. Before this my author obsession was Ruby Dixon, and that’s still going strong whenever a new IPB book comes out !

  12. I need to listen to this! Also Jennette’s song “Not That Far Away” is kinda iffy now knowing how her mom treated her. I used to love that song.

  13. I downloaded the sample to read the other night, just to make sure I liked her writing voice before buying it… and even in those few chapters I was hooked! Super fascinating read so far.

  14. I love 2 and 4, I think if you switched the tops for both of those it would preserve vertical a lot better though! The tones of the white/blue and brown/green are more similar. I think that top would be super flattering.

  15. Oh I meant keep the tops but switch which skirt they go with for a better color scheme/vertical 😅 I think they’d be good for SD, why don’t you think so?

  16. Honestly can’t believe you were typed FN! You just seem so overwhelmingly SD…. That must have been frustrating to go through! I think a lot of us SDs go through the “am I FN or SD” phase but to actually be typed by someone a lot of people consider an expert would be so confusing.

  17. I wish so bad that she had released Debut this summer. It feels like the trends were perfectly in place and people would have loved it! Country style is kinda romanticized right now with cowboy boots and hats being in, y2k style is very in, butterflies!! Even the coastal grandmother trend this summer is like an elevated, more mature debut girlie. I could see Sweet Tea & God’s Graces vault track going viral on TikTok 😭😭 Feels like such a missed opportunity.

  18. My dream order at this point is Speak Now > Rep > 1989 > Debut. I just think that would be the smartest and most meaningful release schedule. Could also see Rep and Speak Now being switched. But I truly don’t understand why she wouldn’t wait until near the end to do 1989 since it’s so popular and then finish with a bang with her first album, it would be so poetic!

  19. If only she’d realize Daisy is a nickname for Margaret (from the French version which is also the name for the flower) and give the kind a decent name/just call her Daisy - I’d be so down with that. Give kids options! I hate my first name - and it’s a normal nice name. It’s just not mine. Never has felt right. Switched to my middle name in law school and never looked back. Lucky that my parents gave me two solid names!

  20. Funny enough I just learned this the other night while reading the last book in the Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas lol

  21. This is such a surface level/didn’t give it even a second THOUGHT argument. Like this is something I would have thought as a child: “how could you be r*ped by your husband who you love and who loves you?? Impossible!”

  22. She literally referred to herself as having too many kids like ?? 😭😭💀

  23. Honestly I’m so freaking excited. Her books really hit me in a way that no other books have been able to in years! And the premise for this one sounds like something I’ll really enjoy.

  24. I'm not familiar with the others (except Bethy because she reposts it every 37 minutes), but I think this wedding is honestly really pretty. Her dress really suits her. I love how colorful everything is! It's fun and youthful and romantic. I assumed it would be another beige-and-blush snoozefest, so a pleasant surprise.

  25. I totally agree! It’s old fashioned and simple and cute, which is my favorite types of weddings.

  26. I invited some friends over, bought a customizable banner that I made say “happy free confused & lonely,” got all dressed up in a cute outfit, and took pics with a disposable camera/polaroid. Have some wine there if you’re into it, make or buy a cake that you decorate with a 22… so easy, low stress, and still a blast!

  27. I vividly remember reading the bit of midnight sun that was on Stephanie’s website and getting to the part where Edward says that Bella looked up into the rain, which he found SO SPECIAL that she was able to do that bc other girls would be nervous about their makeup but not Bella 😭😭 Core memory. Twilight turned me into a pick me girl for a minute there.

  28. Oh my god me too. I’m like, “am I too much like the other girls because I use an umbrella?” 😭😂

  29. Literally can’t go outside in the rain without thinking of it 😭😂

  30. I definitely feel like ponchos lean more FN, but I think they could be styled for an SD if the rest of the outfit coordinates well! I’m considering crocheting a poncho for fall, so have been looking at style inspo and thinking about how I would style it. Crochet for sure I think could work for SD because you’ll still be able to see the outfit underneath pretty well if that makes sense? What do you guys think? Open to all thoughts that aren’t just “they’re for FN only!!” 😂🫶

  31. I was just gonna say, if you do a more open stitch so you can see the outfit underneath (like in the second one) I feel like SD could pull it off, not so sure about the others though since they kind of hide your curve

  32. So glad you agree! The crochet is def more my style anyway. I’m envisioning a white fitted turtleneck, light wash high waisted flare jeans, with a pinky/tan/maroon crochet poncho. And then lots of accessories! Maybe tortoiseshell sunglasses, gold hoops, hair cute, fall lipstick, etc 😍

  33. Thanks for the recommendation! I really like listening to closed door romances when I’m working, it stresses me out too much to think someone could accidentally hear something graphic even though I work from home,

  34. Of course! Funny enough, it was recommended to me on here and I ordered it not looking into it too much, and when I got it realized it’s published by a Mormon publisher I used to love when I was growing up 😂 Not religious anymore but sometimes still go back and read some of those books and even though they’re “clean” a lot of the authors have true talent!!

  35. I watch for the social experiment of it all. So it includes all of these elements and more! I’m fascinated by the psychology of how people will act in weird situations, and the bachelor is the perfect weird-bordering-on-unethical-but-still-ethical situation. I love seeing the different kinds of people and armchair psychologisting why people act the way they act lol and guessing how I would act if I was in their shoes!

  36. Yes! I am a right down and it has been super helpful in my style journey. I keep the basic SD lines in mind, but I use a right down mentality for my actual style, if that makes sense.

  37. Imo, it’s just setting the scene and giving you something to picture. It’s a girl walking on a cobblestone path wearing a vintage tee and black lipstick, holding a brand new phone, thinking about the past.

  38. I agree with you that it’s just setting the scene, but I’ve always heard it more as describing how it is to be young, rather than just thinking about the past. Like for me I picture a teen girl, with her brand new phone, wearing her ~super cool~ vintage tee, learning how to walk in heels on cobblestones and being bad at it, trying out a new bold lipstick color, etc. Like those lines just remind me of being a teen, trying all these trends and being so excited for experiences like learning to walk in heels and getting a new cell phone.

  39. I love it! I’ve seen some complaints that they don’t know actual twilight facts trivia and get things wrong to the point where it’s annoying… which is 100% TRUE lol… but I started looking at it as a different perspective on twilight, and it has made it so enjoyable to me. Ashley may not know the lore like we do, but she knows things about the movies and filming and experience that we don’t! And she has brought on some great guests. I honestly have loved every single one, but I think my favorite has to be Michael Sheen. He just seems like such a cool, down to earth guy for how big of an actor he is. The way he talked about his respect for the twilight series and young adult fantasy in general was so cool. He didn’t think his role as Aro was silly at all, he took it super seriously. Also loved Billy Burke(?) the actor that played Charlie. It was hilarious to hear how part of him getting “in character” was just not reading the books and avoiding knowing much of the actual story lol.

  40. I'm RD and I find that anytime I try to 'pose' in a photo, I look ridiculous. I find that just smiling and looking straight at the camera makes for the best photos. I'm happy to do dorky shots (like jumping in the air or waving). But if I try a more serious pose or expression, it doesn't look sexy or powerful or mysterious; it just looks like those angry photos in driver's license pictures. IDK whether that's true of all RD or just me in particular, but I find that the best photos of me are when I'm just basically being myself.

  41. For me as a right down I feel like I have to “get used to” poses in order for them to look natural and work. Anytime I try to copy a pose from Pinterest or TikTok or something it looks soooo bad, but if I figure out poses that work and I get used to them to the point where I feel confident and comfortable in them, they end up looking natural and even “candid.”

  42. I still have a ton of my Taylor fragrances and wear them all the time. They’ve been my ~signature scent~ for years lol. I’d love her to either rerelease them or release a new perfume!

  43. May I ask when you bought them? It’s been 10 years hasn’t it? Thanks

  44. I’m not sure on exact timeline, it was one of those things I was always gifted for Christmas and my birthday because everyone knew how much I loved taylor. But prob like 2010-2015ish?

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