1. Why your room mate looking through your drawers?

  2. If you’re looking for more consistent peeps I can invite you to the warzone server I own- chill people looking to improve and get kills/wins

  3. A guy is just itching to at least play with people that have mics to summarize [PC]

  4. Depends on how much u do a quality. How long you did it for 2. Mine don’t get big till .5-.7. I’ve been going for a few days so if I stop for hours and do one line they come back up again cuz of how long I’ve been doing for. Staring at a bright light for a bit makes them go down for 1-2 hours I noticed

  5. Lower quality then normal. Last time was friday 2g of stronger shit, tonight probably 2.5-3

  6. Anybody want to start a groupchat or something? Never tried that before

  7. Nah 2. I like making big ones and doing as much of them as I want in waves kinda like having a big pile that you decide how much of it you want after accidentally doing .5 in two swipes because your nose is numb and dont feel it lmao. That big one is half gone now took me about 2 minutes switching nostrils.

  8. Machines do indeed spawn again. The only type of entity that has special reqirements are rivals and the Reaper.

  9. Do you know if I play solo and get loot if Ill keep it when joining my friend? Wanna play but he hosts and got off

  10. Tanks definitely respawn everywhere:) I don't have answers to your other questions though

  11. Lol so all 800 of them at airfield will respawn

  12. And are there any good video games or movies while skiing solo? Unless someone wants to play with me bouta take 2 fucking FAT ass lines

  13. Or good music while skiing (preferably rock or anything that aint got rap)

  14. yeah I don't think its anxiety cause it hits in a split second when I'm absolutely fine. normally sober my brain has to convince myself I'm anxious

  15. Or wants to chat with me and take a line while i take my last one of the night withing about 10 minutes hit me up. Im in a conversation/mental release mood

  16. Fucking hilarious, I’m the same way every time I pour some for “just one skinny line”

  17. Fuck it im going all in one big one up both nostrils

  18. Very interesting. I’ll definitely say it’s worth saving it for another night then delaying the inevitable and chasing the dragon with no effect

  19. I never did lines tbh. I just took out the bag stuck a 20 in and snorted till I couldn’t anymore and I was good to go 😂

  20. Lol but im thinking you get more absorbed instead of going straight to the drip when doing smaller lines and waiting a second then moving on

  21. If youre up im still down. Ill play whatever if you wanna play games

  22. You down to voice chat? I feel like talking to someone on my level

  23. I’m waiting a few cause I’m gonna take my last one of the night incase you want to take one with me

  24. Whatever you want but discord preferably for me

  25. What are your thoughts on it. Does it look like good stuff. And out of curiosity since it’s different for everybody would you consider that a gator tail? If not lmk if you’d consider it big. I and a light weight so it will fuck me up. I could type forever I’m fucked up so my final words will be CHEERS

  26. For reference it’s just shy of the length of a credit card.

  27. Im on pc by the way but ive got pc gamepass so i can play most xbox games for free if I dont have it

  28. Or any movie/show recommendations? I want a game thats not too complicated but enough to occupy my mind. Holy fuck I did a couple lines and nothing happened for a minute so I did a fucking massive gator tail and I cant stop typing. Or anybody want to talk on here or on discord I have to get some of this shit out of me with my voice instead of keyboard

  29. Yes i have done a few numb ers. I even split my lines in half to try to keep both nostrils even and its always my right side that hurts no matter what.

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