1. They look better than the Casa boys at least

  2. You know Casa amor doesn't have the same hype this year

  3. Ekin gonna date these teenagers? Nah she'll be changing their diapers 😭

  4. Nah these boys need to stay away 😭

  5. How does casa amor work again? Will they bring in new people for both genders? Or will one group just wait around

  6. Both genders get bombshells

  7. Wonder when they'll give us the photos and names of the Casa Amor bombshells.

  8. im gonna say it again dami, is not gonna beat the white girl charges in casa

  9. Doesn't matter if the Casa Amor bombshells are weak. They better have gotten the best of the best yknow

  10. Nah this is why we need everyone to vote for Davide and Ekin, Fiat 500 is too powerful 😭

  11. There's links in the megathread usually:

  12. Ekin was bottom 3 last time, take no chances and vote πŸ’€

  13. Last time Ekin was bottom 3 so vote this time πŸ˜‚

  14. Slow burn romance, its just enjoyable to watch mate

  15. Davide and Ekin-Su shippers will win this battle but Casa Amor on the horizon is a tough one. Imagine they both come back single? They might actually win the show if that happens.

  16. Ekin Su has all the power. Main character shit

  17. Nah all those Jacques defense posts aged like milk. We all had a bad feeling about the lad

  18. "you're being pathetic" Paige how you gonna take that πŸ’€

  19. I wasn't watching this but this Trump thing about taking the wheel is blowing up on my Twitter. Now I'm tuned in lol

  20. Probably nothing since i have nothing and no money to get anything. At least i have coffee so thats a plus. Ill just sleep and not think about it.

  21. Dang this made me sad, hope things get better bro

  22. I feel a bit bad for Danica, she hasn't even gone on a date and she's already a NPC in a video game

  23. Honestly solid episode especially compared to yesterday

  24. Producers will fix it to so Davide and Ekin's heart rates match 😭

  25. Not Davide asking Ekin Su to join a foursome

  26. Nah I like Ekin Su because of the entertainment she provides

  27. Ekin-Su's brother: "Get used to my face on TV because you'll be seeing it more"

  28. Let's take a look at this exclusive clip then

  29. These Aftersun comedy bits...

  30. Ekin Su carrying the show again. No one has ever carried like this

  31. Jacques was all like "let the best man win" now he's fighting for his life

  32. They're aware of their own ship name

  33. OP woke up and chose violence

  34. Dude is probably one of the hottest male Islanders ever, ngl

  35. Tasha's got the ick. Andrew can rally back but it'll be difficult

  36. Andrew needs to have some self respect here

  37. He's on the younger side. Ekin has mostly gotten to know older guys thus far.

  38. How do you leave out the main character of the series this year lol

  39. Tasha is definitely movable. Casa Amor has so much potential this year

  40. This year it doesn't seem like the boys are best mates for life type of vibe. Just seem like friends

  41. All the lads seeking the verdict from Judge Luca.

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