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  1. After the World Cup yes. Makes no sense to do it right now right before a major tournament.

  2. It’s a shame but unfortunately the landlord is likely to get away with it. Renting in this country is a joke and there needs to be more regulations. It’s bad enough when there are issues and landlords take their time to fix because they are cheap basterds.

  3. Pretty sure you can offset losses against the capital gains.

  4. Are not better off not over paying so you have a larger emergency fund just incase? That way you can still afford to pay if you do struggle rather then being left with not being able to pay the new rates and risk losing your home?

  5. I’m not seeing any discounts so far. I think it’ll be 1-2 years before we do personally

  6. Houses in my area are selling fast and still selling for above asking price. I’m yet to see this buyers market yet

  7. Barratts (one of the largest construction companies in the country) has announced a year on year drop of about 30% in sales for the past week. This is still anecdotal but a decent indication that number of purchases are slowing down. This won’t necessarily push prices down fast tho. It will take time for sellers to be open to sell at lower prices.

  8. New builds are overpriced anyway, the majority of people can’t afford those anyway. Older homes like ex council houses have been selling like hotcakes round my area but I’m north west so unsure how that compares to the rest of the country

  9. The tax man has sold you a lie that a career is better for women then starting a family. Do it soon before you regret your choice in your 40s.

  10. They exist because corporations made up a problem, advertised it, and made a product you can buy to fix it. Same as women being expected to shave their underarms and all that jazz. As someone who has never rejected anyone bc they are bald, and have a 9 yr old niece with alopecia, I’m promising you that no one else cares and if they do, they suck.

  11. Well it’s a common issue balding men have to deal with, rejection and a lot of it. If your single and bald the dating game is hard.

  12. Nah, it’s not your looks… just your personality

  13. Your being underpaid, I’m a factory worker and earn almost 50% more then you working 7-7 but 4 on 4 off. Granted that’s with 2 extra over time shifts every 4 weeks.

  14. Not if a company is buying back shares like crazy

  15. That’s why shareholders yield is a great metric to use also

  16. What do you like doing? Join some local groups and meet people there that share the same interests.

  17. If you ask me I'm just a robot work eat sleep repeat wanted to break the routine and do something but can't get an idea from where to start

  18. Take time out of your day to sit down and right some goals you would like to achieve and what you actually like doing. You must sit down and write down with a pen and paper.

  19. To be be fair after tax 150k isn’t a lot if you live in central London.

  20. Best thing to do is look at the S&P 500 and the weightings of each sector. Then buy stocks allocated to these weightings example, 4 tech stocks, 3 healthcare stocks, 2 consumer staples, 1 energy etc etc.

  21. It will fail. Lizard face has created a Product nobody actually wants and is wasting cash on it forcing on people. The company died when they had to change their name due to bad publicity. Plus apple has killed them off with their privacy settings also.

  22. Because they think they know better then everyone else because they wasted their money on 100+ frags.

  23. Makes buying a house easier and so increases already inflated prices which benefits people in property for the investment side of things but overall I think it has a negative impact of families.

  24. What are you doing to invest in your future and ear more? Are you trying to acquire new skills?

  25. I don’t mind this guy. He actually said in a previous video that PDM aren’t that great and that a lot of YouTubers got paid to sell you them.

  26. I agree 100% energy goes in cycles but this recession will be around for the next few years

  27. Nice, good on you for taking the opportunity. I’m looking more for 20+ years so I’m heavily in tech, consumer discretionary and healthcare. Obviously the recession these won’t do so well but a good opportunity the next few years to get in a lower prices just like with you and the oil stocks back in 2020.

  28. Energy underperforms in the long run though. Your doing well now but once the recession is over energy stocks will be left in the dust.

  29. It goes off a tier system. We were tier 4 due to a CCJ still on file so 85% LTV at least is needed. Just keep saving house prices might be lower by the time your ready.

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