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  1. PS5 DualSense works well both via bluetooth and USB-c however keep in mind that when playing games the button mapping will be those of an Xbox controller. This is at least my case when playing GTA V on my Macbook M1 Max.

  2. Does anyone know the reason behind those dark spots?

  3. Hey man, your profile looks great and I'm sure that it is not the issue as others said. Unfortunately with OLD, things are not in a man's favour, and some women are there for only attention and validation. Also hookup culture have made things even worse for guys who are looking for meaningful connection, as the women who engage in such practise ended up being alpha widowed being repair. I'd suggest you take a look at the book of pua to understand women's way of communication, it is definitely worth reading at least twice:

  4. One way I found to ease the pressure when approaching, is asking women at the gym to film me with my phone while I do a certain exercise, for example "hey, how are you doing? Would you mind if I ask you for a favor: could you please film me while I do an exercise?" and not a single woman said no, if the women is cute and I notice IOIs, I come back later and ask her for her number.

  5. With enough rejection, you eventually recognize the areas in yourself which need improvements, then you slowly start to know your worth and eventually you become numb to rejection. Not having dates is definitely the worst, it stems from a fear of putting yourself out here and getting rejected. And if you don't face that fear then it will forever stay with you.

  6. Hip hop dancing: it is an easy way for socializing if you don't like to hangout in bars or clubs and it teaches you how to be more confident.

  7. Next time if a dude cblocks you like that, tell him "You're cute but I'm into women" then proceed to hand over your phone to the girl you're interested in so she can write down her number while holding eye contact with the dude

  8. Also lower your standards a little bit, generally woman date up while men date down. If you're at the same level in the scale of attractiveness, then she most likely thinks that she deserves better. This is how it is currently.

  9. In a world where people behave like adults and have mature conversations, confront and solve their problems whenever they arise, yes ghosting would seem like such a silly thing to do and would be a big red flag, since that reveals the level of investment your SO has put into the relationship which is very low. But in today's world, where women's ego are ballooning, why would I waste my time on someone who is not willing to reciprocate the level of energy I'm putting into them?

  10. This comment is point on. If you want to keep a woman around, occasionally break rapport and let her rebuild it, this will give you an indication if she's still interested so you don't get attached to her too quickly if you're that kind of person. Also be mysterious and don't give a woman too much time, let her prove her worth to you. If she doesn't then you're not that important to her, it is really as simple as that.

  11. I'm going to hold until my original investment doubles. I already gave up on the amount I invested by the way, I FOMO bought where the price reached ATH, it was painful seeing my portfolio bleeding but now I came with the realization that that money was basically "gone" and my best bet is to forget it about. Gala as a project is progressing great and the founders are working hard to make it succeed so I'm very hopeful about the future.

  12. The impulsivity part of your description sounds exactly like me. I'm not a DA, my latest attachment test showed that I'm secure with a hint of fearful avoidance.

  13. Disagreed. Yeah it doesnt happen 10/10 times but its a lot more common than you’d think after reading your post.

  14. This is a brilliant comment however for your approach to work, you need to remove that woman from your mind completely, like if you post a story/picture, it shouldn't be done with the aim to impress her or get her attention. Just have fun, demonstrate value, show some social proof and eventually she might come back, but again she shouldn't be your goal. Your goal is to level up and get better women.

  15. So you're saying that it is in their best interests to inflate the price until it goes low enough and stay stable?

  16. I don't understand why you consider buying NFTs to be a token burn? In my basic understanding, for an NFT transaction to occur, one party receives Gala tokens and the other gets the NFT, right?

  17. Remember to invest only what you're willing to lose. Investment take time and with what we have seen with the recent Galaverse event, there are some great developments taking place which I'm sure will push the price to a new ATH once the crypto market recovers. Patience!

  18. Let's hope so! I bought 30k tokens at the top of the last bull run so my loss is quite deep.

  19. Bitcoin and Ethereum is falling, and the Volume of this Move isn't quite there to keep going while BTC and ETH fall. Last time BTC was down here earlier in the week we were much lower, meaning we are slowly gaining more traction.

  20. I don't think it's a fair comparison. BTC and ETH have resumed April's ATH and even moved beyond it but Matic struggled to do that and that is partly explained by the Matic team silently selling coins for "marketing" purposes. I understand they need money to run their business operations but at the same time, they should be communicative about it if there is an intent to maintain a positive sentiment around their project.

  21. The whale came in to cash out, the price is heading down again. And by whale, they are most likely Polygon team itself selling coins to fund their ongoing projects.

  22. Coinbureau actually had a great explanation yesterday about why Polygon has had all this great news but no pump. Apparently, there was a big unlock this month and Polygon is trying to raise money by selling Matic to get the 1Billion to fund their quest to dominate ZK Rollups.

  23. Is that why the team remained silent? Also seems odd that everytime we get a pump, it is immediately followed by a dump which is happening right now btw.

  24. Thank you for sharing your perspective, it is really valuable.

  25. I was in a long-term relationship with an FA (5 years) and this is really familiar to me. Disappearing and returning as if nothing ever happened. I fear that I picked up some of my exes habits and I'm trying to undo them.

  26. The most likely scenario is that you won't get any better form of treatment from him no matter how hard you keep trying. You seem like you are attached to him and I'd suggest you take a time out so you can think better whether you want to sacrifice your happiness and mental energy on him, also be careful about having your emotions/attachement cloud your judgement. Follow your intuition and what you heart tells you.

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