1. First I want to commend you on what you’re doing. This is an incredibly difficult and life changing decision. Have you told him how you feel? Wow. I would feel resentful too but please communicate with him. Again, I wish you the best and an easy recovery. And I hope you have support after the matter.

  2. One day it will be a lot better…te lo prometo 🥰

  3. I know that PP may help you and I think USC as well If you’re in Southern California. I’m sorry for the news and I hope you can find the support you need.

  4. Yes. It’s much better than the first trimester, I can actually stay awake. I get more exhausted by physical activity.

  5. Hahaha no he was just practicing his swing. I liked how the sweater looked on him and that stance made it look better.

  6. GIRL IM 5 months and her room is a disaster. I need FEMA to help me clean.

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