1. People talking about meaningless things and especially when they don't understand logic.

  2. Oh gosh, almost forgot about that. I've got to check when we're supposed to register. Yeah, just checked, the registration page and stuff is loading but its taking forever!

  3. Yeah tbh so far my experience with this hotline was not good. I work at inpatient psych and someone called 988, they picked up the pt, took them somewhere, cops threw them back on the front porch basically. :\

  4. Exactly. The services we throw at people in crisis often cause more harm and trauma and we have to be honest about the risks so people can decide how to seek support.

  5. Well not sure how to fix that but 988 instead of 911 is a way better. I honestly think sending medical people instead of police is a better idea. Anyone in a crisis wouldn't want getting handcuffed... Especially when they aren't a harm but are having psychotic breakdowns

  6. And how do you suppose they would get an EGC in there and properly bonded back to the panel?

  7. There's also the people that are still desperate for a steak despite it being repeated ad infinitum that veganism is the single biggest change someone can make on an individual level. Going to an Extinction Rebellion protest and hearing them say "but bacon tho".

  8. Most of the warming is caused by unnatural manmade fossil fuels and not natural made cows. It's fossil fuels that contribute to the majority of global warming.

  9. Note how I said "on an individual level". I can both be vegan and campaign against fossil fuels, rather than passing the buck.

  10. Well yea going vegan can do something actually. But I can't do that. Yes true if the cow meat production is pushed over the limit and not the pasture raised and free range kind then that's when it does harm to the climate. I won't go vegan but I can eat less meat. I would try going for only free range meat actually. But not a vegan. So that's the point I'm trying to make. Thanks..

  11. The simple solution is to make a law forcing people to buy their energy from renewable energy sources. The obstacle would be briberies and the oil gas corp.

  12. Let's say that if they are just stupid and their stupidity causes the death, harm and suffering of literally everyone on the planet, then yes I'd say stupidity is evil.

  13. Amazon dropshipping is still my go-to passive income but you need like $300 or more dollars to make at least some profit.

  14. Gas maybe different for all. I drive around in a truck, that luckily take regular and not premium

  15. What's the actual profit you got considering gas expenses. I have a 1997 Lexus I used to dash. Out of $40 I only profited $20.

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