1. I will hopefully be getting a s1000rr as well very soon. I just know the insurance is expensive af😂

  2. How did you not know what counter steering is? Literally everyone legally riding a motorcycle knows about counter steering

  3. Ive only been riding for a few months and they made no mention of it in the msf course

  4. Damn, really? Shame on the instructor. Did they say anything like "turn right to go left" or "push right to run right"? That's a cue for countersteering.

  5. I just always leaned at speed if I remember correctly, I also learned that first gear was below neutral like 5 min before riding when a student in the class brought it up😂

  6. Is that a joke or did you actually just learn about countersteering?

  7. Im serious lmao. I learned from a comment in my last reddit post. They did not mention that to me whatsoever in the MSF

  8. Why don’t you buy one and if you don’t like it just sell it? All you’re doing is delaying the inevitable.

  9. I feel like it is hard to not like a motorcycle after riding one😂 I was in the same boat, wanted to buy one so I could get over the motorcycle phase and sell it. IT SUCKED ME IN, I WILL NEVER STOP RIDING NOW😂 hoping to buy a bmw s1000 rr now

  10. Lol I also went from a 650 to a 1000. The 1000 handles better for sure and it’s a blast to ride, but it’s also a big fat bike. You will definitely notice the weight increase. After my 1000 I went to a z900 and it feels like the perfect bike. It handles amazingly well, it literally just falls into corner. The power at 125HP is plenty of giggles. Out of the 3 kawasakis I’ve owned the z900 is the best all around bike. Not as fast as the 1000, but a close second. Not as light as the 650, but a close second. A solid first place in handling.

  11. Interesting, really not sure which one to get😂 I’m kinda between a r1 or a bmw s1000 rr

  12. Dude i was also lookin at an s1k and found out the yearly insurance is $8000 a year...

  13. Hard to see your turning as those roads are pretty straight (I live in the mountains). You look fine for basic road work, but if you are wanting to add more skill to your riding, look for track days in your area. We have several tracks in a 100mi radius, you may too. They all have days for people to practice and develop skills. They also have coaching sessions. The best thing about the tracks is that they are groomed contained environments, so you can really focus on riding.

  14. You look like you’re riding just fine. Only time you really need to lean down like that is if you’re trying to make the turn but faster. But since you asked, counter steering is the best way to get down low.

  15. Imagine being called a rape fetus rather than a human.

  16. Mobile is close to fly away dude. I recomend a better Mount for it.I colud post mine if you want to see. its a great system, really durable.

  17. Hero 9 black with default settings, I’m trying to find a ox that works well for it

  18. Which go pro and what settings?

  19. Hero 9 black and they are default settings, low light quality surprised me, thought it would be worse. Superview is on, 1080p 60

  20. Sounds almost like a turbo or something😂 similar to when I floor my tdi vw Passat

  21. Could just be your intake doing the ol sucky suck, but I don't know shit about ninjas so I could be way off base. As long as it isn't running like shit it's probably ok?

  22. Just got it 3 days ago and I’m brand new to bikes😂 feels good when I ride it tho… I think🤣

  23. Got mine at 17 too, got my net+ at 18. Hard to get a interview with only a+. You should continue getting certs

  24. Basically they want to say know your shit before spending the money on the test. I’m sure if you have to take more than one test WGU takes a bigger hit on the cost.

  25. I come from IT and spent years working help desk, the 2nd part of the A+ relates way more to job experience than part 1, so I personally feel very confident.

  26. I think it may help to narrow down what is holding you back. Is it other commitments? Feeling tired after work? Lack of motivation?

  27. Feeling tired after work is a big one. Right after work I’m usually at the gym so I feel even more tired after that. I will try doing school in the morning before work

  28. I mean, doing something you don't feel like doing is discipline. I've gotten 2 degrees, one at a traditional school and one at WGU, and I worked full time for both plus other commitments. It's exhausting, it's not fun, it's hard. Your options (assuming reducing hours at work isn't an option) are to do it anyway or give up. Getting my degrees was important enough to me that I did it anyway. I was tired, sometimes grumpy, I saw my friends and family less, I took on debt, and made other sacrifices as well. I've never met another working student who is happy about having to do all that or excited to study at the end of an 8 hour work day. It sucks. But either you drop out or do it to be able to achieve the end result you want. If you have ADHD and are prescribed medication for it then yes, definitely use that.

  29. Well said. I really need to improve my discipline. I just turned 20 so it is difficult for me to not want to play my pc or hangout with my friends when I’m not working like everyone else my age.

  30. Am I the only one who feels the Caleb curry videos are trash? But congrats. I actually like the database courses, they weren't too bad. Now C777 and C779 on the other hand... oof. Not hard but extremely annoying.

  31. Luckily, C170 is way more fun than C175 so that’s something to look forward to

  32. In terms of malls, Galleria probably has better stores tbh. I used to work at Nordstrom West County (2015-2017) and towards the end, pretty much all of our good stock, was being shunted to the Galleria. So all of the designer handbags/designer clothing went there, instead of West Co.

  33. I only took 3 practice tests and got 71 as my highest score. I passed my sec+ first try

  34. That is legit! Do you have a security background?

  35. Nope, 19 year old cyber security student. I got a job in tech infrastructure and ops right after I got my net+. If you go on my Reddit page, you can find a link to my YouTube channel. I made some videos about my cert experiences.

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