1. Every one of you fucking idiots buying this shit for the past 10 years tells them they're doing the right thing. Stop buying retreads and recycled features.

  2. I’d just like to point out the fact that the picture shows J.C. Jackson slamming into Cooper Kupp even though the ball is nowhere in sight

  3. Yes lol. I was doing it too and I'm Floridian, I love that love weather tracking with hurricane Ian lol

  4. Let’s be clear, hurricanes will happen without climate change. However, climate change will contribute to their intensity and frequency.

  5. I think you're saying that the data say, "Look at how many there were in the last 10 years".

  6. I'm aware, I'm mainly saying if the Republicans are so worried about our economy, they would do something about climate change because it will become more and more costly if something isn't done

  7. $1 for everytime I blink is like $14,000-$20,000 a day, hell yes

  8. I don't want to have kids till I'm at least 31-35 years old. I want to be financially stable.

  9. Can we get a fuck you Spanos chain on this comment?

  10. And now in German Fick dich Spanos

  11. Broncos would probably be a legit super bowl contender if they can get that offense going with Russell Wilson. They have a super bowl defense, they just need to get that offense going.

  12. Should have been 100-0, but some idiot decided they should take a knee on the 2-point try.

  13. Stephen F Austin, they had a chance to make it 100-0 but took a knee instead

  14. How the hell is literally everything going right for FSU

  15. I mean not just for the team but watching Florida and Miami (FL) struggle

  16. Because they were both overrated as fuck

  17. UGA still #1, I'm a bit surprised bc I thought they would be jumped by bama

  18. His surface tablet on the game losing play probably said:

  19. If you were going by fbs teams than I would say Miami

  20. Y'all didn't just lose, y'all got shit on by Middle Tennessee, that score doesn't reflect on how shit your team looked today.

  21. Am I the only one who thinks FSU and Kansas should be ranked after this week

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