1. I have cut out gluten and have had TREMENDOUS relief. I also tried cutting out dairy but didn't have any reactivity, so I keep that in.

  2. Thank you ! I appreciate so much. The explanation and the book recommendation make this such a helpful comment. I am not as concerned with weight gain as much as I am with brain fog and swelling. So this makes me very hopeful.

  3. AIP. It has been a lifesaver for me. I feel tremendously better. No more brain fog and I feel like my old self. I highly suggest it - even just to figure out what your food triggers are.

  4. Does anyone else hate how like inconsistent the rules are? Like there’s fifty different rules and no one tells you them unless you ask or read up on it? I wait an hour, but I saw on the label 30 minutes to an hour and 4 hours before vitamins. But reading all these comments, it’s crazy how we all hear different things and I just hate it.

  5. Agreed. Not to mention the different care plans and the reasons behind them seem to change sometimes too. It’s frustrating and confusing.

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