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  1. Practice and safety course.

  2. note to self, stay away from grain elevator augers.

  3. My grandpa lost a toe to a grain auger.

  4. If it has crawl control and multiterrain selection then it’s an off-road or a pro.

  5. Does the usb in the center console charge your phone?

  6. In this market… yes. I just got a brand new 4Runner with 0 on the odo for the same price as a lightly used one.

  7. The dealer I bough this truck from now has my used 19 Pro listed for more than I bought the new one for. They basically paid me to drive my old truck for 3 years.

  8. Nice rifle. What stock is that?

  9. Not sure, that’s why I put the question mark. And also said check gunbroker.

  10. Nice. I ordered mine in January and now they’re telling me end of March is best case for delivery.

  11. Lucky… Dealer just sent me a screenshot like that today and it said 32 days out. I put the deposit on it in early January☹️

  12. I ordered it on Halloween lol

  13. OK, I guess I shouldn’t feel that bad then.🙂

  14. They are for the Toyota tonneau bed cover, at least that’s my understanding.

  15. The MK25 will probably be more valuable, but the legion with the SRT is a better shooter, in my opinion.

  16. Nice! I’m a week into a 40 day wait.

  17. Nice. All you need now is a F100😉

  18. Dude… the exact thing happened to me. Can you believe it?!? 😂

  19. I wish Sig would make some 10.5” 5.56 barrels. Nice rifle, BTW.

  20. Sorry for your loss. Looks like he had a good life.

  21. Nice rifle. I’ve had the 5.56 barrel on backorder with Sig for better part of 1/2 a year.

  22. I wonder why the 12 piece is more expensive than the 13 piece ;-)

  23. .17 hmr… that’s what it looks like to me.

  24. The short answer is absolutely NO… The bolt will work for both .300aac and 5.56/.223 but the barrels are not compatible in either direction. In other words, don’t shoot a .300aac in a 5.56 barrel and don’t shoot a 5.56 in a .300aac barrel. Shooting a .300aac in a .223/5.56 barrel will result in a catastrophic failure and shooting a .223/5.56 in a .300aac will at best damage the barrel and worst case could result in a catastrophic failure.

  25. From that angle the cab looks crushed.

  26. Hopefully the people were ok!

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