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  1. So the normal mechs are controlled by FNIX while the soviet machine are controlled by the soviets

  2. What kind of Christian school do you all go to? I fucking know 12 years irl who do this shit

  3. Yeah same dude, but it's not fucking healthy to masturbate. THEY'RE KIDS, they can get fucking addicted, are you out of your mind?!

  4. What's better? Porn addiction or drug addiction

  5. Update: you can disable teleportation in ore excavator server config

  6. I'm looking through the server configuration and I don't see it

  7. I did it through "Manage mods" tab, Ore Excavator, switch to server config, almost at the top, sixth or seventh option, something like that

  8. Would look better without the stone



  11. From the front it looks like an AC-130

  12. Typically the higher somebody's ego, the lower their iq is

  13. I see we have different experience then

  14. I could only imagine a fucking pulse blade pilot on attack with a r-101 or mastiff running around the fucking map lmao

  15. It's name should be Luna or Lunar

  16. Wake up samurai we have countries to burn

  17. I was about 9 or 8 when tf1 beta came out and I loved playing that so much

  18. Stabby stabby on le trucky wucky

  19. It's because they don't understand

  20. What difficulty are you on? I play skirmish and can tell with them just fine. I typically try to keep the wolf busy with flares while I pick off the lynx

  21. Oh please tell me this thing has removable pieces that represent the damaged parts of the machines

  22. 2 maps loaded together so they merged. Don't eb surprised if you walk to an area and insta die because it could be an out of bounds zone for the second loaded map

  23. The ultimate combo. You look, you die. You look away, you die.

  24. Melee is such an op class the ge nearly forces it upon players

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