My students called me fat today

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  1. Phone the polis. If they cant have respect for families and babies etc fuck them. Its a two way street 😛

  2. Are you taking the piss? Would hate to be your neighbour if this is your solution

  3. Well if folk are saying they cant even open a window to bath their baby and they have asked and nothing changing then fuck them. I take it you dont have babies or small kids.

  4. I'm just looking for practical solutions. They're nice people, I'm not calling the police on them. I don't want them to have to change their behaviours, because in my mind they are not doing anything wrong. Someone else was saying about not open the windows but not me

  5. I think you'll find that a lot of those people unconsciously cut back because they aren't boredom eating as much.

  6. I'm confused by that though because I am short and 300 calories really does make a big difference. I have lost weight just by upping my exercise. I'm obviously not at Michael Phelps level, but I play 5 aside football twice a week, bike to work (25 minutes both ways), walk my dog and lift 3 times a week and I genuinely feel like the that alone has made an impact

  7. Eat mice, lie under heatlamps and occasionally shed their skin

  8. I absolutely hate Adam Sandler, what's he doing there

  9. Never heard of that! To get to the bin area where I live you have to go through the building, there's no outside route. It's just the typical style tenement buildings.

  10. Yeah same in most flats. In my old building they just buzzed and got let in and took them out

  11. I didn't think councils would do that - it makes their stops a fair bit longer and they're already cutting back due to staff shortages and all that! It definitely doesn't seem to be a possibility here.

  12. Are you outside of the gcc area? I worked in supported accommodation in the East end and they did it there and they definitely do it on the Southside. Have honestly never heard of anyone having this issue before

  13. Unbelievably fake. "Against our parents judgements"...."her parents passed when we were young"

  14. Looks like you are chewing your cheeks, maybe speak to a dentist, I had to get a wisdom tooth out because it was creating sores in my cheeks

  15. Your loss bud, fuel costs less than bus or train fare at all times, insurance is nice an cheap if you're not a plonker.

  16. That's not true, we are legislated to be at net 0 by 2030 which is actually a pretty huge incentive to drastically change things. I doubt the price of fuel will be going down any time soon and cars using petrol and diesel will be increasing restricted meaning less car users in general

  17. Yeah but having the app isn't going to get you home any faster when there's only one bus you can take

  18. Is that not something nt people experience also?

  19. Not really a pop, just some blood clotty snot

  20. Ok I got the people who found him a bottle of wine, dome chocolate and a £15 amazon voucher for each of the 2 kids. Is that overkill, not enough or just right?

  21. happy he was safe and it was just a fun field trip for him!

  22. He actually didn't want to leave when I came to pick him up! I lost him but he wasn't lost lol

  23. You don't have to change anything about you to transition. I'm transmasc nb but I do not want to take T and that doesn't make me any less valid or transition. Your body, your choice, your gender. Don't let anyone police that. Lots of love x

  24. He loves the sit in my bike basket which makes getting around so easy as a carless person

  25. Are they expected to cycle these or does the engine do all the work? Bad enough having to carry packages up and down stairs all day without adding in more physical labour

  26. I only swiped right accidentally on the guy I'm currently dating

  27. My jack Russell does great. He will be doing a 2 day hiking/camping trip with me and my pal next month and he is 9. We live I'm Scotland and he only gets cold in the snow when we stop moving but he needs a coat for waiting for buses etc. Impossible to lose and never gets tired. A great lad.

  28. My shopping is usually 35 a week including toiletries. Even if I could afford 100 a week it would be impossible to go through that amount. I get a take away or eat out twice a month @ about 15 a meal

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