1. Definitely, and sorry but I haven’t found how to ‘treat’ that rebound effect on the mood level/stability, but I have experience in adapting. So what I do I just use theanine as a more emergency, periodic, or recreational supp and not on the table for taking every day. That’s responding to this repeated occurrence, and there are a handful of other things that I treat similarly, like SJW or Green Coffee Bean Extract. Practically, on those days following taking theanine, what helps me continue to reach new balance is avoiding excess sugar, being very minimal with caffeine intake, and minimizing stimulation in general. Those are what promotes excitability/activity for me and that’s unmanageable in that post theanine state. I would suspect that more frequent use could be found, or rebound effects avoided by strictly only using the minimal effective dose of theanine as well.

  2. I think you’re good on it. Buy, register, and drive that baby. Change the oil immediately and keep doing it with new filter every 4-5k miles more. Give or take a couple minimal repairs you could possibly put another 50-70k on this car before it would need to move to the last owner or junkyard. Hopefully the front end isn’t falling apart, that should be evident if you can go over some uneven road with the wheel a bit turned while test driving. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker if some of the gear down there or in the suspension was worn too far but you need to know where it’s at for safety sake. Also if you do buy the car eventually soon take it to a mechanic for them to give you a total status report.

  3. My opinion is buy you an older beater SUV for whatever the hell purposes you’re being frustrated at your beemer over.

  4. Depends on how used to caffeine they are. I’d notice it because the effect would be brighter, stronger, more long lasting, but with a greater crash after I totally cool down, because that kanna would amp the caffeine effects which are already bolstered by the agmatine. But if someone rarely uses caffeine they may not notice the unique synergy happening. It’s probably not a sustainable thing to have in a 5-7x/wk preworkout.

  5. Yeeeup sometimes you don’t have to wait at all. I’ve heard of people eating those mofos in a burrito. Cheers and have a great trip, take it easy.

  6. Sure, they don’t call it “spelling” for no reason. Also, mantras are a widespread and generally a positively useful thing. Furthermore, ‘regular people’ and elites utilize carefully worded announcements or projections in order to control the world. One could go on about the power of words for a long ass while. Maybe do some digging.

  7. Please fix the first to say <15 if possible please, it currently says greater than.

  8. Beautiful! It brings to mind for me the centerless-center, the black hole sun.

  9. This looks like if we asked one of those AI art generators to make a lineup poster.

  10. Toking like a space wizard as the rocket fuse burns away gets my vote. Been finding more “cons” with that alternative you propose, in terms of what I’d like shrooms to help me with. But I am glad I had a few really cool experiences that way in combining; basically amplifying the peak with the green.

  11. Absolute lady killer in about 2 years and you got hella swag now. Hit the gym regularly and don’t settle for any less than you truly want!

  12. Are you sure the mushrooms were of a typical legit psychedelic variety and not one of the many other species out there which cause those same nasty ailments you mentioned as their defense? Some can even be a little trippy before causing sickness. Then, are you sure your specific batch of shrooms had/has not grown toxic mold or otherwise became unsafe to consume due to improper drying, old age, or contamination?

  13. That’s understandable stuff. I’ve found I need to be “off” caffeine sources and/or cannabis effects on my body for shroom. Kinda like you said to get more out of it. But I mention those things for me because they’re tempting, immediately rewarding, but I found they were external things hindering my good shrooming. So maybe you have some external chemical influencers as well that could be shed, maybe even nutritional.

  14. My condolences. But, you got a pretty nice stereo, integrated and under warranty, I can appreciate that. Hopefully it sounds good turned up over highway road noise as well. Enjoy the new car feeling and be sure to let her go before the warranties are up.

  15. My preferred method is challenging postural yoga because that focused exertion can change my mind from the sexual focus pretty effectively and quickly. But I may also do visualizations while lying down, such as - To relax and meditate I feel into the energy moving all the way up and shoot it out of the crown chakra, dispersing evenly out to the earth’s field; or maybe do a whipping/driving of the energy all the way from top/source to bottom/core in effect to even out the accumulation, letting that flow wash my field bidirectionally like selenite.

  16. It’s only too much meditation when the person is actually sleeping and not training mental presence/awareness; because I hold the value that it’s a waste to sleep days away as a habit. But ultimately I know that value judgment is just mine, and there’s no objective truth about right or wrong meditation, the greater universe is fine with us sleeping life away. But it’s our little universes that involve karma so I’d be interested to converse with an extreme meditator about their efforts. Only if they asked for guidance would I criticize their approach.

  17. Being really unhealthy and also extremely addictive is a shit combination, the worst. For me the only way to handle it is to forget about it while I still notice choice involved in the process. Coming up on 2 years since my last pack of Spirits.

  18. Ima say if it got to less than freezing over night one should let the engine warm up about a minute. If it was above freezing then a few seconds always suffices and then take it easy for the first few miles. Even during warm temps I always idle until the rpm’s dip to normal, because with the new rolla’s 2.0l it’s so pronounced of a change and only takes 15 seconds or less to get to. Just kind of a guide for me to baby mine since it was as yours, my first brand new ride, but a ‘21 hatch.

  19. Perfect for rolling blunts and eating burritos on the interstate

  20. Just personally in hindsight I wish I had tested myself by taking a small-average dose by myself in a totally boring environment, before attempting to trip with others and or in a social setting. Basically just so I would have learned what self control while under the effect feels like.

  21. 75 years, for real. Find you a better recreational drug that doesn’t affect gains or the gut so much.

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