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  1. NO NO NO NO NO Airfield bombing is the WORST way to play sim, never, dont, stop, STOP


  3. Who else thinks that the Ah-1G at 2:23 is the best A-10

  4. Paul sounds nice, but I already got suggestion for a name of Craig. I like craig

  5. down with the craigs, paul is best, paul rules all

  6. Which is a batshit crazy excuse, at Tier 6 and 7 without a premium vehicle or account time it can take the average player weeks to unlock a single vehicle

  7. really? i can research a new aircraft bidaily, no prem, i got the f2h banshee, all f9fs, and the f3h within last week

  8. bruh, its the easiest shit in the world to kill 5 units in rb, how are u not going 10 and 0

  9. Why is the comment above you getting upvoted and ur getting downvoted

  10. welcome to reddit, where the universemake the no sense

  11. no, guns go bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

  12. Well that aint no 288, probs a Me264, but either way, for any bomber, the safest way to kill one, is to get your relative speed to the bomber as high as possible, so the optimal angle to attack from is diving in from the front.

  13. How fast were you going when you took the shot? I really have trouble with bombers because they can just point and click like a moron, and I actually have to fly competently.

  14. From the dial it looks like he was going about 630kph on his first pass, and then the second and killing pass he was hovering around 400kph

  15. 400kph is too slow to survive from my experience. Below about 500kph I'm getting hit a lot.

  16. its hard to put a certain speed on these things, because it depends on your relative speed to the bomber instead of IAS, it appears this bomber was travelling quite slow, maybe 250kph

  17. The reason i dont play is because of repair costs, all super high above ec4

  18. A rule of thumb I always go by is never open fire until i am 100% positive that the aircraft I am targeting is hostile. This can be inconvenient when trying to use AAMs but I think its definitely easier than having to deal with Tks

  19. I like EC1, when u get a big lobby it can be insanely fun, and biplanes are some of my favorites to fly.

  20. Its all good, but i ended up voting for EC3. My general go-to for chilling is either EC3 Japan, or EC3 USA

  21. you just gotta learn the silhouettes of the aircraft, unfortunately this is one of those things that only comes with experience

  22. did you finish the match or did you leave early

  23. 1101000 1110100 1110100 1110000 1110011 111010 101111 101111 1111001 1101111 1110101 1110100 1110101 101110 1100010 1100101 101111 111000 1111001 1000111 1100110 1010001 1100001 1101011 101101 1110001 111001 1001101

  24. Cuz they are too stupid to moderate the fucks that keep killing each others teammates over ukraine/Russia conflict

  25. u think its easy to moderate a game that has 50-100k people online at once, and almost every match people doing this stupid shit,

  26. It seems they removed chat recently due to the Ukranian invasion going on, Gaijin being a Russian company and all. There was probably a lot of anti-russian sentiment being expressed.

  27. they arent a Russian company, and the reason they shut down chat is that people were having very retarded political "arguments" in chat all the fucking time and it was too much for gaijin to properly moderate, so they just shut down chat instead

  28. someone's a lil upsetti spaghetti now aren't they

  29. 1st of all, stop trying to tell my mood from a reddit comment

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