1. Day 1 player here and i feel what you're saying, just spent 497 pulls on yelan banner, lost every 50/50 (sad but yeah we move on) and didn't get a jean which is the only standard that i don't have right now, i even got tighnari on them. It sucks having already constellations on mona diluc keqing qiqi and not even have a single jean ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Good luck!!, Im at c1 and only with 400 pulls but im gonna try to go for c6 hopefully

  3. You too, also pulling for c6, good luck!

  4. with that team + zhongli shield, my yelan R1 in every exquisite throw does from 12.8k to 16.2k, and a total of 603k damage every ult more or less (2pc 2pc)

  5. and I wanted to c6 yelan + c1 hu tao, seems like ill have a rough time

  6. Meh, last year got 2 elegys in the process and after 1+ year i still don't use them because they're so directed to supports and niche to EM buffers, so i don't think its that broken, but yeah aqua is very good overall, it will be possibly one of the best banners in the game if not the best

  7. C1 r1 with a little bit of luck you got it

  8. first try 24913, 4x 5k, and then 4913 cause i missed it by an inch

  9. Manliness got nottin to do with it. 69420 is a lot but it aint enough. Even if u won every 50/50 youd still have to pull 2 of them very early to c6

  10. Technically, with only 65k primos, even if you lose 1 50/50 you win 2 early 50/50s, it's possible to get a c6, after all those primos you would end up with around 230~250 star glitter so another 40-50 pulls :D

  11. Oh no- my shoes are green, what happened

  12. Ayaka's outfit is spring themed unfortunately, the character getting a student themed skin is going to be Lisa...

  13. i still have this since yesterday, any fixe?

  14. Damn very unlucky .. and then there's me thinking getting SSRs in this game is super easy since in around 20 pulls i got 3 SSRs (not including the guaranteed), i guess i don't need to reroll... hopefully you get more motivation and better luck. But i do agree tho, they should add a selector.

  15. Got her c1r1 and have been saving (even though i pulled cyno but it was extremely early) since, got like 36k primos and hopefully i will have like ~65k when she comes back to try to get her c6.

  16. you didn't want to leave him a chance, huh? did you feel anger? hate?

  17. wait.. what do you mean day 740? i've been playing since release day and only have 732 days and i think i've only missed 1 day hmmm

  18. oh that's CN alright fair enough, good grind

  19. Yes, i can kill a boar with 3 dash attacks

  20. Take Mitch for the +$4. Get destiny, train and xqc. (I assume CAD is worth less than USD so I can afford it)

  21. Exactly what i thought, that must be the meta, go for mitch and get those 9 bucks and then take destiny and train, i just didn't take X tho cause of the CAD lmao

  22. Sorry already the creator said it would be about the main guy after season 1s events.

  23. Tbh if this dream machine was coded well and fixed, it would be so much fun, but the movement/controls are so bad and the ice orbs are just so broken (bad hitboxes, big AOE, long freeze times, slippery floor) and that just makes me hate this one dream in particular. I like the concept but i do prefer playing the other dreams any day

  24. The slippery floor is fine - itโ€™s the deceptive freeze orb hit box, it leads to being frozen in the air above the orb far too often and that will murder your timeโ€ฆ

  25. Ohhh ok, yeah it makes sense viewing all of this as being on purpose to make it hard to clear, somehow I never actually thought of that

  26. When do we get an area in the middle of the dessert, i think it would suit the game a lot.

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