1. I woke up early enough to go to a 1pm showing of the new Downton Abbey movie. Let me just say, it's impossible for me to even get out of bed by 1 pm most days. But I had a hard night last night and was dwelling on it. Said I could sit here and ruminate about this for the next two hours, or I could get up and do something. So I did!

  2. I am riding the wave with this low-level hypomania. Feel “cured” even though I know I’m not. Published three posts on my blog this week and definitely have some momentum.

  3. I have been on it twice. The last time was a few years ago when I took it for maybe six months. I would get this terrible sense of doom, with anxiety and panic attacks, about an hour after I took it. Latuda anxiety is a real thing. You can search Reddit and find other people had the same experience. Also, my pdoc thinks it was what pushed me over the edge in developing tardive dyskinesia. For me, it was weight neutral, but the anxiety wasn’t worth it.

  4. The thing is Op waves crash, never forget that. I know hypomania can feel great wonderful and productive, but you should really tell your doctor, because that hypomania can go away or could cause worse problems, if you go way to high! I Rhode the hypomania train, super productive did so much stuff made so many friends, then suddenly one day "I am God" I thought I could control reality, I thought I had complete knowledge of everyone and everything, lost all the friends and motivation to make things because I am God now people should make me things, then I ended up crashing and got really embarrassed and sucidial, just becareful op.

  5. The question of whether you should say something is really the same question as to whether you usually have depression or full-blown mania following hypomania.

  6. I read tarot professionally, and I do consider myself a little psychic. I do know that when I’m manic or even hypomanic I seem to think I’m a medium with a connection to “The Divine.” That’s not uncommon. People get delusions of grandeur, and also being super into religion can be signs of mania. Honestly I do feel sometimes like I can tap into another dimension beyond the here and now, but I have to really work hard to keep that in check and not get carried away with it.

  7. I think I can also tap into that 'otherness'. I don't believe it's a delusion. Like maybe you can be a medium whilst also having SZA?

  8. I always liked the bond between Tom and Isobel. Or Tom and Mary. Tom is such an interesting character to me.

  9. I came here to suggest The Midnight Library! I thought it sounded silly but I end up thinking about it all the time.

  10. I tell them it's a full time job just trying to get out of bed and take a shower most of the time.

  11. Similar to me. I say my mental illness is a full time job because it is.

  12. Always remember that all of our symptoms come down to the activity of cells, something is not working. "pushing through" neurological symptoms usually backfires because the cause is usually something like inflammation, injury, malfunction, it's like having a concussion, or an autoimmune disorder, everyone who has those things knows that "pushing through" can be about the worst thing you can do.

  13. Thank you for sharing! I need to dig in and process this wisdom, but you have given me hope.

  14. I subscribe to a lot of music subreddits and I have to be honest, the title to this post really confused me.

  15. Haha. I can see that. It reminds me of a quote from The Office: “Funk is the problem. And the solution!”

  16. Same. I have OCD and SZA bipolar type, and it’s a nightmare since you usually can’t take an antidepressant to treat the OCD because it could spark mania. I have found some success by upping my dose of lamictal. My pdoc and I read in a study that it could help with OCD, and so far since going up on that my OCD has been a lot better. Thank goodness because SZA and OCD is a brutal curse with the delusions feeding off the obsessions and compulsions. I feel for you.

  17. Since I started using the Medisafe app, I haven’t missed a dose.

  18. I’m on clozapine for treatment resistant schizophrenia. So far it’s working okay, though we have to do a bit of tweaking to find the best dose.

  19. Sophie's Choice, no doubt about it. And remarkably, it's even more painful in subsequent readings because you realize what Sophie had been through.

  20. As I’ve shared with this sub lately, I’m going through a tough patch right now with psychosis. The last few days have been better, but adjusting to the new med dose (went up to 325 on clozapine) has been hard. I’m so tired all the time and all I want to do is eat. On the plus side, I left the house a few times and showered a couple days.

  21. Ask your doc about ECT and TMS. Both are sometimes used as a last resort when meds aren't working.

  22. I am at 325, and the highest I’ve been is 350. But at that point the fatigue becomes unbearable. We’ve tested it, and it seems like my metabolism means I only need a small dose for a high level in my blood. I think I’m headed to 350 after my psychosis symptoms getting worse these last few weeks.

  23. You might be jumping the gun, have you taken your meds?

  24. Hey man I know how hard it is dealing with psychosis and suicidal ideation. Getting out of the house always helped me, even if just to get a little sunshine. Something that always helps me is also just to call someone. I know we don’t all have huge social circles but if you have one person in your family you can vent to or a friend who understands you might feel less alone. As far as being outside is if you have an increase in symptoms when you’re out in public it’s a lot like exposure therapy. The more you do it, the better it works. Hope you continue with the upward trend and congrats

  25. That's really great! And so cool you did something nice for yourself, going to the coffee shop.

  26. A lot, but the one I use most of the time is the Radiant Rider Waite deck. I also like the Shadowscapes deck and the Wild Unknown deck. What about you?

  27. I just got a pocket sized Rider-Waite that I've been using as my main. Currently I have an Edger Allan Poe one, a giant sized Rider-Waite tarot and a Cat Tarot. I see a lot of people with the Wild Unknown on the

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