1. I really do enjoy all the lore and loose connections between the games. The one thing I wish they did change would be the placement of FSA. In my opinion it absolutely makes no sense being placed after TP. I feel like MC, FS, & FSA should somehow be another split in timeline or bunched up all together in a way that makes sense as to why we never hear of Vaati and the Four Sword in any other game (I'd love to hear theories on this from ppl). Also OoA & OoS being moved back to before LA and making once again the same Link from ALttP.

  2. I feel like the Picori Sword aka Four Sword from TMC and FS is the same, the reason why it might work differently when it comes to its ability to spkit the wielder in 4 would be because TMC wasn't a multiplayer game in any way so it was more a technicality on how to incorporate the 4 Links in the game while still being a single player game. This alone could be enough to connect the games just on the fact that it is the same sword only seen in these games and never mentioned elsewhere (you said alttp mentioned it on the gba, I didn't know that since I never played the gba version but this mighr be more of a non canonical reference considering it came bundled with FS, but idk lol) And regarding LA with different boats and stuff, that's true lol, there's also one part where Zelda meets Link and doesn't recall meeting him before which should automatically seperate the games from being the same Link. The thing about this franchise is that like a lot of ppl have mentioned, it wasn't meant to have a timeline so a lot of stuff doesn't add up even on more direct sequels, for me it was just a fun way of adding a few more adventures to alttp Link and cementing him as one of the fiercest reincarnations. Thanks for all the detailed info, learned a few things I didn't know before!!

  3. I saw them on the 6th of this month around 5am and didn't know this was a thing. Obviously I did some research but that initial sighting was jaw dropping lol

  4. This was really cool to watch. Just how you manage your inventory on the spot, use corners to your advantage to heal, and coming up with improvised plans. Honestly really good gameplay and props to you.

  5. Not only are blister really expensive but also extremely rare! This collection is amazing and honestly its one not many ppl will be able to accomplish. Huge congratulations for you, this is awesome!!

  6. In my honest opinion I think you just need to relax a little. Yes its a competitive game and yes its a heavy team game, but also some ppl just want to play and have fun, not everyone playing is doing it like their lives depend on it. Also they might've muted you or just have other stuff going on to be able to listen to you. I know I mute ppl as soon as I hear them playing music or trying to command the entire team's every step while complaining every 2 seconds. That being said, some ppl on mics are fun to play with and I will interact if I happen to have my headset on. Just my opinion though and I don't mean it in any way disrespectful.

  7. Were you playing on the ps3 by any chance? Idk if the servers are still up on the ps3 but I don't think you need ps plus for online multiplayer on it. Another possibility is that on the ps4 you had an acount saved that did have psplus on it and was sharing it with your profile but them either that account ran out of psplus or stopped sharing it with you lol. Other than that I'm curious as to what else could've happened.

  8. Both of these are awesome but that Gyarados one is on a whole other level! Huge props to you man!!!

  9. Or I can continue to mistime my parry and repeatedly get shot in the face

  10. Don't forget of all those broken shields when you pressed it too late. Glad I save them all those cool shield just so one guardian can destroy them in less than a minute...

  11. How in the love of all that is holy did you get purple pansies and windflowers? I've tried everything! Cannot get them, along with the blue roses as well but like you said thats just a case of not having the inclination to go through the long winded process.

  12. I think for the purple pansies and windflowers you're supposed to breed blue with red to get some "special" red flowers, (they look exactly the same as regular red, they just have different results when breeding) and then you just breed those reds together to get purples. It should be the same process for both flowers and if you cam get different ppl to water them on the same day (max of 5 ppl including you) they have an increased chance to actually breed. That being said if you don't want to bother with it, I can give you some of each of those when I get a chance to play :D

  13. Ah! I think I've been breeding the special red with blue, that'll be where I'm going wrong. Thank you for the kind offer but I'm determined to grow them myself, however if you see me on this sub asking for some in the near future you know I failed lol

  14. 🤣🤣🤣 alright haha, honestly its more satisfying to breed them on your own, I just didn't have enough patience to do the blue rose lol but the rest were fun to do!

  15. The parts you earn during matches will vary depending on various different actions. There are many factors to take into mind. If you run a medic/support loadout, you can easily rack up 4000 parts during a game without actually downing or executing enemies and you can die as much as you want. People who run reviver 3 and FAT 3 can easily gather 300-400 parts per revive/complete heal. Also, depending on the types of survival perks you equip, that can also have a significant influence on the parts you earn. Look at people who use Executioner combined with Lone Wolf, and go for shivs. The parts multiplier gets insane depending on what you do during the match.

  16. This is 100% right, I play interrogation with executioner 3, so 1 or 2 shiv interrogations gets me enough parts to fully upgrade some weapons and give me a slight advantage in the early/mid game, and then I have some loadouts that no matter how good I do it won't be enough to fully upgrade some stuff.

  17. I gotta lol, I've always enjoyed the stealthy aspects of this game and if I can manage 2 early shiv kills while playing interrogation, that's usually enough to fully upgrade my weapons and have an advantage in head on combat

  18. I tend to not use reviver much because I mostly only play interrogation and its not of much use there since once the enemy team have all their interrogations, you and your team bleed out extremely quick therefore giving less time to fully use that ability, but in supply raid the reviver loadout imo tends to be the unsung hero haha. I can't express how much gratitude I have for players that are good medics lol

  19. I feel like the reason they're cool might be because of the ppl that used to use them like samurais, knights, etc, not the current users. Just like fedoras, they were worn by old school gangsters and from the prohibition era and stuff and looked really good but now you don't look at someone with a fedora and think they're tough or anything.

  20. you can play much better without covert you know you can

  21. I recently got back into factions and it seems like in every match at least 2 or 3 enemies on the opposing team have covert on lol. For me the perk I have on almost every loadout is agility, I just like the faster movement option and while it does somewhat hide my movement, I'm not fully invisible on listen mode.

  22. English card in 2010 no longer had the First edition stamp so unless they're japanese cards, they might be fake

  23. I recently started playing the tcg and was looking through the recent expansions to try and build a solid deck. I ended up with a Palkia deck in one of my main ones and I felt really clever with what I came up... then I did a little more research and to my surprise everyone had a palkia deck lol. I did somewhat future proof my decks by not having any cards with the D mark but I'll have to modify them since the Lost Zone does seem like it'll ruin a few of my strategies.

  24. Awesome collection!!! I'm only doing 1 booster pack of each set, but this is on a whole other level! Congrats!

  25. Think of it this way though. The TCG stands for trading card GAME. Reprints not only benefit collectors who don’t own the cards, but people who play legacy formats of the game and want to use those cards for actual playing. We get sets like that in magic the gathering all the time. If you aren’t familiar with the game, lands (like energies in Pokémon) are essential and a few years ago they reprinted Misty Rainforest. It was a $50 card that dropped to $20 in value, making it easier for people to afford, and thus have better decks to play more competitively

  26. I completely agree. I've been collecting pokemon cards for numerous years but just recently got back into actually playing the tcg, so opening pack now is less about going through them quickly to get to the rare card at the end, and more of me going through each pack reading the move and coming up with ideas for decks and getting excited to find multiple cards I'll need to make my deck work. I'd love to try out some cards from sets from when I was like 6 years old and not yet into collecting much of anything.

  27. Hello I have a question regarding damage and damage counters. I mostly understand that they're both pretty much damage dealt to a pokemon, but are they supposed to be tracked separately? For example on Hisuian Typhlosion Vstar, its Vstar Power says "If your opponent's active pokemon has exactly 4 damage counters on it, the pokemon is knocked out." Would that be 40 damage total or specifically 40 damage dealt from damage counters??

  28. They are the same thing - there is no "damage dealt from damage counters" - the damage counters just indicate the total damage that pokemon has received

  29. Ohh okay that makes sense now. Thank you for clearing it up for me!

  30. I've been on and off the game a few times since it came out. Right now I'm thinking of going back to playing after like a year and a half. One tip I can give you from my experience is to start off with an easy to use gun. I personally stayed off the crossbow and hunter rifle until I knew exactly what I was doing even though I used them nonstop before. Also be patient as there is players who have been playing constantly since release and well they'll definitely be way better than you at first. Other than that just play what you have fun with the most (in my case interrogation) and don't get too worried over your population, just save the easy challenges for 100% risk of population. More experienced player can give you more technical tips like map tips and weapon/perks that work well together, I mostly put executioner 3 on everything because its fun to shiv lol.

  31. Two I can think of other than radiant eevee and celebrations pikachu were the Champion's Path Marnie box and the Shining Legends Preimium Powers Collection box. I'm sure they're a little more expensive now though.

  32. It took me a while to figure out what Phione was lol, congrats on your hunts!!

  33. I'd definitely like to see a follow up image once you obtain all the shinies! Good luck on your hunt

  34. This is such an awesome collection. As a fan of Shiny pokemon I'd add to this set Ancient Origins M Rayquaza Dragons Exalted Rayquaza Call of Legends Rayquaza Other than that I feel like this is really impressive and having the Gold Star is way more than I could ask for XD

  35. Nice!! I also just got back to soft reseting for a shiny registeel after I failed it over a year ago lol, currently at 200 resets so definitely not as lucky as you but I'm still hoping its less than full odds.

  36. It looks like it has a constant glow to it, such a great paintjob, I'll be there one day hopefully lol

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