1. Don't really care but I'll watch if he does

  2. After your workout make sure to stretch your calves, both short and long heads. Due to a combination of jumping rope, running and handball mine have significantly tightened which resulted in Achilles heel pain in the morning and being barely able to walk for the first 5-10 minutes after waking up due to the pain.

  3. That exhaust sounds nice but it's so ugly 😖

  4. I dislike both of these guys, but I can’t wait to see them fight

  5. I share that sentiment with you

  6. I love dying light 2 but I don't think it will be a good day for you guys are doing well and I dont really enjoy your day off

  7. I think the survey is going to be a bit flawed when you group the three biggest tiers together...

  8. Slightly maybe, needs further investigation.

  9. Ouch somebody has their feelings hurt.

  10. Just watched it, it's awesome imo

  11. Holy crap tnx for this, subbed

  12. Nice play man, patience is key

  13. Why do people like Megan Olivia? She always seemed pretty generic to me

  14. Yeah idk, I'm not a big fan as some people but I don't mind her either. Like you said, kinda generic

  15. Yes, I hate the skin sets. I haven't bought any cause I like unique skins that fit the character more.

  16. Looks awesome man, sweet ride! I got the z800 and I'm loving it. Just need it to get a bit more acceleration without removing the cat (already changed front sprocket) to keep up with my buddies z900.

  17. Never preorder a game my bro :) and if you haven’t played many MMO’s good time to try out tons of them you can enjoy pay to win BS MMO as well to an extent

  18. Can't stress this enough. You can only be disappointed from preordering games, and if a game is good you can always buy it after release.

  19. Lmao nice one, unfortunately fake

  20. i think it would go similarly but insted at the end ryze unleashes every ounce of mana in his balls to imprenate lissandra with the most baldest blue baby the world has ever seen, he comes out using telepathy to fly n shit and he takes over the world his name is ryze junior

  21. Lmfao dutch commentary just said: They have quite a good strategist at Ferrari, his name is Carlos Sainz

  22. Now it’s a matter of if Max and George can stay on their mediums to the end

  23. Lewis handled 32 laps on them, so I think they'll be ok

  24. Pixel 6 if affordable, otherwise Pixel 6a probably takes better photos in that price range

  25. She's looking into the pixel 6a right now, it sounds promising

  26. It's one of the best Samsung A series phones. The only thing better (in the line) is the Samsung A72 and soon to be A73.

  27. Cool thanks! I'm checking it out right now

  28. Motor. Ik wil echt allemaal spullen kopen, diverse outfits etc, maar het is echt super duur allemaal...

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