1. I had my dealer call me a couple weeks ago and tell me they had 3 SEL RWD models that no one wanted and they sell at MSRP. I definitely wouldn’t pay above MSRP anymore.

  2. Do you think it is a good deal? If so, buy it. If not, don't.

  3. I can't tell if its a good deal or not tbh. Personally I don't like dealing with dealerships but if that's what is expected we might have to fork over, however if the trend of the markups are coming down then we will wait a month or two.

  4. I feel for the guy but I don't really understand why anyone looked at Stadia and didn't immediately say "yeah that's got a very limited shelf life".

  5. I spent countless hours of Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2 on very good resolution on tv, ipad, and laptop. Stadia was a great service with sadly very few games. I'm actually pretty bummed to see it go.

  6. You could buy a quality wrap for less money than typical dealer markup on a limited

  7. When you say wrap do you mean like a custom paint job? How much would that normally cost?

  8. Those seem like my only two options and I don’t really know what’s best. She’s been my friend for a decade. But this wedding has brought out a rude side to her I’ve never seen before and it’s thrown me off. Maybe it’s just the wedding? Idk.

  9. Weddings tend to make some calm and collected people into bride/groom zillas. Maybe in her mind she's like "wtf I've known her for a decade and she won't even wear the dress I want for just one day!!" Although it's weird that she won't pay for it. I paid for my groomsmen's dresses and my wife lent her friends some bridesmaid dresses for the wedding and just told them to wear their best black dresses for the reception.

  10. I have no advice but just want to say that my heart breaks for you. Living in constant tension like that can wreck havoc on someone's psyche.

  11. I’m fully in the apple ecosystem and I love my chromecast. You can voice search from the menu and it tells you what streaming service any show/movie is on in one simple view. That was why I bought it and it doesn’t disappoint. Also integrates super well with YouTube TV. I use apple for everything else but I’m not gonna give them 250 for marginally better video when this covers all my HDR bases. Just an opinion though.

  12. I like the Chromecast interface a lot but sadly it won't let me connect it with my Bluetooth headphones.

  13. Changing wheel size doesn’t matter that much, it’s the circumference of the tire that matters. For the sake of your speedometer working, you want to keep your tire’s rolling circumference roughly the same. I installed larger wheels, but smaller tires: Factory: 225/45-18 Aftermarket: 235/35-19

  14. Whoa! Thank you for taking the time to respond! There's so much physics to these things I hadn't even considered. I always want to tinker with my ride and I honestly don't know what I'd prefer. So, would smaller wheels but larger tires keep it sporty enough on a lowered car but provide some cushion? Maybe not for the Hi5 but now I'm considering stiffening my old Benz (e350). My suspension gave out a while ago and had new struts installed and it just feels.. loose now.

  15. Here’s my old Audi I was talking about. 19 inch wheels with a pretty aggressive stance:

  16. Aggressive is an understatement! That thing looks mean! It's gotta be pretty awesome having such knowledge with cars. May I ask what your field of work is?

  17. Whoa I'm in Jersey and I put down a deposit for a 22 SEL AWD for $52,500 estimated. It seems $2k cheaper here. Should I cancel my deposit and go with you Shawn?

  18. So, how is the dock going to increase resolution, we are talking about a computer designed for 720P/800P

  19. Ah got it. Sorry I don't know too much about resolution outputs. My buddy told me that JSAUX can output to 4k which seemed too good to be true.

  20. We were considering both vehicles but only were able to actually drive the Ioniq5. We sat in the Y in the showroom and were impressed by the comfort of the seats and the trunk space

  21. I got to test drive both and for some reason wasn't a fan of the Y. It just didn't feel as smooth and felt kinda cheap. The Ioniq felt much better/smoother to drive.

  22. Just upgrade your speakers and add a front and rear camera.

  23. If I were you .. I won't buy right away With tax credit gone away the demand has fallen off big time

  24. Yeah the tax credit gone really is a bummer. We already put a refundable deposit down but we might rethink the AWD choice now. Luckily dealers here are all selling at MSRP.

  25. NJ dealerships here are charging MSRP but I think that's only for SE and SEL models only. Limited might have a markup.

  26. Yep ultimately it will come to that because I don't care about the color choice as much as she does haha

  27. I feel like it has a good UI and ease of use. My parents had android phones till this year and I upgraded them with iphones. Now we all seamlessly send messages, share photo albums, and facetime when needed.

  28. Why do people give him attention? Like he isn’t the problem. The people liking and helping his content are the real problem. The dude loves the attention and pushes his weird race obsessed views of women on tiktok because he gets fame.

  29. I think this person has some mental illness. Instead of getting outraged it's better to just ignore this guy or at best feel sorry for him.

  30. I don't doubt this is unpopular.. but it was at this point I was impressed at how Casey's character was written. She sat listening, and, in spite of Mike being so intense in this scene, she never flinched or winced. I don't have LEOs in my family, and I don't know the experience of a wife or daughter in law. But wasn't it interesting that she sat through this without a word? And in spite of the horror of this revelation, she didn't pull away from Mike afterward? She maintained the same relationship, giving Mike what he needed, which was someone to look after.

  31. Yeah Casey was definitely written and acted well. I couldn't tell at first if she was exploiting Mike or what but the more we saw her and her interaction with Mike the more I started to appreciate her character. She was reeling from the pain of her husband's death but she remained tough for her daughter and in some ways Mike.

  32. You are both absolutely showering the character with praise but also somehow both calling her the same wrong name.

  33. Heh I forgot her name but remembered her scenes well. I assumed it was Casey by the previous poster's response.

  34. That’s why they need to rebrand as Breast Friends. Trust me, it’ll be a hit.

  35. Who would you cast in it? My pick is for Andy Samburg and John Mulaney.

  36. In today's world, not so much when the film was made, today they would have to make the limit something like 3 Billion or some outlandish sum to make it difficult.

  37. Heh that Rajinikanth's film was my first time seeing this story. I never thought I'd hear that reference again.

  38. For SEL, it’s huge change since 2023 SEL will not have projected LED light. 2023 model, you will get battery precondition, NFC entry but no more projected LED light. If you don’t live cold weather area, you will be okay with battery precondition. Even if you live in cold weather area, probably you will spend 3-5 min extra time to charge. I originally ordered 2023 model but I was lucky that I got the 2022 SEL model.

  39. Stupid question, what do the projected LED lights do? I'm hearing great things about em.

  40. Yeah, totally. I used to think the towing upgrade was big too, but it’s only for trailers with brakes:

  41. Oh wow I didn't even consider that! Apparently most small trailers don't even have brakes so it wouldn't even be that applicable.

  42. I handle paperwork and regulatory info. As a tabletop player and DM, it's right up my alley--lots of obscure rules to discuss with opinionated, highly qualified professionals and I get paid pretty good money for the privilege.

  43. Pharm industry? I do something similar.. it's pretty generic but the pay is good!

  44. I'm a south Indian hindu. Is it okay for a Sikh person to attack me in public here because someone who shares my religion from a country half way across the world committed atrocities against the Sikh population?

  45. We are in agreement regarding the atrocities by Hindu nationalism in India but it's equally disingenuous to argue that the same weight carries here in the US where I don't see Sikhs being targeted or attacked by Hindus.

  46. Yeah but we want to feel outrage right now! How else is OP going to funnel his racism?

  47. You forgot the closing quotation mark, so the second para read as your own words

  48. Guest Column: Jodi Balfour on the Importance of Her Coming Out on ‘For All Mankind’

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