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  1. I'm 5'11" and I'm 230 lbs. Rock climbing has turned that weight into far less fat and far more muscle. Get it!

  2. I had an 02 SL2 in the same color! it was DOHC , also 5 speed and was a great car. Regularly into the 40s as far as fuel economy, even with the faster engine. Really is a shame they stopped building real Saturns and then closed down all together. While many people laughed at those cars, they were great and were more efficient then than the cheaper cars of today. Nothing like a simple, efficient car. Shame that those are long gone at this point. Everything needs to have a touch screen that you have to stab repeatedly going down the road while swerving all over the place.

  3. A buddy of mine had a late 90s manual transmission SL2. The thing was a work horse. He was actively trying to kill the car. It wouldn't die. It was still getting over 40 mpg when he sold it at over 300k. He sold it to a friend for a couple of hundred dollars. She drove it for another few years.

  4. Doesn't it just come in frozen shipments from Sysco-style food distro trucks? It's all premade in a factory like any other mass available dessert. I know CF has their own dedicated factory but still. Tastes very meh. Way too bland but too sweet too somehow. No balance.

  5. Former cheesecake factory employee. No cheesecake is made in house. They are all made at a cheesecake factory that they have in California. They for real have a cheesecake factory. They also make and sell desserts to other restaurant chains.

  6. That’s super helpful, thank you! What can you tell us about the brown bread?

  7. Also shipped in from an off-site bakery. We put it in the oven and serve it up. It's pretty much the same thing as you find in grocery stores.

  8. The population is progressive. The politicians are from the dark ages.

  9. Because it's all we have. We're tasked with choosing between shooting ourselves in the left foot or the right foot.

  10. Yep 1lb 5gal. I used a 5 gal bucket with a lid. Sat outside in the sun for 3 days. Worked great!

  11. Nice. Thank you! Two of my pants have cracked seasoning that I have seasoned over from before I knew how to season properly.

  12. I actually have been telling my friend to watch the show before he plays the games as there is always the chance that the show will not measure up to the games and then he will still be able to experience the last of us without a doubt that it will be great.

  13. Not missing my parents at all even though I am living very far away from them,.

  14. My mom passed away last year and life moved on as if nothing happened. I hear from my dad on my birthday and Christmas. And I live over two thousand miles away.

  15. For how long? Who can repair those? Who can make new ammunition? How long are those safe to use?

  16. Not to mention that ammunition goes bad. Realistically, unless more was being produced at a rapid rate, there would be no scavenging for ammunition 20-30 years into the apocalypse.

  17. I actually moved from that area to Colorado. I go back to see family at least yearly. This is where you'll want to be, to be honest. It's a great area for hiking and outdoorsy stuff.

  18. Eh, there’s definitely random 50 degree days in the winter.

  19. Ah, it has been 12 years since I lived there, to be honest. Denver gets them all winter though, with the sun shining most of the winter.

  20. Brussels sprouts I’m sure will be popular.

  21. I grew up with a chef for a father, so I always had great food growing up. Unfortunately, I tried brussel sprouts at a neighbors house for the first time.

  22. I agree. Plus, by the time you actually get to Abby, you’re just as tired and sick of this as Abby and Ellie are. You’re just exhausted and you want it to end. It’s incredibly immersive and empathetic.

  23. During their fight that's exactly how I felt. It felt like forever. The whole time I was thinking "can we just be done with this?"

  24. Waji? No. EMDR, yes. My first bit of side eye comes when you say "non therapist EMDR". That is sketchy as all hell. EMDR NEEDS to be practiced by those who are certified to do so - therapists need to be checked with

  25. I think that this is the review of EMDR that I needed before I tried it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

  26. In terms of guns a magazine holds the ammunition, there's lots of different types.

  27. Oh God, not OP but I definitely thought they were talking about a printed magazine and not an ammunition magazine.

  28. That’s why the USA is helping arm the Ukrainians right? An armed population is much more difficult to take over and control. To say that there is no point in fighting against a fascist government because an “ar-15” isn’t going to stop a fascist government is absolute cowardice. Would you say that to people defending their lives in Ukraine rn??

  29. Yeah, but the USA is helping arm them with state of the art military equipment. Not just a boat load of ar-15s. Zelensky is continuously asking for more anti-tank rockets.

  30. When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist. Just like Alan Grant from Jurassic Park.

  31. I paid the hotel a little bit of money and they picked me up at the airport and drove me back and forth. It wasn’t much, maybe $20 for both ways

  32. There's a bus every 15 minutes. Try the shrimp tacos at Mary's.

  33. How is your gas $3 a gallon. It just shot up to over $5 a gallon here in Oregon again.

  34. Whoah. I just filled up Premium (93) for $3.90 today and regular $3.40 yesterday.

  35. Doesn't need to be deep to be true. My friends and I have been to hell and back together, and we teach each other new things all the time. Without them, I wouldn't be the man I am today.

  36. Ah, forgive me. I'm just used to people being dicks over the internet.

  37. Keep going. I hated the first few episodes, but since I gave up on Schitt’s Creek too soon, I was determined to give it the entire first season. It gets so much better.

  38. I have found activities that keep me fit instead of just the gym. That being said, I like doing things that require me to be fit. Large hikes, long bike rides, long walks, and spending a long time climbing up the face of a rock wall. I need to lower my cholesterol a bit and have a better diet, but I'm mostly there. Just trying to be healthy and love a long life with my wife.

  39. The number one thing I did to increase my play time was to make the guitar accessible. I put it where I ended up being the most, which was in front of a computer. So the guitar and it's things went right beside that chair.

  40. Oh sweet Jesus some of the interpretations of those murals are absolutely bonkers.

  41. The gargoyles were in suitcases looking over baggage claim. Someone was having fun.

  42. Have fun in the tunnels! Driving around in supposedly top-secret underground tunnels was one of my favorite parts of the job.

  43. Yeah, I worked there and had driving privileges. It was awesome and there was nothing down there except that old baggage mover thing and a lot of storage.

  44. I rock climb. Most areas have a decent climbing gym. The community is awesome. I meet someone new just about every time I go to the gym. There are people of all ages. I am 37, my usual belay partner is 24. I also climb with people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. It's my social time now.

  45. Nah he’s saying they lost their cool factor when everyone started getting them. Kinda like for a teenager when their parents start saying the slang of the week. The cool factor of tattoos aren’t coming back.. since literally everyone has them. Does anyone even look at them anymore?

  46. You're conflating having a tattoo with being cool, and getting butthurt about this dude saying just having a tattoo isn't necessarily cool. Maybe do something different and risky, like dyeing the whites of your eyes neon or some shit, something unique to you. lol I don't think the guy meant you should join a gang out of spite, unless you're THAT attached to having tattoos and ONLY tattoos.

  47. You have made quite the assumption in reply to a clearly sarcastic comment. OP straight up said that tattoos aren't cool if you are in a loving and supporting family.

  48. Good times. Colorado burgers and fries. They have Colorado green chili there too. The green chili cheese fries are glorious.

  49. It's good for fast food standards. And it's cheap. It's nothing special.

  50. You know, if you take a moment to think about what you're going to say before you say it, you might realize that what you're about to say isn't great.

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