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  1. thank you and I do understand I didn't do anything wrong but being treated like I was today, it made me doubt if I deserved this or not. I sat in my room crying, I kept asking myself what I did to have her turn against me. I guess she just was never really on my side from the start

  2. You didn't do anything. She made her choice the first time she failed to protect you when you were little. She's never been on your side because she is only interested in herself. It has nothing to do with as a person. If she favors your sister, it's because your sister feeds into her delusions.

  3. canned crushed tomatoes simmered with butter with dry oregano and red pepper flakes is way cheaper and better than any bottled marinara

  4. Marcella Hazan's recipe (she's one of the most famous Italian recipe book authors) simple tomato sauce recipe is so similar! Off the top of my head it's a large can (28 ounces I think) of whole tomatoes and their juices, 5 tablespoons of butter, and an onion cut into quarters. Simmer for an hour, stir occasionally, break up the tomatoes, and salt to taste. Remove onion (I eat it, so tasty), and viola! It's so good, you'd never expect it! The first time I tried it, I didn't believe it. Seriously though, it's great. You can add to it but I recommend trying it simply with those 3 ingredients the first time.

  5. Get the whole tomatoes and crush them yourself. The crushed are the leftovers.

  6. I thought he was missing the top of his head for a second.

  7. Any "spare time" in a hospital during the birthing of a child should be spent sleeping, believe me.

  8. Probably disapproving of her dress.

  9. I thought it was bunting she pulled down from the reception decor.

  10. And that's why I don't watch television anymore. I probably saw 3-4 times more shows and a greater variety of shows growing up in the 90s than I have in the last 20 years.

  11. 75% of everything m now is a crime show. I refuse to watch another broody detective recovering from the loss (usually due to brutal murder) of his wife/daughter/entire family or a serial killer of young women who are invariably highly successful women who intimidate the killer, or a Scandinavian show set in a town so small that every citizen must be a murderer.

  12. My mom had a student with the middle name "Chaos". She also said he lived up to his name 😂

  13. Somebody posted last week maybe that his wife wanted to name the twins Kaos and Havoc. He couldn't convince her that she was cracked.

  14. Have your mom suggest "Satin" because it sounds almost the same and it's better to be a fabric than the Prince of Evil.

  15. Absolutely, it's especially easy to skip the middle of long paragraphs

  16. If I'm reading a book that has two parallel story lines, I might skip reading one of them to read the other straight through and then go back...maybe.

  17. Let me know if anyone wants pics of the insides/recipes?

  18. I would love to compare the table of contents to see what changed.

  19. Yes. It helps keep the noise down and stops me missing things, assuming the subtitles were done properly.

  20. The music descriptions are often really funny. Also, I watch a lot of UK television and need the subtitles for some of the accents.

  21. Dying to hear what exactly this charming, selfless person said to his girlfriend that he imagines represents a "center stance" on abortion.

  22. The center stance is to avoid being honest until your gf gets pregnant and then demand she keep the baby unless it has a birth defect.

  23. Wishing all Americans all the best from Switzerland.

  24. Thank you! I once read a book by a US doctor and she recounted her visit (professional, not personal) to a Swiss hospital and I cried so much. Just sobbed because you have real Healthcare and you even get real food. (The food service food here and in the UK sold by some vendors has almost no nutritional value because it's so processed.)

  25. I came to check the comments since tequilitas told me the sub was full of nice people but so many snarky ones. I won't give more identifying info but Bates is supposed to work with vulnerable people which is why my husband contacted their employer.

  26. When I read that your mom thought that (when you gave her that first opportunity to go to therapy and so on) that everything was "solved," I knew we were dealing with a serious NPD. Were you the scapegoat kid and your sister the golden child? The second you give the appearance of forgiveness, a narcissist thinks that you have approved them to continue on as if nothing happened and given permission for them to treat you the same.

  27. Same. And why would BIL's reputation (in his industry) be ruined by what his brother (in another industry?) gets up to?

  28. Some jobs require a security clearance or other kinds of certification where having a restraining order against is a big problem.

  29. First, totally normal reaction we all share. Grieve for the family you didn't have. Seriously, accept that the people who raised you were abusers, not parents and Grieve like the parents you could have had died. This will help you heal by reframing the relationship.

  30. The best defense is none. Do not engage! She feeds off of the drama. No matter what she says or accuses you off, you just say stuff like, Now I'll know for next time. I'll keep that in mind. I didn't know that. I'll try not to do that again. I understand. I hadn't thought of it that way (one of my favorites, because of course you didn't think that bat bs crazy thing).

  31. Thank you for all of this. Sincerely. I'm not capable of many words today but your comment means a lot.

  32. I feel like a total idiot admitting this.

  33. I do this, too. I also have chronic illnesses and ADHD, so I totally understand your situation.

  34. Back when computer monitors and televisions were CRT, I would put a bag of M&Ms on the vent for ten or so minutes to warm up. The chocolate softens up so you get a crunch, then gooey chocolate almost like a teeny lava cake.

  35. Can someone tell me what the grid is? Been playing 8 days now and I'm hooked!

  36. Learn a recipe to use the peppers a different way and ask if she'd try it.

  37. Exactly the kind of nonsense that makes me want to rage quit.

  38. Conservative trying to not compare abortion to concentration camp challenge (impossible)

  39. The GOP needs a "domestic supply" of children to fill the privatized care homes for foster kids and juvenile detention centers. When those kids age out, the privatized prisons are waiting with open arms.

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