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  1. They should have been part of application (at least paper one). Check the HCAD website to see if exemption is done properly.

  2. Any chance you could take a picture with them rear facing?

  3. Molasses lick. Wheels turn and pick up the sticky goop and the cows eat it up.

  4. In this case going to Houston would not be a good option since he has to change trains in San Antonio and there is a layover from hell.

  5. Biotech pay much more in Boston area, a lot of opportunities in Silicon Valley too. Biotech scene in Houston is comparatively lacking vs those two areas.

  6. Which may get better with med center campus 3 development. They are hoping to entice biotechs to come down. The big issue is also enticing biotech investors to set up shop in Houston as well. Long term, Houston might be a biotech startup hub but it is nowhere near that yet.

  7. So are lawsuits that toss out these illegal bylaws.

  8. Poison pills became a thing in the early 90s to protect against hostile takeovers and have been affirmed by courts.

  9. *software developers cry* as customers use the phrase "should be easy"

  10. The easier and shorter the request, the harder the implementation.

  11. I did and said that. The director just simply held on to her choice. I guess she’s obsessed with HR where she favors them I guess.

  12. Healthcare is understaffed by about 20%. Contact the person who interviewed you and see if they have pull.

  13. Why do we need to be attached to the national grid?

  14. So we can sell that profitable Texas wind. Also we are already attached in small scale interconnects.

  15. ACA already enforces cap on profit for health insurers. They must refund premiums or pay out if their profit goes too high.

  16. Wait and see what they appraise the house at. If you paid less, then tell them. No obligation to answer the survey.

  17. Green Mountain Energy has a solar buyback that pays the same retail price as they charge for energy used. The overall price/kWh is higher than other plans but you effectively get net metering with retail overage. Oncor's delivery charge is baked into the kWh price, so you are getting reimbursed for delivery on outgoing, it's just not listed separately with GME.

  18. Green mountains cap is worded super confusing (they will pay the lessor of import or export) but it amounts to net metering except you will always pay at least $9.95 a month. Not the worst deal but some of the old plans were more consumer friendly. Until buyback is mandatory, don’t expect much standardization.

  19. Assuming we have decent insurance.. would it be safe to assume we would only hit our deductible + out of pocket in a serious case? Or are we potential open for insurance to deny it and/or being at a out of network hospital? If you're in a car accident and unconscious, you can't really dictate where you're taken to and if you're taken to out of network, are you just SOL..for life?

  20. A complicated question but you would most likely be ok.

  21. Good place to live and raise family. Wouldn’t buy a house that backs up into addicks or barker reservoirs on account of flood risk.

  22. We need a state campaign to implore those who care to urge our state government to focus on property tax relief and energy grid stability or allow us to redirect a portion of our property tax to support off grid backup for our homes.

  23. That is exactly what SHAKEN/STIR is trying to accomplish. Think of it as SSL certificates but for phones. The problem is implementation though.

  24. I like what I’ve heard about shaken/stir but from my understanding there are still big holes. There are legitimate reasons to spoof numbers, for instance having outgoing calls from a company send out the main phone number. And there isn’t much stopping folks from spoofing those numbers unless I’m missing something.

  25. Wasn’t the point of that statement to highlight the poorly written law passed in Texas to ban teaching of CRT?

  26. All of the incidents cited are from reactors that first went online 40-60 years ago. Common theme was failure of active safety measures (e.g. the backup diesel generators for the pumps at Fukushima) and/or operator error (e.g. Chernobyl). Contemporary Gen III/III+ reactors incorporate inherently passive safety measures that rely on natural phenomena (e.g. gravity, natural, pressure differentials). Even in the absence of human intervention or mechanical/electronic malfunction, lack of electrical power, etc. these reactors will still safely shut down.

  27. 3 mile was caused by user override of a safety system because they misread indications.

  28. HCAD has an interactive map (parcel viewer) that shows owners of land plats as well as appraisal values. Common areas should be platted to someone or something.

  29. In Legends one character lampshades this and suggests Obi-wan was trying to bait Vader into a confrontation. Especially seeing as how Luke was hoping to apply to the Imperial Academy to be a pilot.

  30. They could definitely take the ground that the NASA facility is built on, if Texas secedes. They could also legally own the ground on which US military bases are built. But the people, the equipment, and the IP all belong, legally, to the most powerful nation on earth. A nation you just ragequit. Being a foreign nation, Texas will have to communicate with the US through diplomatic channels. Diplomatic channels that it will scramble to establish while the US kindly requests that all other nations please ignore Texas; China/Taiwan style. When the “Don’t mess with Texas,” attitude gets too big for their britches, a naval blockade of the one exportable resource, petroleum, will occur. The people of Texas will begrudgingly request that they be reinstated as a part of the US. It will be allowed, of course, with some concessions. As a newly acquired land mass, the resources and people there will not have all of the rights that the state of Texas had. In fact, the land area will likely be split up, like post WW2 Germany, into more manageable areas of electorate. I think this is a great idea.

  31. Common myth perpetuated by the space center tour guides. Land was donated to Rice University so that it could be conveyed to government. The land was sold for $20. Humble Oil (predecessor to Exxon) kept interest in surrounding land and made a lot of money in real estate surrounding the site.

  32. Not even sure they could do that. It’s not like Texas military bases are made up of solely Texans. Not to mention that aside from gas wells, the refineries and port of houston are in pretty blue areas. A rebelling Texas would soon find itself with a land military of dubious loyalty (only approx 10% of armed services are Texan), no naval assets, a large portion of anti-secession population to deal with, and up against the worlds premier military force. This of course also assumes that this wouldn’t be seen by strategists who would simply deploy loyal military forces to Texas bases in the run up.

  33. I just did my expired one online.. The time it takes getting pulled over is equal to or less than the time it takes to get an inspection done. Do as you wish though.

  34. You can do expired ones online if it’s less than 6 months overdue. Otherwise you need to go in person.

  35. They won’t accept the exemption forms until Jan 1st so once you find it out a calendar invite to remind yourself. You should be able to exempt batteries too if they were installed together.

  36. You are looking for two forms. Texas property tax exemption form is on comptrollers site. Form 50-123. This will exempt the increase in property value from property tax.

  37. Whoever came up with imperial was just making it up as they went along it seems. Arbitrary conversions.

  38. The mile is based off the nautical mile which defined 60 miles per degree of longitude which allows for positional measurements using the difference in time of two chronometers. The mile (land measurement) is different cause someone estimated earths size wrong by about 15% when it was defined.

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