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Uvalde woman gets city council to do its job getting rid of Chief Arredondo by reading their rules to them. The motion passed unanimously.

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  1. I'm afraid it will be difficult to identify Republicans who would endorse a common sense bill in this political climate.

  2. One of the best slide guitarists ever! I used to enjoy her sets with Willie Nelson on various Farm Aid events.

  3. Her guitar playing doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

  4. Nor does her vocals and songwriting. Different times and tastes. Hard to get some music heard unless you go looking for it.

  5. Authoritarian, hard-right, borderline totalitarian, christian, nationalist, and theocratic. I think the Texas GOP is starting to corner the market in adjectives.

  6. How sad when Texas school districts choose to objectify minors and display their obscene attractions.

  7. They look like stormtroopers to me. How very appropriate.

  8. Baby goat rider! Sounds like a song by The Doors.

  9. The scene changed, man. Our heroes started dying off, most dramatically from overdoses. Psychedelic experimentation dropped off in favor of uppers, downers, hard narcotics. The sad reality that this generation wasn't going to change the world drove a general withdrawal into introspection. Those that had been surfing the culture started dropping back into society. Vietnam was becoming a nightmare, even for the hawks.

  10. Smug and snarky; I expect nothing less from Paxton. Well, this fair nation is now celebrating the loss of rights. We've come a long way from the inception of this nation when leaders of honor worked to improve the lives of its citizens. Now demagogues celebrate the loss of individual freedoms.

  11. Be that as it may, current events are expressly against the rules of this sub. Tons of other subs talking about it though.

  12. Yea, exactly why I expressed that in my post. I'm aware of current events and am looking for similar examples in history that may or may not compare.

  13. You're very correct. Wanted to say that before deleting my comment. Thanks!

  14. You're very correct. Wanted to say that before deleting my comment. Thanks!

  15. That's a very common security question so I'll pass. Will tell you my second ever concert though. The Rolling Stones 1972. Amazing.

  16. No prob! Dig your post. I love the whole concert experience myself and have literally lost count of how many top tier artists I've seen in concert.

  17. I've got a family of barn swallows nesting in an overhanging part of my front porch. They kicked 3 offspring out into the world a couple of weeks ago and are back for another go at procreating. The chicks were cute as hell once they started getting some mature feathers. Loved how they responded to my quiet greetings by cocking their heads in unison.

  18. A pentagraph is a sequence of five letters that make or indicate one sound. Not sure what that has to do with Grace's post or my comment though.

  19. In her post It says "dumb old pentagraphic scales", you corrected It to "dumb old pentatonic scales"

  20. You're right! My bad. They were being intentionally sarcastic with the post (in a good way for Grace) and my mind just automatically read that as pentatonic. Thanks of straightening me out!

  21. I believe the Texas GOP wrote that as a bone for law enforcement. It's just a way for them to find an excuse for extensive searches.

  22. I totally agree with what you've written 👍🏿 Putin claims sanctions imposed against Russia are politically motivated.  He claims trade with China and India is increasing between them and the Russian Federation.  BRIC country trades are thriving. 

  23. Despite knowledge of Russian atrocities we can't expect to see India joining in sanctions against them. If for no other reason, a lot of their military equipment comes from Russia as would ordnance and repair parts.

  24. I just followed you. You'd be a great person to have discussions with. I have to dumb down my convos with too many folk here on the Seldom Rest Florida Plantation 😉

  25. Likewise! That cracked me up. Enjoyed today's convo.

  26. The idea of being out of control of my own life and actions is scary as hell to me. I can't imagine how you must have felt. Not to mention it's the ultimate example of objectifying you. His insistence in daily sex may, repeat, may indicate sexual addiction issues.

  27. That's the truth. So ironic how he cleaned up his act but lost his life in the helicopter crash.

  28. Holy shit, someone recorded him in an AA meeting? That’s pretty gross.

  29. It was Stevie's decision. Wouldn't have happened without his permission. He wanted to share his story in hopes it would help other addicts, both in AA and in the general public.

  30. I'd call the authorities right away! I know, it succs, but sometimes you just need do what's right and report.

  31. South bound on I-45 nothing screams Houston ahead like that statue.

  32. Well the dumbest U.S. Representative was smart enough to realized he placed himself in legal jeopardy.

  33. That doesn’t mean anything because religion isn’t an automatic free pass to violate the law. If a Fetus is granted personhood then the TST would be be violating their own tenants. Religions in some sects allows for the murder of sinners we can both agree someone who stoned a gay man for his homosexuality is a murderer who can go to jail. If a state considers a Fetus as alive then it would be no different. Especially when the SCOTUS ruling would remove the federal government from the issue of abortion.

  34. Great points which shine a light on the ever present difficulty of balancing religious rights with civil rights.

  35. But it hasn’t been accepted that abortion can be protected by religion. No court has agreed with that specific argument that I know of.

  36. I read in the article that the ST is arguing that Feds don't have jurisdiction over a member's body; one of their tenets is that the individual has final say over their physical self and government ban of abortions is a violation of their religious beliefs.

  37. No way ! Like this idea of creating a magic band out of these gigantic talents. What’s his name by the way ?

  38. Safe journeys and thanks for posting your jams! Enjoy CA; I miss it.

  39. Excellent comments to this post helping to understand procedure and showing the importance of actually paying attention to the laws we must live under.

  40. SCOTUS ruled that police have no legal obligation to actually protect you from harm, so between that and qualified immunity I doubt he'll ever be touchable, legally at least.

  41. Correct, that ruling got coverage immediately after the shooting. Knowing the police won't protect you is a strong argument for gun ownership ironically.

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